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  1. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Why have the discussion unless you're lobbying for your opinion? That's kind of weird. Also your post seems really aggressive. This was a cool discussion no need to make it hostile. If you took my posts as hostile then sorry but that was not my intent. I'm just really passionate about this subject. One question though. What would you suggest that a competitively minded infinity player do in Sudbury? Seems that there aren't any events that would scratch his itch and if he played the way he wants to he would be dinged for it at your events. This isn't a 40k, WMH, Infinity or even x-wing issue. Its an issue that's been around as long as there has been sport. Minimizing it as belonging to just one or two systems is big red herring.
  2. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Really this has strayed a long way from the original topic. The crux of this and other forms of competitive rules tweaking is that some players have a preferred idea of the way the game should be played. They lobby hard to have that way imposed upon the community or they run their own tournaments in that manner and either do or do not consider feedback. As such the community either grows and accepts that method and it becomes the default for the meta or they rebel and demand something different hosting their own rule set or moving on to other games. Lucky for me I play a game where the company that produces the game has released a robust tournament rule set for the community to follow and standardize upon. I like that as it removes this kind of discussion from the equation and we can land on the international standard for how the tournaments should be run. Also lucky for me is that their tournament standard works quite well so I'm happy to apply it. What you've been arguing for here Taylor, is tweaking the competitive environment to suit the aspects of the hobby you personally enjoy. I think there are better ways to do that by dedicating the proper play spaces to those aspects and emphasizing those aspect during those times. Painting is the one aspect that gets the least attention in the community and that should probably change. To me it looks like the following: Tournaments - for the competition aspect and nobody should be shamed for trying to win as long as its done in a friendly manner. Only the game rules matter and victory should be judged purely on game performance. Painting competitions - are unfortunately few and far between. This should be remedied with more stuff on the forums for people to jump in and have models judged by the community for prizes or tacked on to competitive events as a side competition. Sportsmanship is for all the time. This will determine who wants to play you on game nights and how welcome you are at other events within the community. Don't be a dick! Edit: realized that forum formatting may make it look like i'm calling you a dick, Taylor, but that's totally intended as a general statement on sportsmanship.
  3. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    You would be mistaken sir. ... lol? Josh can run a horde of 60 drudges while my Cygnar Colossal list moves 5 models. Again, as long as the rules are defined before hand then the player know what they're getting into and can ensure their own capability to play within the rules. Design your list to accommodate your own clock management capabilities and things work out fine. Clock limits are generally pretty generous to so only the slowest players run into problems. Admittedly I can't say if clocks are really a solution for other game system with mechanics that occur on your opponent's turn but its still the preferred solution.
  4. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Ambiguous sportsmanship applications like "timing out" are solved with good game rule sets like death clock or timed turns. Exactly how slow does another player have to play to earn this black mark from you? Has that been clearly communicated before the event? Do you give them any indication of when you think they're slow playing you? What if they're new to the game and were hoping to get exposure to the tournament environment. You doing to ding the newbie on his score because you're just frustrated with him? These are all really negative consequences of an ambiguously defined "sportsmanship score". I'm also sure we all don't want to be handed a rubric on how to evaluate our opponents so that the score is consistently applied.
  5. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    You guys need game clocks.
  6. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Sportsmanship is not something you put "effort" into it should just be a given for any competitive environment and those who display poor sportsmanship on a regular basis (we all have off days) should not be welcomed back. The problem with linking a subjective sportsmanship score to final results is that everybody has a different definition of it and it also turns into a popularity contest. For example I've read even here on these boards, that people at 40k tournaments will be marked down on sportsmanship for taking what other players deem a cheesy list. I'm sorry but that's a complete load of bull shit. If somebody has decided to play the game in a friendly and cordial manner using models that have been selected according to the rules of the game and event and do well they should not be penalized because another player decided to bring their favorite model X that happens to be equipped with butter knives. Beating your opponent in the most efficient manner possible is the core objective of a TOURNAMENT. Save the not tabling them and bringing sub optimal lists for the casual stuff on game night where it belongs. We should not be shaming people who want to bring their A game once and awhile. Not all lists are created equally and not all players are created equally. Its up to the person to decide what they want out of the tournament then build and play with that goal in mind. You can't control how other people are going to try and have fun and its not up to you or others to give them a grade on that. The sportsmanship score is infantalizing and paternalistic and should never be applied to final scores. Otherwise every competitively minded player should be marking down every painter/fluff player that brings sub-optimal lists to tournaments and that's a horrible solution. Somebody who wants to rub their opponent's face in the fact that they lost, and gloat about the victory ad nauseum is a whole other ball of wax. Those people are cancer and need to told to cut it out. If after repeated warnings the behavior persists then stop allowing them entry to events. That's what good TO's and judges are for.
