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  1. It's Soo Logical

    Let the discussion begin!
  2. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    Looking amazing, and being a base man haha the bases look great too.
  3. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Paid last night. Spot.......secured! Haha
  4. North Bay Charity Tournament

    It was an amazing day yesterday with a total of 18 players coming in from all corners of the north. We had players from Ottawa, Pet., Sudbury, Sturgeon and obviously North Bay. After 4 rounds of hard fought battles the top spot went to an Ultramarines army with Bobby G leading form the front, second went to an amazingoly well done Ork army with the core being 2 Gorkas and 1 Morka, and round out the top 3 was Tyranids with their slicing and dicing genestealers taking on all comers. There was a huge variety of armies but I want to say it was nice to see more Xenos armies out and about. When all was said and done we raised over 1100$ for the North Bay Hospice making us the largest charity event to date for the Hospice out side of Corporate donations. Also, in addition to the top 3, there was a 4x4 gaming table to storage underneath which went to Darkshards resident Dark Angles player Ian. Along with that there were a couple of additional give aways of dice rolling stands.
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Will either one of ya be at the Nook next Monday??
  6. North Bay Charity Tournament

    So it's looking like 3 folks from Sudbury will be attending this weekend! We shall conquer all! Mwuahahahah
  7. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Just heard back from the TO and it's looking like there's going to be a fair size turn out with over 22 or so people.
  8. North Bay Charity Tournament

    That's what I'm talking about!
  9. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Guess I'll be able to see which one works best as I'm going to both tournaments
  10. North Bay Charity Tournament

    That's 3 down haha looking like I'll have my work cut out for me
  11. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Who all from Sudbury is planning on going?
  12. Huge Deathguard Leak

    They might have the option for different poses for him also the paint scheme makes a difference in my opinion haha sometimes GW makes their models look too cartoonish. All in all though I'm liking everything I'm seeing. I don't care what those crawling little scuttle bug things are but I want some haha.
  13. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Fawk, Knew I was forgetting something. Thanks for throwing that in there.
  14. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Update time! I head back from the TO and here is the following. Lists are needed as soon as possible. Doors open at 9:30 and start time is 10am. Games will be 90 minutes with a half hour for lunch. So who all is still planning on going to support a good cause!
  15. North Bay Charity Tournament

    I have reached out to the organizer to see how things are coming along as well as if there are any updates.