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  1. Saturday Nov 12 gaming

    I have no control over my work schedule! The life of an engineer man. But i know 100% i am going to the nook saturday morning.
  2. Hey guys, would like to come into the store saturday to play some AOS skirmish games and go through the skirmish book. Anyone interested in playing a bunch of games saturday? let me know! thanks, DD
  3. Hammerhal

    Dave, looking to get back out gaming. Are you still doing hammerhall? i would love to get in on this. also i want to play the firestorm thing too! let me know!
  4. AOS escalation league

    so many nice paint jobs....fine i will paint tonight!
  5. Custom Display Case

    awesome work man. been looking to do a concealed one like this for a while now. this is amazing
  6. AOS escalation league

    wondering what the next bracket is? 1000 points and vs who?
  7. AOS escalation league

    i am in 100%