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  1. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    HEY ITS NOVEMBER! new goal...finish 1 kharadon hero 5 Imperial Fist Terminators I will start slow this time due to only have half a month to paint. If i finish early I will give myself a bonus challenge
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - October

    I broke my model last minute and spent 2 hours trying to fix it...so...I failed.
  3. AOS tournament NOV 4th

    Who else is excited...I am!
  4. First ship to leave the dock!
  5. Quick picture of the newest editions to the fleet
  6. Monthly Painting Challenge - October

    My pledge 1 Kharadon Ironclad 10 Kharadon Arganaughts 1 Kharadon Hero I don't know which one...
  7. How Long Do Your Brushes Last?

    I use my brushes far longer than I really should....i have some brushes a year old :/
  8. Grimdark vs. Newhammer

    I think its hard to say at this point...its still pretty Grimdark....with the Imperium being half destroyed and all. But now its actually some "hope" which I think is always good in a franchise. This story is still very new and there is lots to come out still.
  9. AOS tournament NOV 4th

    sign me up with Kharadron
  10. Hammerhal

    my bad, i remember seeing it in the Firestorm campaign.
  11. Hammerhal

    I can play! I bought an army I would like to play more.
  12. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I sent a message or two...but I was a little late on the signing up...so can i go on the waiting list?
  13. Where would i edge?