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  1. Rhonlores Legion of Everblight

    Holy fuck Tyrone lol Good work stickin' to it.
  2. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    Thanks guys :) and you guys did a fantastic job on your armies :) - Gary -
  3. Company of iron? Who's played?

    As title, who's given it a whirl?
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Plugging along, just 1 model from my core group of miniatures Is unpainted, and two are wip
  5. Company of iron? Who's played?

    Lol fair enough. I ordered the cards, $15 can't go wrong. I was going to order the box set, but I didn't want to be stuck with cygnar models
  6. Company of iron? Who's played?

    What do you mean? You have a monstrously huge legion army lol
  7. Rpg resources - maps

    i decided that it would be cool to share resources scoured from the Internet. I'll be posting maps that I find interesting and I encourage you to do the same :) i plan on updating weekly, maybe theme based, I don't know.
  8. December and January Releases

    That's a kit I'm likely to buy whether or I play lol i say that a lot but the Druze sealed te deal for me when I played
  9. December and January Releases

    I wonder what they are doing with the Druze
  10. New Easy to Build Models

    These days I'm more about getting nice models as opposed to an army now don't get me wrong, I do prefer hoarding bits every chance I can, but the price point is always better with te easy kits. As for converting... I'm currently converting deathguard into blight kings... I believe it's not any more or less hard ;)
  11. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    Great work OJ!
  12. New Easy to Build Models

    That's awesome. I like the easy to build kits. Especially since they are more dynamic than they use to be.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for the forgotten realms campaign setting. I'm OK if it second addition, I'm OK if it's third edition or fourth edition… I just wanna campaign setting book. Preferably third edition though... I remember it being a fairly comprehensive book
  14. Wtb: forgotten realms campaign book

    Thanks buddy :)
  15. Wtb: forgotten realms campaign book

    Sorry only 2nd or third edition forth edition turned fuckin' crazy and I won't be able to use my old resource books without monkeying the fuck out of them.
  16. Wtb: forgotten realms campaign book

    Also looking for the adventure book "secrets of the moonsea"
  17. Ch-ch-changes to Darkshard

    OH yeah, so much GW news spills forth that it very quickly buries content written by people. Just an observation, not sure solution other than to give the newsfeed it's own thread again
  18. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Not too shabby, all of my partially painted guys have been completed. one optional guy became a main stay, swapped with the elf. And it was finished also in all its 1/2 complete
  19. So what happened at warmachine weekend? Was the keynote worthwhile this year? Was there anything exciting?
  20. Rpg resources - maps

    I don't think I've ever spent hours looking for one specific thing. I developed a database of pictures for 2 campaigns to display on my TV in hours...only a few maps, mainly just character portraits and environmental art But, that's the point of this thread is to help mitigate the time for other people. Find high resolution photos to post here so people either me gain inspiration, or just have an easier time. I don't think we have enough conversations about role-playing games, we tend to generally be a very quiet Community , sticking with just our gaming groups. And I just wanted to either get the ball rolling or let other people know that there's something worth talking about :)
  21. Rpg resources - maps

    Sweet. You know I haven't really delved in to deep with the DM's guild... I plan on doing something for the DM's guild
  22. Rpg resources - maps

  23. Ch-ch-changes to Darkshard

    I do like the news feed for when nobody has posted something I'm somewhat interested in. i never touch discord... It's just another app I need to download onto my 6 or 7 year old phone.