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  1. Neat Game Dashboard for infinity

    Wow, that's pretty slick!
  2. It really isn't a lot. The guards are all red, more or less. The officers just need the boots & guns done, then the wash. Maaaaaaaaybe I'll highlight after. So it's really between 4 and 8 models.
  3. Hmm... I will pledge 2 Imperial Assault heroes (not sure which ones yet... likely Fen and Gideon as they are currently being used) 4 Royal guards (partly done already) 4 imperial officers (mostly done already) and 2 deployment cards worth (TBD... a deployment card is either a unique character, a "massive" model like an AT-ST/Rancor, or about 2-3 models for a squad)
  4. So the first season has come to an end with Nick being the overall winner! (yay!) I'd post a picture, but in my haste to get it I didn't get a clear shot. Ahh well :) Season 2 starts on Saturday! :)
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Next month I shall set out to do far less, I think :)
  6. Shadow War: Armageddon League

    I keep meaning to play this, but 40k keeps taking my attention away.
  7. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I derailed myself, unfortunately. Kept buying new stuff so my limited time & energy went to building models, and then I picked up Imperial Assault and I'm instead painting some of those minis. I will not be getting the knight done this month.
  8. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    That's exactly how I have them set up, actually, and it's how I expected that worked. Thanks :)
  9. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    But you would then lose all bonuses you might get for an ultramarines detachment, right? What if you have an ultramarines detachment and two imperial knights? Would the entire army need to be Imperial or could the ultramarines detachment be ultramarines giving them, and only them, the obsec advantage?
  10. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Why would an all catachan list take it from an all imperial list? I don't know a lot about battle forged armies, but don't they just need to have one keyword in common?
  11. Fate of Konor - The Games Nook

    He said he'd post stuff when he gets in tonight.
  12. Fate of Konor - The Games Nook

    Message sent to him.
  13. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I may try that for the second one. I'm getting good results with painting many coats, so I'll just do that this time. If I do a coat in the morning and one in the evening I'll have all of the main coats done in a week (that's including the gold trim which also needs multiple coats)
  14. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I'm putting it over leadbelcher. I sprayed the whole thing with that considering that the majority of it is going to be leadbelcher :) So yeah, light colour over dark.
  15. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Games workshop, and some sort of bright pink. Screamer flesh I think? I'm not sure offhand. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that on anything but small areas it needs more than one coat. So does my bronze, my gold, and some others. The end result looks good. It just takes more coats than I'm used to.