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  1. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    @MisterAG payment incoming etransfer style
  2. SOLD Guildball Engineers

    Looking to sell my Engineers for Guildball, all fully painted. I don't play but maybe someone does! I have: Compound Ballista Mother Ratchet Salvo Velocity Pin Vice
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I want to get another 20 gants and maybe my swarmlord done!
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Gants are done, but I don't have time to post pics tonight, I'll get the pictures up tomorrow afternoon! I hope that's ok for the draw!
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I'd like to sign up to play! Bringing Tyranids. Is the 3 detachments a requirement or a limit?
  6. Looking for some genestealers!

    I'm looking for these guys specifically, Gary. Do they look like these at all?
  7. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Ya, it's an inflammation in your tendon that makes it swell and not able to slide through the sleeve it normally slides through. My thumbs do it all of the time, and I just have to force them through haha
  8. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    @Taylor I've had that my whole life in both of my thumbs. Shit sucks.
  9. Looking for some genestealers!

    I need something like 12 purestrain genestealers. Let me know if you have any that you're willing to let go of!
  10. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    @Kevin michaels has a kit for the 105 with tips and a new needle for 45 bucks. FYI.
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Here's my Termagant progress:
  12. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    My gants are coming along, I will update when I get home. Only about 10 of them are 3/4 done though haha
  13. Enter the Green (?) Horde!! - An Ork Commission

    My man Durotan would like to have a word with you.
  14. Possible Szalamandra Sighted

    Someone was talking about the Szalamandra, it looks like an Anaconda with a flatter face. Sounds good to me, since that's a badass looking TAG.