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  1. Got the space and the time for some MTG? I do and am keen on using the old format cards in particular. Casual decks style. I know it's a long shot to drive up some interest in that way of gaming, but it's always a worthy try.
  2. OOP WHFB Thread

    That sounds great. Warhammer's always a fine prospect.
  3. OOP WHFB Thread

    Saubles-Spanish region for me, chums are gated in. Massey, to be precise.
  4. OOP WHFB Thread

    We're game around here, even have suitable amenities for the play of such. Constantly been drumming up interest in my clique.
  5. OOP WHFB Thread

    I do like the low model count prospect, too. Third Edition is fun to harvest ideas from. 5th Edition Brets are awesome, still rockin' a 6-0 record with them, 5 massacres thereof. Lizardmen are probably higher tier though. Hope there's some local interest for such, yet, regardless! :)
  6. OOP WHFB Thread

    I've been indulging a cadre of chums in the 5th Edition rules-set of late. Does anyone else have loyalty alike to Oldhammer/Middlehammer in the North Shore? I really like fifth edition WHFB, it's the greatest edition IMHO>