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  1. Looking for Dark Eldar

    Wtb dark eldar if you have any left dreadpirate.
  2. This ^. Thankyou sir
  3. Treeman NiB, metal drycha model, and various dryads (ill check how many when im finished work).
  4. Its a play on words of drukhari the new dark eldar. My bad, thought it was in wider use.
  5. Looking mostly for kabal drew carrey (especially scourges) and transports. Have some sylvaneth, large lot of wanderers and some chaos marines i would be willing to trade.
  6. Time to sell off whats left of my tomb kings. Not looking to trade unless it is in my favor, not looking to split. I am willing to negotiate... to a point. Serious inquiries only. Going to throw this stuff on ebay on friday if there are no takers. I do have pics, just ask. Ive got 1 necrotect NiB - 1 settra NiB - 2 boxes of 16 TK skellies NiB - 1 box of hand weapon Ushabti - 2 boxes of 10 tomb guard NiB - 1 well-painted necrosphinx - 1 well-painted warsphinx - 1 converted tomb king on chariot Throw me a PM with an offer.
  7. First Death guard List

    I'm legitimately curious as to why your fielding the daemon prince without wings.
  8. Global Campaign

    This might give me the kick in the ass i need to start painting 40k. I didnt notice how many points the battles are going to be, is that something thats gonna change depending on the mission?
  9. Post Your 8th Edition Losses

    The way the rumors are shaping up i think people will be blowing dust off of alot more armies than they retire. And in regards to the topic itself, i might lose about 250$ or so most from digital codexes. But if tyranids become playable (and if daemons survive the change) that will more than cover the cost.
  10. Hopes & Dreams of 8th Edition

    I'm very interested to see how these changes will affect Tyranid monstrous creatures and dark Eldar covens.