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  1. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    The title suggested to me that you only had three weeks left to hobby for some reason. Had me worried for a second!
  2. October 2017 releases

    Yeah, the Áyyār look great. I want the one with the pistols as well. That's a particularly awesome Farzan though.
  3. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    The Retribution of Scyrah will be mobilizing two contingents of their highly trained forces to take on any threat! I also require my entry to be placed at position ⑨.
  4. Tubular Sci Fi MDF buildings

    That is by far the longest kickstarter page I have ever seen... Rest in RIP scroll wheel.
  5. Probably one of the coolest Kickstarters I've ever seen. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/realgamefx/fog-monster-mini-fog-machine-for-tabletop-games-an?ref=nav_search
  6. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    War Room Army Retribution of Scyrah - Painted Models Theme: No Theme Selected 0 / 75 Army --- GENERATED : 07/26/2017 12:56:42 BUILD ID : 2045.17-07-09
  7. I wonder if they will climb high enough to potentially fund other factions during the campaign.
  8. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    I really like the green myself. The glow looks great too. It's probably the Star Wars fan in me, heh.
  9. Guess I'll just have to be happy with M&B: Warband and Crusader Kings mods for now...
  10. Wait, that's not House Martell... Show me the spears!
  11. Northkin CID cycle

    Indeed. I noticed that Mercs/Minions as part of Themes has been pulled from the CID. It's going back in next CID once they rework themes apparently. Pagani: "Merc/Minion theme force inclusion: We are currently addressing each theme force individually. You can look at the North Kin theme force to see the direction we are heading. We are no longer accepting feedback on this -- You will see it return for feedback in the next CID cycle. Posting things about this change in the Northkin CID forum will be considered off topic."
  12. Northkin CID cycle

    Ahk, I can see that. As for Mr. Garrity, I have no complaints so long as he can't show up in themes as is currently being tested.
  13. Northkin CID cycle

    Eiryss1 (the 7pt Eiryss) does not remove upkeeps. Eiryss3 does so by tagging the caster and Eiryss2's opponents can take a d3 to keep their spell in play.