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  1. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    Thank you @Interrogator_Chaplain!
  2. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    It is a vinyl stencil. It is thin enough that I curved and taped it. It was not a super clean line when I Air Brushed it. I needed to clean up with freehand.
  3. My Last 3 Weeks of the Hobby...

    Thanks guys. @Deademperor I did use a stencil.
  4. 40K Tournament

    I am looking forward to this weekend! I will be paying day of Dave.
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    @MisterAG and @Yarium You have to get these printed for day of. Damn this looks hot!
  6. As the title suggests. Here is what I have been working on in the past 3 weeks.
  7. Any interest in haqqislam?

    Hey Gary. Would you mind sharing where you are getting your mould and resin materials from? I have been thinking of doing this myself with bases.
  8. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Same. I am going to both.
  9. North Bay Charity Tournament

  10. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Also, it is located at the Davidi club.
  11. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Has there been any news or updates on this event?
  12. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Well Let's get in on this. I have... 20x Harlequin Troups 1x Troup Master 7x Wave serpents 2x War Walkers 3x Vypers 2 x Magnus the Red. (yup 2) 10x Rubric Marines 5x 1k sons Terminators 10 x Tzangors 1 x Demon Prince of Tzeench 3 x Exalted Sorcerers 1 x Ahriman
  13. WTS Cryx Army

    How much are you asking for the lot? Also, do you have any pics?
  14. Escalation League #2 - Fall 2017

    I am thinking I want a write up to be able to start. 😁
  15. 40K Tournament

    @GreyKnight Hey where are those scenarios you promised? I want to practice! :P