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  1. Nidvember is coming..

    Would be worth grabbing the other one while there still around just got the tyrant.
  2. Deathguard- September 2017

    makes sense i haven't been keeping up with white dwarf lately
  3. Deathguard- September 2017

    yea i read that article this morning there's no mention of the tanks though.
  4. Deathguard- September 2017

    im more interested in those new looking tanks in the back line
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Done. The white spots on the 5 bases will be covered by feet. I'll do close ups of the bases in another thread I'll be starting shortly when I out the guys on the bases
  6. looking for transfer sheets

    ill try and swing by the store on monday. i just work stupid hours now. 10-12 hour shifts if the sun is shinning lol
  7. looking for transfer sheets

    ill be honset i cant find a half decent one of the older ones XD
  8. im looking for some Salamander and Imperial fist transfers or pics in high deff i can use to make my own. it seems GW is only putting in the ultra marines ones for some strange reason.
  9. New Primaris Incoming

    its right next to the new apothacary in the codex teaser pics
  10. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    can i change mine up to some basing work. i have to put my marines on hold and do up 11 regular iron jaw brute bases and a warboss one for a competition at the end of the month and i wont have time to do both :(
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    ill do up a 5 man squad of primaris marines
  12. Thralls of the Maggot King - redux!

    if u have ever watched ink master they do greys by adding water to the blank ink. ity works very well actually
  13. Rules assistance 8th edition

    you would be correct taylor. its d6 hits scored then you roll to wound. flamer auto hit. you are rolling to see how many were " auto hit "
  14. New Necron Transport of choice

    i feel like maybe you stoped reading the 2nd part of that blip where they say that in addition to that in the movement phase you can make reanimation protocol rolls on any unit with in 3" as long as they havent also been hit by a resurrection orb
  15. New Necron Transport of choice

    the ghost ark also gives you a 2nd roll at reanimation protocols. sounds alright to me