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  1. Grimdark vs. Newhammer

    I think its hard to say at this point...its still pretty Grimdark....with the Imperium being half destroyed and all. But now its actually some "hope" which I think is always good in a franchise. This story is still very new and there is lots to come out still.
  2. AOS tournament NOV 4th

    sign me up with Kharadron
  3. Hammerhal

    my bad, i remember seeing it in the Firestorm campaign.
  4. Hammerhal

    I can play! I bought an army I would like to play more.
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I sent a message or two...but I was a little late on the signing up...so can i go on the waiting list?
  6. Where would i edge?
  7. Newest edition, front line infantry
  8. 40K Tournament

    Soooo temped
  9. Painted my first full unit, looking pretty decent in my mind
  10. It is essentially gaseous gold. The dwarfs collect it into big vats and refine it down into a solid. The travel around in giant airships because they had to escape wars on the ground since they were getting there ass kicked. But, since they escaped they actually flurished and are a very powerful empire.
  11. this one isn't flying yet...so its good right?...RIGHT?
  12. I started painting my AoS Kharadon Overlords and I am really liking how they are turning out. I first started with my Admiral.
  13. Anyone planning on playing Fortnite?

    I have it on PC if anyone wants to add me.
  14. Dragon Roost Studios

    He has painted a few of my things and I am very happy with the quality. They really stand out on the table top and i feel obligated to bring them in my lists since they look to good.
  15. Fate of Konor - The Games Nook

    how does Konor work with xenos armies?