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  1. Bits Give away

    I'd take em the furies would be perfect for making more possed.
  2. Plaster Blocks

    Not yet I was planning on going on Saturday afternoon I work evenings in lively all week long. So I don't get out to the store as much as I like. Again ty man. They will be perfect
  3. Plaster Blocks

    Hey sorry bout the late response. Can you put it under Steve Marleau please. And Ty again man.
  4. Plaster Blocks

    Yeah man that be awsome ty. Are you sure. That would work. Ty again.
  5. Plaster Blocks

    Yeah are you sure Gary. You did call it. But if not I'd love to have em they would be perfect for a modelling project I'm about to undertake
  6. Plaster Blocks

    I'll take em off you're hands man if the G man don't want em
  7. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey guys how do I sign up. Cause if theirs room I'm in for sure. It's Steve Marleau and I sure Ben gammon will be in as well.
  8. Alien: Covenant - New Trailer

    Shut the front door. Looked good,. You're not serious . This is looks amazing. So stoked