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  1. Necromunda Hype!

    Very excited.
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I'm going to have to do one of these for September. :)
  3. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    Cool stuff! Really like the Mechanicum. :)
  4. Shadow War: Armageddon League

    Sad. Dat 40k!
  5. Thralls of the Maggot King - redux!

    This army is by far my favourite project that you've done. Awesome job, Taylor. Man, I need some of those mutant miniatures in my life...
  6. Just some dudes spreading papa nurgles love

    Finish the bases on these guys and they'll look dope! nice progress so far!
  7. Shadow War: Armageddon League

    Did this go anywhere? :)
  8. Necromunda confirmed!

    The cool part about Necromunda is that it's partly a campaign/roleplay game. The goal isn't always to "win" every game, but to survive and get experience. Experience will give somewhat random bonuses to stats and abilities. You might get an extra BS point, or learn how to run & shoot without negative modifiers. Every model in your gang ends up being a unique character with their own strengths and weaknesses as your campaign proceeds. They may even suffer permanent leg or arm injuries and be able to locate a crazy doctor that will surgically remove damaged limbs and add bionics in their place. You end up with gangers that have unique skills and gear that keep changing. This might even mean you'll remodel your figures to keep up with the changes, which is super fun if you are into modelling. To me, Necromunda has everything fun about gaming, RPGs and modelling all mixed together. It takes the emphasis off winning a single game and it becomes more about building a really rad gang of dudes.
  9. Blightwar - Nurgle in AoS

    That snail is pretty sweet, indeed. :)
  10. Necromunda confirmed!

    Very excited for my favourite game to return. :)
  11. Shadow War: Armageddon

    Did this go anywhere? I'd also be in. :)
  12. Sons of Rust on Faeit212

    Awesome stuff, man. Certainly a sweet achievement.
  13. Shadow War: Armageddon

    Yes. Inq28 is coming to life before our eyes. Happy days.
  14. Heroquest, anyone?

    Well, I know what I want for my birthday. How do I place an order?
  15. Shadow War: Armageddon

    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/09/shadow-war-armageddon-the-rules-available-soon/ Book will be available separately, with Inquisition rules. Sign me up!