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  1. 8th edition split

    Hello anyone want to buy and split new box sets for 40k ? I'm interested in Primaris marines.
  2. Kevin's Sale Thread - Updated 2017/11/15

    1x Captain Karlean - $10 i'll take him if still available
  3. Blood angel bits

    thanks jonezy a real pleasure!! bump still trading or buying Blood angel bits also if ne 1 has dread legs and center chest i'd like those bits too :)
  4. Blood angel bits

    tons of heads fro sure ill look for torso's prob a few yes ill take any bits i can get!! BA related!
  5. Blood angel bits

    Looking to score some blood angel bits shoulder pad and heads Can be death company or reg Banners and misc bits too for my conversions thanks
  6. WTb Ahzek Ahriman.

    out of stock but thanks Taylor i book marked it.
  7. WTb Ahzek Ahriman.

    called and reserved it :) but sadly once again My wife went in to pick it up today but alas the typical day guy who works there knows nothing absolutely nothing. I know owner guy and night guys seem to be alright but this yokel who works the day shift is well.... me and wife are 0 for 6 with this guy and frankly enough is enough i'm gonna wash my hands of the nook. I do 99% of my shopping mid day because of hours i work And i get this guy............. Anyway still LF the model.
  8. WTb Ahzek Ahriman.

    thanks mate ill check that out!!!
  9. WTb Ahzek Ahriman.

  10. Irvin's Painting Adventure

    looks nurgly too me dude
  11. ISO Skeletons

    no archers everything but archers i do have a bunch of tomb king bow skelly arms though in my undead bit box
  12. WtB: mantic ghouls

    always on look out for undead or marines
  13. ISO Skeletons

    i got lots how many you need got any 40k to trade ?
  14. WtB: mantic ghouls

    i got lots how many you need they're all built though just a heads up trade for space marine stuff or some cash or something
  15. Stardew Valley

    switch version will be co-op so i hear