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  1. stormcast character

    i have neave blacktalon from blightwars for sale 20$.
  2. Marcuss painting commission

    finally finished the arms and this project.
  3. Marcuss painting commission

    finally finished the bodies on these marines.Next the pile arms to finish this project .
  4. AOS escalation league

    the last leg of the league is wrapping up. at this point all 2k games played at the store will earn a raffle ticket for each player and then wrap up at the end of the tournament and be given out as well.
  5. AOS tournament CANCELLED

    im in with stormcast, also will wrap up league at the end of this and all participants will get raffle per game they play.
  6. Advise Needed

    i would do blood drops leaking down, and u could green stuff with the help of blood angel drops to help out.
  7. AOS escalation league

    next round 1500 points match ups are here. pete vs steve feluca vs irvin brandon vs wes corey vs wes oj vs marc. good luck to all.
  8. Marcuss painting commission

    @Deademperor After watching some utubers/twitch painters and their impressions was positive for the AP line. I decided to try them out and as Doug is now fully stocking them, it made my decision that much easier.They reviewed that there was a higher pigment count than a lot of paints out there. And for some colors that helps. My first impressions of the paints are positive, I do like the dropper bottle. It forces me to water down my paints that helps with painting. Even watered down the paint flowed well on the model and was not overly translucent. I will paint with both GW/AP depending on shade i need at the moment. Keep on painting Marcuss
  9. Marcuss painting commission

    stage 2: not sure if the pictures does it justice but here is what i did next. With a mix 60% troglodyte blue,40% crystal blue i did the next level of highlights. Then followed that up with a mix50%/50%. Troglodyte blue /white. for the final highlight.(light source). Then each rivet is painted with toxic mist.Again it took about 40 minutes per model for all this stage.
  10. AOS escalation league

    next round match ups are... pete vs double d feluca vs brandon steve vs corey irvin vs jones wes vs marc If i missed anybody let me know and you can take my spot vs wes. thanks and good luck to all. Marcuss.
  11. AOS escalation league

    reminder for those people coming in thursday evening for league, it is at 1000. Marcuss.
  12. AOS escalation league

  13. hey guys finally decided to post some of my current work. They are a commission of custodes marines. This is stage 1. They are primed Ultramarine blue, then ink washed drakenhof nightshade, then painted with watered down crystal blue.I have just started to paint with Army painter paints and i must say i do like the quality.I m a slow painter, the watered down stage takes about 40 minutes per guy.In a week or so ill have stage 2 to post.
  14. AOS escalation league

    @Blake welcome aboard Blake. you can take my spot in this block vs corey. Dont forget to post your progress and get other games in as well. Marcuss.
  15. AOS escalation league

    firstly i would like to say many games of AOS were played first league night. It was a great night thanks to all that showed up. the Pairings for this block are Double D vs wesley. feluca vs pete Corey vs Marcuss. you have 2 weeks or so to get in contact with your opponent . Good luck to all.