  7. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    "Back in the day (sorry for sounding old), a tournament wasn't just a out winning games. " This is the part that the hobbiests often get wrong about the game first people. Its not about winning games. Its about testing yourself against other like minded people and getting the most tactically rewarding and interesting experience out of the endeavor. For some, yes, it is just about winning but those people are usually the dicks. I like to tweak my lists practice my techniques and hone my skills and feel I get the best game when I've played against an opponent of a similar mind set. Tournaments bring these people out and pit them against each other. Painting is all well and good but if that's what you want to do and emphasize then hold dedicated painting competitions. Don't tax the people who just want to play the game to support the people who want to engage in painting and vice versa. Bill these events side by side to bring everybody out for the day and get the social aspect going. If you don't see people registering to be in the painting competitions then I think that should be your answer. As an example, when I go to a squash tournament I'm not expecting to be judged on how well I dressed in regards to how the main prize is handed out.
  8. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    best response was the first one in that articles own comment section so I'll just quote him to save myself the time "Yes, you’re a snob lol. In all seriousness, painted armies are preferrable, but an expectation that armies should be painted goes much too far IMO. How would you feel if I said you were disrespecting the tournament if you hadn’t poured hours into testing and refining your list? That turning up with a nicely painted army you hadn’t practised with was disrespecting your opponent? That you should just stay home painting your miniatures if you weren’t prepared to put the hard hours into playing the game at a tournament level? Not that I’m suggesting you specifically don’t do that, but for plenty of people a tournament is an excuse to get some games in and show off their nicely painted army, and that’s fine. It’s equally fine for someone who likes to play but not paint and who invests their time into doing that to turn up and play. We each make our hobby our own. I believe in rewarding all facets of the hobby, so whenever I run a tournament I always reward based on placings, but I give out prizes for painting too. I don’t cross those streams as give tournament points for painting, but recognize them for what they are, which is two separate and co-existing aspects of the hobby, which different people enjoy to different degrees." That's all there is to say.
  9. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Except that his attendance is a heavy maybe if the stars align. I'm personally very excited to have him. It would be nice to see how we measure up against the competition down south. We actually do have players that I think have a decent 30 to 40ish percent chance against him. That includes you T Besides ... he plays Khador and they suck now. Just play cryx and auto win
  10. What: 75pts - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament When: October 14th with a 10am start time Where: Games Nook, Sudbury Ontario How Much: 15$ entry fee Its time again for some fast paced Iron Kingdom tournament action. Last year North Bay Dave held the first King Beyond the Wall tournament event in North Bay and a Sudbury native Tyrone Lockhart took home the crown. So this year the event is moving to Sudbury where players will battle it out for the title of Kind Beyond the Wall and the civic pride of their local meta for the coming year. This is our premier event of the tournament season in the North so we'll be looking to up the prize support a bit and are asking a 15$ entry fee to help support that effort. I'll be announcing what the prizes will be once I have a better idea of expected attendance numbers. One thing is for certain, Doug has a set of the old Steamroller trophies on hand so as long as we have 8 players or more we'll be handing those out to first second and third places. If we have an even number then the TO (David D.) will be participating to avoid handing out a buy round. If you're intending to participate then leave a comment below with the faction you'll be representing and lets get this party going! Tyrone Lockhart - Legion (Defending King!) Josh Lavigne - Skorne David Poliquin - Ret/Minions Quinn Perry - Cygnar Rob Emerson - Cryx . . . Mat Dussiaume - Retribution . Bubba Dalton - Khador (giant maybe to defend his King in the North title for pride) David Dussiaume - Protectorate (T.O.)
  11. Best thing I've seen all day

    You're welcome Also this
  12. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Maybe I'll bring trolls and throw you all for a loop!
  13. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Fine ... so you'll be playing minions then Is Lyl3 still that good into what people will be playing? With all the changes surrounding themes I thought she's fallen out of favour.
  14. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Man you guys are bad at this ... factions?
  15. Tournament Time

    So doesn't look like this proposal has broad enough support to really implement. I'll run this one at standard points then.
