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  1. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    @Taylor Thanks man, but I know where to look to find every flaw, every discolouration. The artist's curse. Tonight I got the first 3 of my 10 Stalker Bolt Rifle Intercessors done up, and it turns out, that not only am I not great at painting lightning bolts, I accidentally chose 3 Chapters that feature lightning bolts in some way. So everything up to the shoulder pads was standard fare, except the head, which I tried going paler than usual, but results were sub optimal and I reworked it slightly. That guy was inspired a bit by Scarface's Tony Montana in the "Say hello to my little friend!" scene, mostly in the pose. So after about 2 hours on the pads in which I was sweaty with concentration after finishing the Fulminators pad (I hate wings.) got them based and now I'm going to get 2 more done to get a regulation squad and then set about finishing the other 5.
  2. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    As always, when coming off a big project, it's always amazing how a little project takes less time in comparison, although that should be obvious. Today, I finished probably one of the best looking models in the Primaris range, the Primaris Apothecary. I was convinced the Primaris Librarian was the best, until they released the Apothecary, which is why I bought both, also because my Deathwatch is comprised of very expensive 1 wound models, and they need to stay alive as long as possible. So this is Brother-Apothecary Shinnos Carnak of the Mentors Chapter, seconded to the Deathwatch. I was a little worried about this project, as white is not a colour I have a lot of practice with, and I still have more practice to do before I get it down, but I think it's getting better. Like my Librarian, I wanted to keep his armour white as is in keeping with his colour of office, and thanks to my Librarian, I found the balance between the white was to paint his tabard primarily black to stick with the Deathwatch theme. I, of course, kept the left arm silver. I was originally going to have him hail from the Hospitallers Chapter, but I felt that was a little too on-the-nose, so went with Mentors, because A: The colour scheme of their shoulder pad is nice and complementary. B: There's a pre-moulded option and I'm not above taking the lazy route sometimes. (I freehanded a whole name on a plane and did stripes on it, get off my back. :P ) So now that they're done, my Deathwatch force needs more bodies and stuff with some range. Solution? Intercessors with Stalker Bolt Rifles. 10 of 'em. Looking forward to it!
  3. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    @Taylor Too kind sir, too kind. Thank you. Wow it's been almost a month since the last post. Good thing I feel like I've got something good to show for it! The Corvus Blackstar 'Shadowclad' takes to the skies and adds another engine in my burgeoning air force. Starting to get the hang of masking stripes on planes now, I think the effect really worked well. The blue representing the Watch Fortress and a pair of silver stripes calling to the silver left arms of the Deathwatch. Was nervous to see how the small splashes of red would work with the cool blue and black, but I think that the colour is secondary enough that it acts as a subtle contrast that keeps the visual interest high. The weapons except for the Hurricane Bolter and the only thing I'm displeased with is the fact that the magnet holding the guns forward didn't seat right, so one weapon is always going to be on an angle, but I'll learn to live with it. As always, a big, empty base cries out for a neat extra visual, so I went with a recently killed Ork (Because Deathwatch.) slumped against a low wall that fits with my winter themed board and terrain. Super glad this is done, so now I won't have to footslog my expensive-as-hell Veterans across the table. But, they'll eventually take fire, so it's time to get started on a Primaris Apothecary for these guys.
  4. Sticky fingers

