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  1. Looking for a Hordes faction

    so how does the fury work with the krielstones can you like leach all the fury from your warbeast and put the extra on that?
  2. Looking for a Hordes faction

    for tournament play can i have my two list of different factions?
  3. Looking for a Hordes faction

    this is exactly what i was looking for youve all been super helpfull thank you and i am planning on going tournament sometime either cryx or trolls when i get em :P
  4. Looking for a Hordes faction

    Ya im running cryx ive got 3 casters and a ton of options so i thought i should delve into hordes trolls caught my eye because their mean looking and feel like they'd be super stompy. i was hoping to go for hordes that was all about the beast spam but not looking into circle like i just want overpowered tanky brutes no tricks just go in slow and steady and rofl stomp
  5. Looking for a Hordes faction

    I was looking to start a hordes faction once i finish my cryx and i was thinking about trollbloods i was kinda hoping for some advice on a super stompy warbeast build im not too sure what energizes well with what any tips would be appreciated