  16. Tournament Time

    So it's been awhile since our last event and it's now high time to break out the competitive lists again for another steamroller event. I've looked into an October event date with Doug and will be announcing that shortly but in the mean time we as the community need to decide what we'll be playing. There's been some discussion regarding themes and how they restrict list building creativity so I've put together a proposed alternative. For this event we can either run with 100% official 75pt standard or we can do 90pts with 0 free points allowed from theme lists but all other benefits apply. Use the voting buttons above to weigh in on what you would like to see done for this event.
  17. Tournament Time

    So no comments to go along with those votes? What are peoples thoughts on the proposal?
  18. Large Menoth for sale

    Some advice for selling this in the online market. Break it down by themes and sell it in packages as that would really appeal to people trying to flesh out different sub groups. Creators Might: Feora2 Amon Kreoss1 Avatar Judicator (if you don't sell it to me;)) Reckoner Redeemer Revenger Choir Heirophant Vassal Wracks Exemplar Interdiction Kreoss 2/3 Reckoner all of the other exemplar models Guardians of the Flame Reznik Repenter Sanctifier Cleansers Flamegaurd Nicia Faithful Masses Reclaimer (he also fits guardians or interdiction but just thought a caster should go here) Zealots (they're about to become hot stuff so they would sell independently) Paladins Ask for smaller chunks and you're likely to get better returns too. This is how people will be looking for stuff in MKIII
  19. Large Menoth for sale

    Still offering 70 for just the judicator. I'll throw in an extra 30 for a paladin and the vengers.
  20. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    Awesome. Well time to pick a faction and start the theory.
  21. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    I polled the guys at our last game night and it looks like the four of us will be returning sans Tyrone. We'll need to pick up an extra from somewhere to make it all work.
  22. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    So the league has officially wrapped up with the standings as follows: 1. David - 15pts (won a heavy warbeast) 2. Tyrone - 10pts (won a light warbeast) 3. Mat - 6pts 4. Robby - 4pts (won the draw for Maximus) 5. Josh - 2pts (won the draw for the trawler) That's it for this summer and hopefully we can do another leagues in the winter. For now keep your ears to the ground for up coming tournament action in the fall.
  23. So with the big tournaments of the year behind us and the summer lull coming up its time to step into some more casual gaming mode. After talking with the regular Wednesday night attendees it seems there is some appetite for a summer map campaign. To get the ball rolling I've drafted up the following for a map and rules and fluff. If you're interested in participating then hit me up with a response below, PM or e-mail and I'll add you to the list and assign a starting position. I will be asking all participants for 20$ to help drive prize support. Story: The blood stone marches are a desolate wasteland full of monsters where only the intrepid dare to tread. In recent times however a cruel and savage race have traversed the marches to threaten all of Immoren. The Skorne have come! First they raided the lands of Cygnar, announcing their arrival with blood and steel. Next they savaged the southern reaches of IOS only to be rebuffed by the timely appearance of an unlikely hero redeemed to his people. Now they threaten the lands of the protectorate daring to siege even holy Imer itself and slaying their Hierarch Severius. Khador is wary that even they may not be safe from these savages and the time to act is now. For Immoren's more savage denizens the Skorne represent a different kind of threat. Everblight has long eyed the treasures contained in the Castle of the Keys. The fortress was the lair of the dragon Pyromalfic until he was killed by the Skorne. While Everblight has since recovered Pyromalfic's athanc the location still radiates with the remnants of his power and is central to the plans of the Legion. Lord Toruk of Cryx is also interested in the remnants of his offspring's power and has commanded that his Litches travel to the Castle and retrieve what they can. The Skorne are unlikely to reliquish any artifacts willingly and must be "convinced" otherwise. The blackclads of the Circle Orboros are irate at the devastation the Skorne have wrought on their ley line sites and fight to reclaim the area and preserve the balance of Orboros in the region. Finally the trolls of the Eastern Kriels have been displaced by the fighting and move to reclaim their homes and lands. All of these competing interests are unlikely to take kindly to the presence of any interlopers in the area. From such conditions the only answer is war! The Castle of the Keys is the Skorne's central staging area for attacks on Immoren and their route to the civilized lands passes directly through Greybranch Gap and Ternon Crag. Whoever controls these areas will have a significant advantage in preventing further raids and dictating where the Skorne are able to attack next. The Rules: Each player will be assigned a starting location Players controlling multiple special locations may only choose one benefit for each battle. The results of battles and zones claimed / captured must be e-mailed to the organizer each week so that the map can be updated. The new map will be posted here every Monday including a summary of which zones have changed hands during the week. The campaign will begin May 22nd and run until Sept 1st. Late entries will be permitted however you will start with only one zone and