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  1. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Except that his attendance is a heavy maybe if the stars align. I'm personally very excited to have him. It would be nice to see how we measure up against the competition down south. We actually do have players that I think have a decent 30 to 40ish percent chance against him. That includes you T Besides ... he plays Khador and they suck now. Just play cryx and auto win
  2. Best thing I've seen all day

    You're welcome Also this
  3. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Maybe I'll bring trolls and throw you all for a loop!
  4. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Fine ... so you'll be playing minions then Is Lyl3 still that good into what people will be playing? With all the changes surrounding themes I thought she's fallen out of favour.
  5. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Man you guys are bad at this ... factions?
  6. What: 75pts - Warmachine/Hordes Tournament When: October 14th with a 10am start time Where: Games Nook, Sudbury Ontario How Much: 15$ entry fee Its time again for some fast paced Iron Kingdom tournament action. Last year North Bay Dave held the first King Beyond the Wall tournament event in North Bay and a Sudbury native Tyrone Lockhart took home the crown. So this year the event is moving to Sudbury where players will battle it out for the title of Kind Beyond the Wall and the civic pride of their local meta for the coming year. This is our premier event of the tournament season in the North so we'll be looking to up the prize support a bit and are asking a 15$ entry fee to help support that effort. I'll be announcing what the prizes will be once I have a better idea of expected attendance numbers. One thing is for certain, Doug has a set of the old Steamroller trophies on hand so as long as we have 8 players or more we'll be handing those out to first second and third places. If we have an even number then the TO (David D.) will be participating to avoid handing out a buy round. If you're intending to participate then leave a comment below with the faction you'll be representing and lets get this party going! Tyrone Lockhart - Legion (Defending King!) Josh Lavigne - Skorne David Poliquin - Ret/Minions Quinn Perry - Cygnar Rob Emerson - Cryx . . . Mat Dussiaume - Retribution . Bubba Dalton - Khador (giant maybe to defend his King in the North title for pride) David Dussiaume - Protectorate (T.O.)
  7. Tournament Time

    So doesn't look like this proposal has broad enough support to really implement. I'll run this one at standard points then.
  8. Tournament Time

    So no comments to go along with those votes? What are peoples thoughts on the proposal?
  9. Tournament Time

    So it's been awhile since our last event and it's now high time to break out the competitive lists again for another steamroller event. I've looked into an October event date with Doug and will be announcing that shortly but in the mean time we as the community need to decide what we'll be playing. There's been some discussion regarding themes and how they restrict list building creativity so I've put together a proposed alternative. For this event we can either run with 100% official 75pt standard or we can do 90pts with 0 free points allowed from theme lists but all other benefits apply. Use the voting buttons above to weigh in on what you would like to see done for this event.
  10. Large Menoth for sale

    Some advice for selling this in the online market. Break it down by themes and sell it in packages as that would really appeal to people trying to flesh out different sub groups. Creators Might: Feora2 Amon Kreoss1 Avatar Judicator (if you don't sell it to me;)) Reckoner Redeemer Revenger Choir Heirophant Vassal Wracks Exemplar Interdiction Kreoss 2/3 Reckoner all of the other exemplar models Guardians of the Flame Reznik Repenter Sanctifier Cleansers Flamegaurd Nicia Faithful Masses Reclaimer (he also fits guardians or interdiction but just thought a caster should go here) Zealots (they're about to become hot stuff so they would sell independently) Paladins Ask for smaller chunks and you're likely to get better returns too. This is how people will be looking for stuff in MKIII
  11. Large Menoth for sale

    Still offering 70 for just the judicator. I'll throw in an extra 30 for a paladin and the vengers.
  12. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    Awesome. Well time to pick a faction and start the theory.
  13. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    I polled the guys at our last game night and it looks like the four of us will be returning sans Tyrone. We'll need to pick up an extra from somewhere to make it all work.
  14. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    So the league has officially wrapped up with the standings as follows: 1. David - 15pts (won a heavy warbeast) 2. Tyrone - 10pts (won a light warbeast) 3. Mat - 6pts 4. Robby - 4pts (won the draw for Maximus) 5. Josh - 2pts (won the draw for the trawler) That's it for this summer and hopefully we can do another leagues in the winter. For now keep your ears to the ground for up coming tournament action in the fall.
  15. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    Week 12 update ... 3 weeks left.