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  1. My Army box with my Vampire Counts Army has disappeared while sitting in my car. If someone sees it out there it is pretty unique in that all the wights, plus a chunk of the zombies and skeletons are Brettonians and the Knights are Empire and Brettonians. GW large case also has a broken hinge on the bottom. Painted in a Red and Black Theme.
  2. Clearance

  3. Pretty simple I have an Assault on Black Reach Box Unopened. Not only does it include these it also includes the infamous red whips of doom measuring stick and the classic green blast templates that could now be very useful coasters for beverages. What I am looking for is an assortment of some new on sprue or just primed Chaos vehicles, Bezerkers, HQ's, Demon Princes, Chaos Termies, Raptors, Bike Troops or Marines. Come up with what you think would be a fair offer that includes at least some of those troop types listed and I am good to swap. FYI cash not so interesting to me looking for models.
  4. Clearance

    I can take the Demon Prince