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  1. AOS tournament NOV 4th

    Finally but my list together (a bit late) & getting excited; and to continue on that point: Desire for everlasting life! What care is this for Sigmar’s chosen for we are each granted this by the God-King to wage the war against the enemies of Order. But the gift of everlasting life shall not be yours this day as you have chosen to oppose the might of Azyr. You dared to face off against Sigmar’s chosen the Knights of Amethyst! -Wes
  2. Sticky fingers

    Any model wielding a two handed weapon where youare trying to glue correctly both shoulders to the body and also one of the hands to the weapon. Particularly with GW models before near the end of 8th; as not alot of guild-lines on where the arms were suppose to connect and in which pose. Newer stuff tends to be more fixed points so easier.
  3. I am hoping to show up Friday. But not 100% yet. -Wes
  4. 40K Tournament

    Hello, I will be unable to attend the tourny this Sat due to workload. Hopefully someone from the wait list will still be able to make it to fill my spot. Sorry for the last minute notice. -Wes
  5. If I end up playing maybe Dragon or Crab.
  6. 40K Tournament

    I prepaid today at Nook. -Wes
  7. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Sorry my above comment is based on what we have seen so far. Its not to say that the chapter approved might have more that prevents what I stated above. Its just at this point nothing that has been said stops any of this to my understanding. At least this is what I have learned looking into it. Also how Frontline Gaming also explained it as far as I can tell. I will say that I am new to 40K so not going to say that it is 100% correct; but as far as I can tell. If anyone has found anything that differs from this please let me know; thanks!
  8. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    You can run a Raven Guard detachment and a Guard detachment and a Imperial Fists detachment. Each of the individual detachments share the keyword and so all troop units in each detachment would get obsec. And the common keyword is imperial. Fully legal under the rules and seems to be as intended. None of the changes stop the "soup" armies; it just forces one to insure the individual detachment are more focused.
  9. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    True the Chapter Approved might put further restrictions. But as of right now as per rules seems like Imperium gets a decent advantage over all others due to still being able to take a mix so long as detachents are mono sub-faction. With Chaos and Eldar being the second two that benefit but a far cry from how Imperium benefits. I like the being able to mix from the stand point of fluff but it does seem to point to a game imbalance just due to the size of the model pool some have over others. Hopefully if GW does limit the mix that they do allow some of the smaller Imperium side factions to maybe mix among themselves or taken along side other Imperium within reason; I am talking about Sisters of Silence & Custodes & Imperium Assassins & Imperium Pycheers and such; so the smaller support factions. Will be interesting to see where GW goes with this; as AoS also started very open then as time went on factions became much tighter defined; but now seems like Generals Handbook 2 with the allies rules seems like it may open that back up but with restrictions. Just my thoughts!
  10. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    So it sounds like as long as each individual detachment is one sub-faction then they get obsec and all other bonuses. So you can for instance use a detachment of Salamanders and another detachment of Raven Guard and another of Astral Militarum Tempestus. As all of the special abilities and such are stated at detachment level. See time 25:40 of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlLMC-qgHXM Right? -Wes
  11. 40K Tournament

    Count me in. List will likely be an Imperium mix list; mostly A.M. Tempestus & a Space Marine Chapter to be decided on. Also in terms of list building any restrictions outside the battle forged matched play rules? So like max 3 detachments and such. Thanks! -Wes
  12. Sound Off

    Age of Sigmar - Stormcast Eternal 40K - Imperium; mostly Space Marines thou not exactly sure of what chapter yet but likely Ultramarines. Also sub-faction of Militarum Tempestus. Currently practicing Stormcast lists for Age of Sigmar for an upcoming tourny. On the 40K side just getting into it for the first time so building up to a 2000pts list; thou sort of on a wait and see with purchases due to the Primaris Space Marine upcoming release. -Wes
  13. AOS tournament CANCELLED

    Steve is also in. With Sylvaneth. -Wes
  14. AOS tournament CANCELLED

    In. Stormcast.
  15. AOS escalation league

    Also in.