be required to make up for lost time however you can. The following locations are special and battles there will be fought with extra conditions: 4 - Eastern Kriel Holds A Battle here should be set up with multiple huts and fences. The trolls that live here are hunkered down in the huts waiting for the fighting to pass. At the start of each players turn the defending player may make one Rng 10 Rat 6 Pow 10 shot from one of the huts as the Trolls try to encourage the warriors to leave them alone. The huts are structures with 15 boxes and arm 18 which can be destroyed leaving rubble in their place. The player controlling the kriels can field 1 Champ Hero in their lists free of cost in battles 7 - Scale forth lake docks Set up the battle field with 6" of the map on one side edge being shallow water. From turn 2 on wards the defender may ambush up to 30pts of his list on the edge with the water as landing craft make landfall. The player who controls zone 7 may also consider, zones 4, 9, 5, 11, and 17 as adjacent to their territory for attacking. 11 - Bog Trog Village A powerful Bokur has left a curse on this place and warring armies should beware. Whenver a warrior model is destroyed roll a d6 and on a roll of 5 or 6 replace the model with a bog trog shambler. The shambler immediately activiates and charges the closest model (ignoring line of sight) and then is removed from play Set up with swamps and ruined huts. The player that controls zone 11 may field one Bog Trog Trawler free of cost in battles 20 - Farrow Village Same as zone 4 for set up and conditions The player that controls zone 20 may field Maximus free of cost in battles 22 - The Castle of the Keys The Defender may set up an extra 2 walls and one trench up to 20" from their table edge before the game begins. The player that controls the Castle may deploy an extra 6 pts of models in battles where they are the defender. 29 - Ternon Crag Set up the battle as taking place in the farms just outside the city. The city is equipped with mortars which the defender may target anywhere on the battlefield once during each of his turns. Range *, Rat 1, AOE 4 Pow 15 The player that controls the Crag may conquer one additional zone each week. 32 - Grey branch Gap Set up as a canyon with lots of rocks and walls. See custom scenario The player that controls the crag may deploy an extra 6 pts of models in battles where they are the attacker as this is the main reinforcement route for the area. Capturing zones: Every game played between players in the league is eligible to initiate a zone capture. The victorious player submits an e-mail notification to the organizer declaring the following: who played who won and how (scenario, assassination, tie breakers) pts level scenario desired zone to be captured if two players submit separate reports in the same week both claiming the same zone the organizer will randomly assign each of them a different zone and they will play off for the desired zone the following week. Players may capture an opposing players zone if they share a border. The capture mechanism is the same as above except that the game must have been played between the players who's zone are connected. The victorious player does not have to capture the enemy territory and may still choose an empty zone on the map that is contiguous with their territory. Players can only claim 2 territories per week. Player starting locations may not be captured (i.e. every player will always have at least one zone) SPECIAL LOCATIONS: The initial capture of the special locations happens like any other zone (win a battle and claim the empty zone). After a special location is capture it may only be taken if another player reaches the location with their territory and challenges the occupying player for that specific zone. The special scenario for that location is set up (usually giving the defender and advantage) and the game is played. If the attacking player wins then the zone is captured. If the defender is victorious they may select and empty zone on the map per normal or take a territory from the attacker that is adjacent to the special zone attacked. For the extra models required I'll be purchasing them if I don't already have them and they will be part of prize pool at the end of the tournament. I will lend my models for the special models to which ever player controls the zone associated with the bonus for use in their games. These are the two models which will be purchased for the prize pool. These two models will raffled off among the players that don't win any of the main prizes. Maximus Trawler Scoring and prizes: Each zone is worth one point and all special zones are worth 3 pts. Point totals will tallied up at the end of the league. There will be a prize for first and second: First: Non-character Heavy jack/beast kit of your choice Seocnd: Solo blister of your choice If there are enough people registered then there will also be a painting prize for the best painted battle group painted during the event to be judged collectively by all participants. A battle group must be a minimum of a warcaster/warlock and 3 warjacks/beasts (a colossal or gargantuan will count for two jacks/beasts) and fill all the warbeast/jack points of the caster leading the group. So that's it. If you think I've missed some key piece of information then let me know with questions below. Looking forward to this one. DD Participants David D. - Protectorate (paid) Josh L. - Skorne (paid) Mat D. - Retribution (paid) Robby - Cryx (paid) Tyrone - Legion (paid) - - -
  24. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    Week 12 update ... 3 weeks left.
  25. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    David - 14pts Tyrone - 10pts Mat - 6 pts Robby - 4pts Josh - 1pts And Josh is one the board! Week 11 update.