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  1. BPO Feedback Thread

    By the third game my last opponent and I were a little tired. 3 back to back games is alot. I'd like a smaller points level to keep the games faster.
  2. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Those Necron things have have potential. One thing people are waiting to see is how the -1 damage works with quantum. If it reduces the damage to 1, before your quantum roll it's not going to be as strong on CCB. If it can happen after quantum though, dam. -1 damage, then regenerate a wound.... The wraiths have potential but most of the time your only going to get one back. You might get the same value from re-rolling the wraiths 3+ invul save (especially if its a D6 damage weapon). The issue is that wraiths are fast and aggressive. Your cryptek is slow and going to have a very hard time keeping up with the wraiths to stack the bonuses. Ghost arks dont seem too popular, and will normally be by your slower moving infantry which is rarely close to your wraiths after turn 1. Might be possible to get it to your wraiths, but you need to plan its location the turn before as it reanimations before its movement. That means planning what your going to stack bonuses on before your enemy shoots. So this strategem has potential to be useful, but will be very hard to stack with other (current) reanimation bonuses. That being said getting back even one wraiths is nice. Those buggers are tough! Useful but I don't think too powerful. Re-rolling 1's on reanimation is decent... but not enormous. If you have enough dead warriors / immortals to make it worth using that strategem chances are you had to spend 2 command points to pass your moral check. Also a skilled opponent will focus on a single squad, so your unlikely to have multiple squads benefiting from this. Again, useful, good sometimes, but not too good. Love the Relic, it will fit into the next army I am planning to make PERFECTLY, glad to have it back. Overall there are some decent things. A little extra help but nothing too strong. Which is good, we are already balanced, its mostly more options that are comparable in strength to what we currently have access to. But having more options is very nice.
  3. I've finally done alot of work assembling and painting my Necrons. I'm very happy with the results and want to continue improving my army. They laid the ground work to make Necron Dnasty's significant. Necron Dynasty paint jobs have been introduced in 7th. Now in 8th some of the HQ's only give their bonus to specific Dynasty's. In the next codex I wonder if they might give Dynasty bonuses similar to Chapter bonuses in the space marine codex. If so I am nervous to paint my army the wrong colour.
  4. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    They took a lot of pictures during the day. I'm just happy I had enough paint on my models not to by shy of the camera.
  5. Necrons are under powered

    I am in some of the Facebook Necron threads and often hear that Necron's under powered. After the Beer and Pretzel Open I call Bull Shit on that. Playing in 8th edition is a change and there are some serious challenges for us. The main challenge is adjusting how we deal with vehicles / monstrous. We can no longer rely on large volumes Guass for those targets. We have 3 decent options in our index (H destroyers, DD arks and Stalkers). Plus the Pylon from forge world. Last edition those models didn't see a lot of play.I only used a single H destroyer from that list. Now models from that list are essential. In BPO I played 951 points of vehicle killers, and didn't feel like I brought vehicle overkill. Inn all three games we finished with my opponent still having vehicles on the board. I'm not saying my vehicles are weak. I love the DD ark and stalker. A large part of their value is their durability, and versatility. How we use the vehicles is also something people struggle with. The DD ark has three guns. Most people who complain about it only use it for it's big gun (I lost the one game where I only used mine for their big gun, won my other games where I used all 3 of it's guns). It's a tough vehicle that has some good short range guns, but is weaker if it moves. I like it front and centre where it will be focussed on but might get to use all of it's guns, or at the very least absorb damage for the rest of my army. I'm not sure that I'm happy with having to invest such a high % of my points into having anti vehicle weapons. In 7th we could be effective with mostly troops, maybe a canoptek harvest for wraiths and or a destroyer cult. Now I feel obligated to spend almost half my points on anti vehicle weapons. Leaving only half for my HQ's Infantry and Close Combat combined. Forcing me to use small troop counts. Necron's no longer have a cheap response to vehicles. Warriors, Immortals, Scarabs, are all nice units but no longer effective vs vehicles. I just sort of wish we still had an answer to vehicles on a smaller unit. O well we still have answer's, 4 of them. That's my perspective for trying to understand my army. I haven't played many games of 8th but from those games my Necrons felt balanced. Certainly not under powered. Perhaps those people complaining miss us being over powered, and in the past Necrons have been over powered from time to time. From my limited experience 8th feels more balanced.
  6. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I. Planning to leave at 830 in the morning but stopping to pick up one person and for timmies. I'll be there well before 10 but not for 9.
  7. New Easy to Build Models

    I like playing the game more then modelling, and a product that gets me to the table top faster is something that interests me. My hands suck for fine motor skills. I have never been good at drawing and assembling some of the pieces is hard for me and gives me a head ache. I can't do wraith claws. It's 4 pieces, you need to bring 2 sides together, and have 2 other pieces between them when you bring them together. Physically I just can't do that. I love the idea of easier to build models.
  8. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Can I get a hand? I have bases for my vehicles but two have the previous stem broken off. I was hoping someone could bring a small drill to the tournament. Doug was suppose to help me on tuesday, but he forgot the stuff and told me he would do it on wednesday. On wednesday he told me thursday. On thursday he told me friday. Today he wasn't at the shop when I was there shortly after noon.
  9. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I might be able to give you a lift text 705 929 9959. I live near Costco.
  10. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I would also be looking to car pool. I live by Kingsway and falconbridge.
  11. Ch-ch-changes to Darkshard

    The community updates in war games are cluttered. It's like spam in my e-mail have to get past it to find the good stuff. Can it have its own tab separate from 40k? The only 2 threads I use are the 40k thread and the tournament thread. I don't like that extra clutter.
  12. Ch-ch-changes to Darkshard

    I liked when I could look at the first page, and see if there were new posts in my favourite threads. It didn't show if there were or were not new posts for tournaments.
  13. Gribblies are Fast!

    That seems pretty (sensored) awesome! I would like to play some Tyranids at the BPO.
  14. House Rule Strategems

    On occasion people use house rules. One we often used is to roll off on rules disputes. It's quick and keeps the game running even if you may miss out on something. I like this one. I'm wondering about the idea of house ruling custom stratagems. If you have a hard time balancing points would it be easy to sacrifice command points for army points? Re-rolling any die is pretty awesome, but I wonder if you could spend the point before something you really need to happen. Make it a little more powerful, but if it would have happened anyways you wasted your point. Take Aim, +1 to your to hit and to wound rolls. 1 point if it's for a single gun. 2 points for an entire squad or all the items guns. Charging, Close Combat, sphycic powers, theres a lot of times a single even could be very important. So spending command points to get a +1 to those would be beneficial, but I don't think unbalanced as there's a chance you would have had that result anyways, and now your out the command point. But one thing that would worry me with house rules is if they effect some armies more than others. Take the +1 to hit rolls..... with tesla it's 3 times as effective. +1 to would would double the power of snipers, something I hadn't thought of when I suggested it but could make it too powerful. Still I love the idea of sacrificing command points for extra army points. Personally I think a command point is far more valuable but if it makes making your army easier, then it could be worth it. As a Necron player I don't have as many options or upgrades available to balance my points out. It's also advantageous to bring max squad sizes so it makes it trickier to balance the points. Alternatively +1 command point for every 10 points your under might be interesting. Although I would be tempted to bring 1,900 points to a 2k point game then.
  15. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I'm still tweaking my list, but it always seems to end at 2001 points. I wish there was a stratagem that would allow you to trade a command point for a an extra army point. If I can figure my list out in time I'll print it out for the tourney. If not it will be hand written, either way I'll bring an extra copy. It's just one of those nice little things you can do for your opponent.