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  1. 8th Edition In-Progress List Builder

    I just finished toolin' up a list for my Ultramarines and I need to know: What power level would be considered close to a 1500 point list?
  2. Dark Souls Commission

    That OSL is top notch on the demon. Is the skin actual metallic or is it just the way the picture is?
  3. Rhonlores Legion of Everblight

    Looking good :) I like how the tentacles/skin turned out on the Throne.
  4. Trencher CID is up!

    Someone REALLY loves Trenchers. He get a thumbs up for me. http://www.beastsofwar.com/warmachine/cygnar-trenchers-set-update/ That Express Team is definitly going on my list of "Things I will consider getting".
  5. Matt's Infinity Plog

    So...finally have more progress and Thread Necromancy 😖 I have Penthesileas' bike completed and put on the base. Not too happy with how the purple stripe turned out but lesson for next time. This was also the first time experimenting with the HMM for steel/chrome, albeit my own flavor added in. Started with a base of Wolf Gray and added Electric Blue and Ghost Grey for the highlights. Final highlight was plain Dead white The base is just the usual dirt and plasticard to look like a city street. The rider is the only issue I'm having, as the arms do NOT want to stay on. I'll have it fixed and finished next time I update. Have a good one -Matthew
  6. 8th Ed full rules Leak

    FInally!! Apothecaries are single models now! No more making a single Command Squad only to get one.
  7. Dark Shard BBQ and Auction

    I hope to try to make it, assuming my schedule is not too crazy.
  8. http://privateerpress.com/hordes/gallery/trollbloods/gargantuans/sea-king Oh Privateer Press...you sneaky people. Not a huge fan of the studio scheme though tbh.
  9. Acontcime-what?!!

    I like how the diorama dirt matches the bases, yet maybe a different angle might show them better. Good job as always!! :)
  10. Matt's Infinity Plog

    SO...final update. This week has been busy with work and prepping for my Winnipeg trip so I apologize for the sporadic posts. The Nagas was a little tricky for me, since I wanted his armor to be darker grey (ie. spec-ops style) and yet not have the grey sections too high contrast. The eyes were done in the same way as my Mountain King--Ghost Grey for the base coat with a white dot in the middle (although Mr Phone Camera decided to was it out completely :S) The Dactyls (doctor) is the first time I've done white and actually liked how it turned out! Mind you, there are some areas where I overstepped a highlight or two, but it counts as dirt!! The base was just some plasticard I mangled to look like the scifi broken plasteel floor shenanigans. Most of the bases will be either sci-fi/techno, city scape or a mix of for the eventual rest of my army. Thanks for viewing everyone. Have a good one --Matthew
  11. What is everyone's plan for 8th?

    Repainting/repairing my Terminators is all I have planned for now, as well as trying to have more games when I'm home.
  12. Leman Russ

    I second that with a vengeance! :D
  13. Hopes & Dreams of 8th Edition

    I do have to agree with #1 -- having a Land Raider blown to pieces early in the game was a downer (kind of made me wonder why have Hull Points in the first place?) Having never played AOS but only seeing the datasheets and rules, I hope they can make the transition from 7th to 8th easy enough to get back into the game (especially since I haven't brought out my marines in ages)
  14. Matt's Infinity Plog

    Unfortunately, no. I might try to come home in June or July depending on work. Afternoon, all. I finally have all my tokens finished. There's an online generator (http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/) that I used to print out what I needed, then I just circle punched them out ang glued them to the back of some acrylic discs. I will print out more as a get familiar with the game and what the units have Also, as of last night, I have more progress shots for my starter box. With the starter, 2 of the new Post Humans, a Dactyls (doctor) and Penthesilea, I have 250 points!! I will admit that the white on the Dakinis needs some improvement since I am looking at getting some Devas+Devabots and they will also be white/ghost grey for a base color. Last shot for now of the Mk.5 Posthuman. Trying to follow the same scheme as the previous while keeping the beige/off-white area for contrast. Still have the Naga to finish sealing, plus start on the basing for the last 2 minis in the army Take care everyone --Matthew
  15. New edition of 40k Announced!!

    Dare I say they are...Truescale Marines?!?!?!?! :O