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  1. New Easy to Build Models

    Gotcha. Ty. I'm also anxious(both uses of the word 😎) to see how the pricing pans out. I'll respectfully disagree on the ease of conversion tough. I guess in the end, I follow OJs sentiment.
  2. New Easy to Build Models

    Hmmmm. Can I ask what you guys like about the about these? Because this sort of thing is the exact opposite of something I would expect you guys to get behind....they're pretty expensive kits that offer zero extra bits, and make customization a nightmare. I'm all for these in starter boxes to get people in, but after that....if I spend this much on plastic, I want my creative juices to be flowing. Just compare what you get in a box of chaos termies to one of the new primaries caps for a comparable price. Imo, these are a step in the wrong direction. I'd rather they spend R&D money on balance issues and new models than this sort of stuff. But then again, please refer to my initial question, I might be missing something.
  3. Best Humble Bundle

    No need for me. I was hoping for 2-3. This one was an easy purchase. Thanks for the quick reply, further faction questions incoming.
  4. Best Humble Bundle

    https://www.humblebundle.com/books/warmachine-hordes-iron-kingdom-rpg-books Everything but the army books in digital format. Plus some really enticing coupons! Could anyone quickly let me know which books are from 3rd edition? Peace.
  5. Hey all. I'm putting together a Word Bearers army for BPO. The countdown is on and I'm looking for some stuff to complete my army. Hit me up if you have anything from the title. I need a ton of Cultists, one soul grinder and about a dozen purity seals. Thanks everyone.
  6. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I'd like to put my name down as the 23rd person on the waiting list. Thanks!
  7. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Ask and ye shall receive Found some answers online. No more questions for Chaos :-) I'm soooo fucking pumped to play. The stratagems, although I can't comment on how OP they are, add a whole new level of depth to the game. I think you'll really get(even more) the feeling that you're commanding an army.
  8. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Are "Faction Detachments" a new thing? I feel like GW needs to clarify this, I've yet to see them anywhere. Someone stop me if I'm wrong. For Matched play, your shit needs to be organized in detachments. For a detachment to be legal, according to the rules, there only needs to be one common keyword for all the units. For example, in my 1k sons 1500 pt army, in a battalion detachment I can have Arhiman and a herald of Korne as HQ with rubric marines, Daemonettes and cultists as my troops. They all share Chaos, so it's legal. Is there anything different in the new codex? edit: I'd argue to wait until the rules are fully understood before things get implemented. Especially if they favor one faction over another(i.e. Imperium>>Xenos+Chaos) because certain rules haven't come out yet.
  9. Scythe Bro

    Good call. I bet the third would be that character Great Unclean One general dude. Perhaps that teaser picture with the sharp teeth from a few days ago? edit: lol, nm, just watched video :-) Any news on the rules? I'm calling it here first, I bet he's better than Guilliman. edit: Just watched video......damn dudes, that Mortarion is bonkers good.
  10. Neat way to do battle reports

    Yeah Taylor, that was a sick batrep last year! You had a cartoony filter too if I remember correctly. The effects on Clark's link take it to the next level. Could a photoshop noob add in effects like the one in op's link?
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I pledge a ten man unit of Scarab Occult Termies.
  12. 3rd Party 40k Models

    Will do MistarAG, ain't nobody likes Pepsi Drop Pods :-). Taylor, I just got back from camping, looking forward to doing some shopping tonight!
  13. 3rd Party 40k Models

    Thanks Kevin, that's what I was hoping. Taylor, those look sleek! That spider one's the best..... Too many good slaneesh models!
  14. 3rd Party 40k Models

    Sup yall. I was watching my boi Kenny Boucher on youtube when he starts painting this BOSS Nurgle-type model. Turns out it's from https://www.creaturecaster.com/ . Their Slaanesh stuff is off the hook as well. Two questions: 1) I have no problem fielding these myself and if my opponent doesn't like it....well....fuck 'em I would like to pimp out my army, but I would still like to possibly partake in local tourneys. Would a few(1-3)large 3rd party sculptor models, that offer no question as to what their GW counterparts are, prevent me from playing from the local tourneys? Specifcally the BPO and Nook tournaments. 2) Until now, the only dudes I was aware of was the Kromlech and Reaper stuff. I know some of you a pretty well versed in these kinds of things. Any chance we can list off some sites that, make quality stuff, that you guys visit regularly? Before I buy more, I'd like to check out my options. Thanks everyone.
  15. Need a fist or two

    Epic, thanks Dave! If necessary, I'll take you up on that.