    I have a Grav-Cannon Marine that I used a FW Mk. II armour body for and the Devastator kits arms. If they fall off one more time, then I'm taking a hammer to it.
  5. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    Well that took longer than expected. Damn you Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Forza 7! Got the Primaris Librarian done for my Deathwatch, Codicer Thutmose of the Venerators of Osirion. Love this model, really wanted to keep the traditional blue of the Librarius, so I decided on black robes to help keep the Deathwatch theme prominent and I think it really worked. Although one of these days, I'm gonna do a proper fancy Force Sword. Now I'll be tackling the Corvus Blackstar. I'm thinking of doing a pair of thick-ish silver bands on the left wing, following the silver left arms on the infantry. Good idea or bad idea?
  6. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    @Justicebeaver Thank you kindly! @Taylor I took 3 of 'em out for a spin last night in a friendly game against an opponent playing Death Korps of Krieg army, after deepstriking and doing barely anything against a unit of Thudd Guns, I proceeded to completely waste the unit (Mostly for the comedic effect) by overcharging them with 14 shots against a Malcador tank. I whiffed most of those 14 shots and did a total of 4 damage against its 18 wounds. The team promptly died to my 4 1's during the hits. Dumb but hilarious. Can't give you a good review just yet because I've got to face an opponent where they'll be useful, but I would suggest bringing a Captain with a Jump Pack and maybe an Assault Squad as back-up. And thanks.
  7. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    Tonight we draw to a close a productive Dark Angels expansion summer and prepare for a xenos-crushing Deathwatch filled fall! The Inceptors got finished tonight and I am very much pleased with their outcome, a bit of a slog at times (Because how about you stare at a pile of 12 arms ready to highlight and try to get fully excited.) but as always the hard work always bares good fruit. And when you have to empty your whole dice cube to roll upon landing, the fruit is sweet indeed. Not to mention how tempting those Plasma Exterminators are going to be, overcharging upon landing, might need a back-up Assault Squad and Captain to safely rock those plasma shots. With the Inceptors done, as I stated before, it's time to dive back into the Deathwatch, I am still intending to keep it small, but that's relative to the Dark Angels, and it's a big Dark Angels army. So the plan is to add a Primaris Librarian, Primaris Apothecary, Corvus Blackstar and a squad of Intercessors, probably with Stalker Rifles because I don't have a lot of long range with the army right now, and it could really use it. So here we go.
  8. Grimdark vs. Newhammer

    Honestly, I can't see the models being a reflection of grimdark because it's Nurgle. There's always a depraved jollity to Nurgle, who truly believes that it's doing good spreading disease and entropy handing out plagues and maladies like its genuine gift, because to it, it is a gift. So that some of these Nurglings are going to look a little goofy, it makes sense because Nurgle does actually have fun with it. The Poxwalkers are all smiling because of the Walking Pox which forces their facial muscles into a rictus grin, which is why they appear so happy. It all fits the theme. But I think the focus on the jolly little Nurglings and the smiling Poxwalkers is missing the background details in the Nurgle models, like the tentacles bursting forth, the disembowelled bodies, the hideous mutations, the stomachs that have literally transformed into fanged maws. I think we're desensitized to what's really messed up, and that these new elements are throwing us for a loop. Has anyone shown these elements to an outside party to get their opinion on how dark these models are?
  9. Funny pictures for Friday

    And with that said:
  10. Funny pictures for Friday

  11. Everlasting Wet Palette

    Already backed it. Getting the Studio version because I want a bigger surface and I try and keep my sheets lasting as long as possible.
  12. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    I play my stuff painted because it brings me much more enjoyment to field an army that is fully painted to a good standard. It also brings me much more pleasure when I play against an opponent because now I can start picturing the engagement in my mind's eye and it becomes a little bit more than just a game at that point. Playing someone who hasn't painted their army kind of sucks me out of it, not that I'll completely refuse to play against an unpainted army, but I'd rather play someone who's got an army that really helps set the mood. I'm also a disappointed when tournaments don't do a "Best Painted" award for the purposes of inclusion for those who haven't painted their army. I get it, you want numbers and opponents to show up, I'm all for that, but it's disappointing for those of us who have put in the time and effort to get our stuff looking good for the table not to be recognized because some people can't be bothered to even prime their models. Tournaments don't have to make painted armies mandatory to include a Best Painted award. A 3 colour minimum would be nice, but it doesn't take into account peoples circumstances, so it shouldn't be enforced but there should be recognition in the tournament scene, regardless of whether painted mini's are mandatory or not, for people who did take the time to paint their models.
  13. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    By far the best looking army at the North Bay Tourney in my opinion, followed closely by that Dred Mob army.
  14. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    And last blast before the tournament, a bunch of support critters ready to back up the squads, two Watchers in the Dark and two Armorium Cherubs. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you tomorrow! Already started on my Inceptors, can't wait!
  15. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    @dreadpirate Thank you kindly! More tournament prep, just getting a Lascannon Devastator up to avoid using proxies. Next more quick tournament prep getting a pair of Watchers in the Dark and Armorium Cherubs.