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  1. 40K Tournament

    Just trying to figure when I will get home? Is it three matches? How long are they, over by 2?
  2. 40k League Lists

    I've been curious about Death Guard vs Necrons, seems like they might be the two most durable armies out there.
  3. Forge World

    I'd have no problems if local tournaments would allow forge world but I would promptly buy a pylon. Things primary gun has D6 shots with a minimum of 14 damage vs big stuff like knights (that's presuming you roll a 1 for damage). With str 16, and ap-5 and hitting on a 2+, I'm not aware of anything non-forge world that can compare. Hence why I am neutral on allowing forge world stuff. People might get upset when you have a 30 wound model that can delete one big vehicle per turn has a second gun great for smaller things, and gives an invul save bubble. On the Necron forums most people consider it an auto include in their armies.
  4. GW Next 3 Codexes!

    I like what Imperial guard have, and want to see them remain awesome. I want to see more awesome and less "well that goes back in the box".
  5. GW Next 3 Codexes!

    Do any Imperial guard have the discipline to face my Necrons?
  6. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    I like those rules, I think it's an improvement. Does this mean we will have to own 2 rule books?
  7. 40K Tournament

    Good to hear. I had already bought tesla immortals so I don't need to proxy them. I just wanted to know what the proxy limits were. Thank you.
  8. Games Workshop is Being Sued for $62.5M

    I see frustration with how their limited in their selling tactics, but on the flip side capping the online discount to 20% is totally reasonable to me. I mean selling online cheaper then other G.W. stores is sort of like infringing upon their turf. I mean who would support our local store if you could buy online for a 50% discount. 20% is reasonable, I still choose to support my local store over getting that discount. By capping the online discount G.W. protects stores from competing against each other so they can be successful and provide gamers with a place to game. Ultimately capping this discount doesn't just help G.W., it really helps the stores without an online presence. G.W. is getting the same $ from stores either way. (granted discounts online will cause people to avoid the G.W. online store).
  9. 40K Tournament

    How far does the proxy go? Can I pretend gauss immortals are Tesla immortals?
  10. Necron shooting modifiers working in tandum

    Yes Immortals are fantastic but I'm not sure if its too good. with Tesla and having 2 shots, with just the +1 to hit you actually average 3 hits from 2 shots. On a 10 man squad that's 30 hits at str 5, amazing no doubt. But I'm not sure just how OP it is because you need to invest in supporting units. Both are approximately the same points cost of a squad of immortals. Overlord/CCB gives the +1 to hit roll. the overlord only has 3" range, on the ability while the CCB has 12" on it. Keep in mind though that there will be a tempting target to charge with the CCB so either way you might have problems keeping this bonus on the Immortals. The CCB I use is 169pts vs a 10 man immortal squad at 170 pts. So while very powerful there are limitations on it. Triarch stalker let's you re-roll 1's. This one is more problematic. The most popular gun option is basically a twin linked lascannon. While great vs vehicles your not getting your value out of it if you use it to help the Immortals vs Infatry. Another gun option that I do recommend is the Heat ray. Fantastic gun, has 2 shooting profiles one of which is basically a Heavy Flamer. While an excellent way to deal with Infantry it involves moving your stalker up close and some people don't like that. I don't mind though because it's decent in close combat. (better against bigger things than smaller) This is 171 points for the Heat ray option. Now I only played 2 games of 8th Edition so I am not qualified to say if it is over powered or not, although I think its safe to say it's not under powered. On the Necron threads a lot of Necrons are having trouble in this edition, one guy lost 8 of 8 games. That being said a lot of the ones struggling are ones that are fielding 7th edition lists. In 8th I think Necrons are far more depending on having their units work together. If you leave a 20 man warrior squad unprotected and someone ties it up with a rhino or engages it with CC the Necrons will find themselves in trouble very quickly. We have fantastic bonuses but a lot need to be within 3". Crypteks give a 5+ invul and +1 reanimation. Ghost arks gives you a bonus reanimation roll for warriors. While both need to be within 3", that stacks. 2 roll's of 4+ to bring back your warriors =~75% back. While that is a HUGE bonus, it forces us to keep our units in formation and can be ignored by wiping the squad. I love the 8th edition Necrons, we have some very strong stuff, we are a little more focussed on defense then offense, and our units work cohesively like a real legion. That being said, we don't have many units that are versatile and if our opponents can choose what part of the army fights what we will be in serious trouble. I freaking love it!
  11. There are two Necron shooting things I want to verify. I'm pretty sure about the first one. Overwatch, MY will be done adds one to your to hit roll. So a 5 would count as a 6 which is needed for overwatch. Now it says you always need a 6 to hit regardless of your BS or any modifiers. So no over watch of 5's that's simple enough. I agree with this just I saw some you tube videos where people think you can over watch on a 5. I don't think you can. The other one is more of a "really?" that is disappointing! So I can put 2 modifiers on some units. I can add one to their to hit roll and let them re-roll ones. But would adding one prevent you from re-rolling ones? I mean if you roll a one, and it gets treated as a 2, then am I denied re-rolling to hit's of 1? IF so AAAAHHHHHHHHH! The overlords let you add one to your to hit roll, and triarch stalkers let you re-roll to hits of 1. Be so disappointing if these rules don't stack so that I either hit you, or re-roll. Imagine 20 warriors pumping out 40 shots, hitting on a 2+ and re-rolling ones.
  12. 40K Tournament

    I'm in., with Necrons
  13. Monolith improved

    The monolith gets 2 improvements. Obviously getting a BS of 3+ is nice, and don't forget it doesn't suffer the -1 BS for moving. The other "bonus" is more complicated. The exile portal only works against units within 1" so it doesn't give you over watch vs failed charges. On the other hand, since it only targets models within 1" they can't choose to remove models from the back. Now if there is no model within 1" of the monolith, then the other models don't get to hit. After having Gene Stealers ate one monolith on me, I think this is awesome. My monolith would have survived another turn if the portal worked like this. I mean it took out like 5 gene stealers, don't think any would have been left within 1". Still not sure if it's tournament worthy, but this is an awesome boost, and it is great for fun games.
  14. Space Marines Codex leak and review

    In the new FAQ there is an interesting rule that prevents pure flyer spam. If you have no units on the board you automatically loose. Do not count flyers when determining this. I still expect many competitive lists to include multiple storm ravens, but wouldn't it be fun to ignore the storm ravens and just kill everything else for the win? I figure people will hesitate to make more than half their points storm ravens now.
  15. Space Marines Codex leak and review

    I agree that there would be lead times, but lead time can often be months. So remember teaser months before they released 8th. They hinted that they would adjust power levels. I mean some of their play testers have a lot of 40k experience and would know pretty quick that the storm raven was under coasted. What if months ago they knew they had to adjust its points but had already sent the initial books to print. This is GW if you try predicting them, you will make meteorologists look good. Still I am curious to see if they changed any of the points.