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Found 7 results

  1. I wonder if what they guy saw was possibly a new daemon prince?
  2. WTB Varghulf

    Greetings and salutations! It's me, the dude who used to play the shitty Tyranid army, and Necrons before that. There were Tau in the for a bit, too. Oh, and Grey Knights when they were first redone. Y'know, that guy that never won any games? Anywho, I'm looking for a Varghulf, from the old Vampire Counts army book that's still usable in today's AoS Death compendium. No, I'm not getting into AoS. I need it for D&D! Hit me up with a reply to this thread, or a PM, and we'll hash out the details! Live Long and Prosper. - Alex
  3. So I just finished this guy for Geoff, I hate it so much. Mind you, I love the paint job. I just hate the model lmao it offends me for some reason. This is my first time trying out weathering, and I feel like it turned out really nice. My only gripe with it is that I should have gone a little brighter on the steel colouring underneath. I used Steel Grey (Vallejo) because I found it was an appropriate choice, though looking at it now I would have gone with something more like Wolf Grey (Vallejo) or Stonewall Grey (Vallejo). If anyone is interested in the method I used for this weathering, I used what is called the "hairspray method". I started with a black primer, then I basecoated the majority of the model with Steel Grey. I then sprayed a good layer of matte finish, though I doubt it would matter if you decided to use a gloss clear coat instead. After that dried I coated it with 2 layers of hairspray (letting the first dry before doing the second coat), I have no idea what hairspray is good or bad so I just chose one at random and got this one. Now, I had heard tales that once the hairspray on the second coat had been sprayed and before it dried you could toss some coarse cut salt at it and it would stick (and this would in turn come off in a later step to make what would look like paint chips). In practice, however, it did not turn out that way. I finished spraying the second coat and proceeded to throw a handful of salt at the model and literally all of it bounced right off and landed everywhere. I have no idea why, but it stuck like water on a duck. ANYWAYS, after that was all dry I used my airbrush to do the black-to-grey for the main body, the red for the emblem on the front, and the white for the checkerboard (using some small squares of masking tape). Next, you take a hard bristle brush (I used a spare toothbrush), make it damp (hehehehe) and the go to town on the edges (hehehehe part 2). The brush needs to be wet to get the paint to come off, but don't make it too wet or it will stay on the surface and cause problems. Once I was happy with the amount of weathering I dried off any water and put another clear coat on it. This clear coat was important for me since the model was so large, and I needed to touch the model a lot to handle it. And then I did the rest of the detail work as normal. So to re-cap: And finally the finished product:
  4. Redemptor Dread

    Seriously, how has nobody posted about this? Gee dubs revealed a new dreadnought for 8th, and it looks bad ass! https://spikeybits.com/2017/05/new-redemptor-dreadnought-revealed-by-gw.html I'll be grabbing at least one of these bad boys!
  5. Dante's Painting Log

    Whatsup y'all?! Figure with the new website I'd start a new plog to put all my crap in :3 Anyways, recently I've done some painting for a "client", not sure if we can call it that, more for a friend instead I guess, so I figured I'd post some pictures, since I'm pretty happy with it so far! Anyways, take a look at the WIP of a Bellasarius Cawl
  6. Started painting up the boys in yellow again. Hope you all enjoy, I am going to start with the unit I painted today. The Templar Brethren featuring Sigismund
  7. AoS28 & RPG projects

    So I'm stepping back from anything more than a kitchen table game. My rpg figures are grouped into similar projects classifications or "armies" so naturally I will be able to use them for AoS and similar types of games And so, it begins dark elves/order: