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  1. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    That you think anybody criticizing your hobby is attributing those characteristics to you directly based on biased media coverage to that effect. I.E. an insecurity ... not that you are a rapist. You projected that insecurity upon my statement implying that I was saying the owner of the model is a rapist.
  2. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    I never implied that the person owning it is a rapist. I think you might be projecting your own insecurities there. I implied that somebody seeing a piece like that on a shelf would be very uncomfortable with their surroundings. I don't have a problem with pin ups or the like. Art is art but some of it is in very bad taste. I happen to find this art in a very bad taste especially within the context of a hobby already struggling with rampant misogyny.
  3. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    I just can't imagine why anybody would ever want that thing on their shelf. Mom comes over for dinner and asks "How's the hobby going? Any thing new ... OMG WTF is that." What self respecting game store owner would ever allow that thing to played in their shop? Good luck to who ever plans on owning it on ever getting laid again. Imagine as a woman walking into somebody's apartment and seeing that thing nicely painted on the shelf. I mean if you turn it around its tail is literally about rape a chick. I fully appreciate weirdness in a world but full blown misogyny for misogyny's sake is a bridge too far for me.
  4. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Love the paint job and figured I would check out the game to see what's up ... this was a mistake. You weren't kidding when you said shit was going to get weird Behold the wet nurse ... fuck me. Can't even post the view from the other side of that thing as I'm sure I'd be violating the terms of service here. Its like the models for this game were conceived of by a prepubescent D&D nerd. Major case of actual battle bikinis going on here too. Just ... ugh.
  5. War machine weekend ? What happened?

    Warmachine Weekend is a fan run event not on official PP hosted convention. As such they don't do a key note reveal there. The event you're thinking of is Lock and Load. There were however some spoilers and pre releases - The revelator made its debut for Protectorate - the 12 factions of christmas models were all present - lots of troll models from the up comming release cycle were there. - Iona the Unseen is a new circle female tharn warlock and her art was revealed
  6. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I'd actually be cool with the side room. Pressure off and enjoy some games while still having access to watch the main event if desired.
  7. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Not if they split it into two and the winners of each side play each other for the title. Not a bad compromise really. They'll need a massive event space to handle that many teams though. If you want to talk bad team names though there is one called "Let it happen". Self deprecating humour implying we never get sex (blue balls) is hella different from an actual rape joke ... disgusting.
  8. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    in other news the dussiaume christmas party is Dec 2nd so we should be a go for the 25th.
  9. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    No problem T. So we had a great day on Saturday with a big thanks going to Dave and Quinn for making the drive from Northbay. Excellent games were had all around and we got to crown a new king beyond the wall! Congrats to Josh Lavigne for taking the day and the title! Second and third went to Tyrone Lockhart and David Pliquin respectively. Enjoy your sweet trophies gentlemen and the title will be up for grabs again in 365 days.
  10. Chess/Death Clocks

    So a couple comments on the clocks. I partially financed the WM ones by reserving 10 to 20$ from each tournament and putting it towards the price of the clocks. I paid off half of them that way and just paid the other half myself. Presently we have 3 clocks for our tournaments with Dave from NorthBay usually supplying more when needed and together we do fine for our WM events. We have two digital versions that Mat posted and one analog one like this: https://thechessstore.com/diamond-quartz-chess-clock-black/ Digital clocks don't have to be expensive though: https://www.chesshouse.com/collections/dgt-chess-clocks/products/dgt-1001-chess-clock I haven't received complaints about either type but the digital is definitely better as the audible beeps as it counts down at the end are very useful. If you want Jer, you're welcome to use the digital clocks as we store them at the Nook in the WM terrain box (or maybe only one of them can't remember) just put them back when you're done. If you need the analogue one then just let me know ahead of time and I'd be happy to drop it off at the store for you. For all of you 40k players just make it a condition that everybody understands that for the next 3 tournaments you're upping the entry fee by an extra $5 to finance clock purchases. Make everybody aware of how many clocks the "community" has and make them available for anybody's event and there shouldn't be a problem. Clocks are 100% an event saver and i can't recommend them enough. also ... batman is still happening?
  11. Themes.

    Yes the cryx win rate was really high but circle had the worst performance against them by a good 5%. That's a problem. The solo options are a problem given that circle doesn't have a solo that can be free above 4pts (except in devourer's) and a good chunk of them are 3pts and even 2pts. The other problem is that circle relies on a their battle group more than most so infantry centric themes suffer mightily when trying to generate the points. Totem hunters would be nice but circle needs solos that actually provide good support like the legion sorceress not combat. The real solution is to allow things like the wolf rider and Morraig for free and to bundle some of the 2pt options together like wracks in creators might. 3x war wolves as a single free option or 2x gallows groves or if the shifting stones are allow for free bundle in the UA so its 5pts total instead of 3. Little things will go a long way.
  12. Themes.

    Well lets get one thing out of the way first. Circle has three interesting themes that provide good functionality. They are Devourer's Host, Bones of Orboros and Call of the Wild. Each one of those has pretty vanilla benefits and subpar free points generation compared to other facitons, although some of the nerfs handed out this round brought the points thing more in line with expectations. Devourer's host plays with units that function well and are quite survivable. The granting of free heart tokens to start the game is awesome. The bad here is that the lord of the feast andthe wolfrider solo can't be taken for free because "reasons" and neither the LotF, nor the death wolves count towards free points because, again, "reasons". Bones of Orobors succeeds when the buffs to the stoneshaper goes through. Until that happens it hits like a wet noodle unless you play the guargantuan. The benefits though are pretty meh. topping out at 12pts of free models and getting the +1 healing on beasts during maintenance just means that wolds play like regular beasts do all the time ... yay? Compare that to things like getting carapace or gang/flank on your heavies and yeah ... boring. +2" of deployment is the generic benefit that every theme gets but is very welcome. Call of the wild could be good but again maxes out at 12 free points and suffers from the fact that circles living beast stable need a CID cycle. Stalkers and scarsfells will be baller here though. Now the stinkers, wild hunt and secret masters which were both known to be trash and PP ignored them this round while buffing others like sons of the tempest. I think they're probably waiting for a CID cycle to get these two right but that'll be a long wait. Secret masters gives out free up keeps turn one but then excludes two of the main warlocks that would want that in Kromac 1 and 2 because they're not blackclads. Also excludes Wurmwood who is one of the warlocks that might actually like this theme. The theme also locks you into the most subpar units in circle and then also demands that you bring a minion unit to get the other benefit (blackclads sack pawn to minions) locking you out of the last free point tier. So reasonably speaking it has a max free point total of 8pts and gets there by spamming terrible units that need a CID cycle. Wild hunt has good units but not hard hitting units. You need a decent battle group to pick up the slack but if you build a decent battle group then you can't generate more than 2 instances of free models which will total a max of 8pts. In regards to free points Morriag can't be taken for free when he would easily swing the point parity on this list up to par and war wolves don't count as wolf sworn so they don't add to the free point generation and list construction is too finicky to be good. Tack on to that issue that one of the benefits is tracker on warbeasts which isn't even a bonus to wolfsworn models. Further compounding that is the fact that the living beasts you want to take with this theme don't have pathfinder so you can't even use tracker effectively and you have a dead on arrival benefit. (yes ambushing wolves are awesome and this is the main draw here). This list is alos missing a good character beast to anchor which Loki would be perfect for but they refuse to add him to it for some reason. Just lots of meh going on here and PP chose to ignore it all. The main take away from looking at circle benefits is that no benefit is actually better is a lot of cases than these benefits because 8 pts is very few extra points and being able to take sentry stones in any list combined with mixing the different elements often prodcues better results for circle than the themes. Allowing minions in every theme will help things like bones do even better but then bones wasn't the problem. PP mostly did a good job with themepocolypse but Circle is getting left further and further behind the curve. If you need evidence the look at their 27% win rate vs cryx at the WTC and one of the poorest win % showings over all. I think you'll see circle be the new whipping boy this cycle until their dedicated CID brings them back in line.
  13. Themes.

    Took some time to read through the changes and I'll do a small write up on each of my factions soon. Very quick impression: 1. Protectorate won big. Really good changes to every theme. 2. Trolls got some much needed love with the band of heroes changes 3. Circle was told to go make sweet love to themselves as their underperforming themes didn't get a single change and had two lackluster themes added. 4. Cygnar got a side grade as their best theme, Heavy Metal, was nerfed but Sons of the Tempest got the most improved prize on the day 5. Over all Warmachine got richer and Hordes got poorer thanks to the addition of mercs and minions. There is a very uneven distribution of FF effects between Mercs and Minions and this gives WM way more and way better options than what it gives to Hordes. Ruhpert with the exemplar theme force, Reinholdt with Nemo3 and Sloan and Madilyn with Rez2 ... yes please. Witch doc croc, Targ and the new gatormen attachment say hi and ask us to call once and awhile.
  14. Themes.

    Define stable? What game doesn't have new releases and tweaks? This has been a pretty tumultuous year for them but its also the first year of an edition change. Everything I hear about the MK1 to MK2 transition it was much of the same deal.
  15. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Why have the discussion unless you're lobbying for your opinion? That's kind of weird. Also your post seems really aggressive. This was a cool discussion no need to make it hostile. If you took my posts as hostile then sorry but that was not my intent. I'm just really passionate about this subject. One question though. What would you suggest that a competitively minded infinity player do in Sudbury? Seems that there aren't any events that would scratch his itch and if he played the way he wants to he would be dinged for it at your events. This isn't a 40k, WMH, Infinity or even x-wing issue. Its an issue that's been around as long as there has been sport. Minimizing it as belonging to just one or two systems is big red herring.