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  1. It's Soo Logical

    Yeah the pricing structure is wack. That's actually a poor example because the pic shows the premium models compared to a starter box. But when you compare basic troop choices to one another it starts to get a little more questionable. I was watching a video from... Spikey bits (?, I'm pretty sure) and he was talking about a higher end guy bragging that they brought in a particular starter set in through the doors of their warehouse for only $5. They retailed that product for $75. Now I get there are the overhead costs to that warehouse, which can be substantial...I guess... The annual reports GW puts out shows they don't have a scrooge McDuck vault full of money that they swim in.... Are these prices justified? I'm not sure
  2. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    What sort of material do you use that conforms so well tithe curves... Or am I missing something? i've wanted to use stencils on vehicles but it never really passed that desire. I have a bunch of you card that I stripped the paint from and was going to spray up for scatter terrain for infinity... But they are identical pieces.
  3. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    Amazing work did you use a stencil for the hex work?
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I am in the final stretch for that 4x4 resin table. and I started painting a halflings hero. So I think I'll actually make my bare minimum pledge.
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    @BaggiestPanther and @Taylor Shit guys, good work! you have some seriously nice clean coats on that tyrinid Dante and Taylor, great work man, more than sufficiently disgusting.
  6. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Here are some pictures
  7. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Hey guys, i've been bouncing around this for far too long, is there any interest in a haqqislam army? It's just not my game, willing to give a very good deal.
  8. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    http://www.sculpturesupply.com/ they are based out of Toronto :)
  9. Huge Deathguard Leak

    I'm really starting to hate nurglings... Their fucking chaos-snotlings . There is a way to make cute creepy rather than creepy cute. If you know what I mean. ... Probably not
  10. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Thanks Taylor, I'm offloading of them because I know I don't use them very much anymore, and I'm happy to use whatever models I own… However, I need the money so I can purchase the last little bit so I can start sculpting terrain, making moulds and casting terrain. I found this really good resin, that safe to use indoors without proper ventilation, but I only put ordered one part of it. I need to buy the other part now, which is the powdered part. I'm really looking forward to this
  11. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    All yours, $100 drop a PM to negotiate solid haqqislam: Qapu Kalki (or how ever it's spelled
  12. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    10 gulam (most recent randitions save for 2, special weapons and specialists included) 5 Kaplan 4 Druze 3 janissaries with tinbot (painted) 2 nasmats 1 narajian engineer 1 djanzeban sniper (crouching) 1 al'hawwa (hacker) 1 azrail (painted) Mass effect tokens Paper tokens D20's galore (2 exclusive nomad dice) Acrylic templates and measuring devices Classified deck TACOs deck 1.0
  13. Any interest in haqqislam? SOLD!

    Sounds good, will do
  14. Plaster Blocks

    Absolutely fine with it. In all fairness my daughter and I can build an igloo with the gravel from my yard and a hot glue gun :) or a friend has a metric ton of these blocks
  15. Tournament Time

    Good point. I'd change my vote it I could. I'm down for helping out those who intend to represent at larger tournaments. I know I'm not the most experienced in the game these days... But i'd rather follow the standards But really, the game is designed to be played with themes... May as well keep things as is
  16. 4x6 game mat

    I'm sure you can find a downloadable file that you can send out to a print shop and have them print it onto vinyl.
  17. Tournament Time

    I would go 90pts with no extras. I may attend, all depends on availability. I like the idea because it gives a vanilla list a competitive edge. Is this a trend by other t\o's
  18. Plaster Blocks

    Yeah that's fine by me :)
  19. Plaster Blocks

    No worries, sorry, life didn't permit me to get out. I'm not all that far from you pending you haven't moved in the last 4-5 years. Tomorrow is packed. Really if someone else has interest they can have it
  20. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I feel like I should point out that I did say "as many halflings as I can" (without clarifying, I would have pledged about 30 models.... Which is doable, but I still haven't learned to hit those curve balls life throws me I'm hoping to have that zone done early on in the month, God willing.
  21. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I re-pledge the remaining portions of Zone Mortalis as well: as many Arcworld halflings as I can complete there are the following general riding a ram, captain on foot, 3 halberdiers, 3 swordsman,3 spearman, 3-4 archers. For good measure I'm also rolling in 13 halflings armed peasent-adventurers and the old mordheim adventuring ogre the peasant halflings are not the same company but strangely complimentary in artistic style. I've been looking forward to these guys for some time now
  22. Plaster Blocks

    So are dice. It's all good, I keep very close supervision when we play with my toys. My hobby room is no place for kids to not be supervised. Lol
  23. Plaster Blocks

    Sure, my kid especially would love them. She's always trying to build igloos from my d6's (she's 4 lol)
  24. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    We're our own worst critics, Dave Good work, I'm serious. Flesh turned out great, especially for your first time. Nice work! I look forward to seeing next month's pledge
  25. Armoured scorcha

    Very cool. Well atleast this concept art looks better than the man o'war santa... Not sure what they were thinking with that head. I'd rather just convert one from a mano'war.