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Found 4 results

  1. Complete your collection Magnus fans:)
  2. Talon of the Emperor

    Posted by DS bot, looks like a great set! Curious to see the value, if it's around 149 it's gonna be a steal. More than likely 180-200. Wouldn't mind that landraider though on a discount.
  3. Started painting up the boys in yellow again. Hope you all enjoy, I am going to start with the unit I painted today. The Templar Brethren featuring Sigismund
  4. Hi all, this thread is a repository for all my finished painting projects that I do mostly for my Dark Angels and Mechanicum armies, but I am now starting to branch out into new Imperium based factions. Thankfully, now that Darkshard has a dedicated photo uploader I don't have to rely on Imgur or copying Facebook links that started disappearing in the latter days of my previous thread, I can get back to posting here. I'll post a summary of my latest dive into Deathwatch, I started these in late January and have already finished one squad of Veterans and the Watch Master. I've been working on improving my freehand skills with these Marines and have decided to do a deep dive into later founding Chapters instead of using the pre-moulded shoulder pads to do nothing but First Founding Chapters. (That said, I will avail of them when the icons line up.) Thus far, I've covered 10 Chapters including Marines Malevolent, Scythes of the Emperor, Eagle Warriors and Metamarines among others. The overall plan is to make this a small strike force to complement my Dark Angels force. I'm currently working on 5 Vanguard Veterans next to the force and something fun after that.