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  1. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Thanks man! I'm gonna have to edit my pledge there, better take that master of ordinance off...I still don't have a clue what kind of scheme I'm doing for my guard lol
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Update, first patriarch done!
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    No lol, just finishing up a commission I never got around to finishing :P I figure I may as well finish that project up before I start any major projects on my end, like Primaris marines
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    Actually I'm gonna edit my "pledge" or whatever ya call it 2x genestealer patriarchs 1x master of ordinance 1x space marine librarian Stretch goal - primaris captain in gravis armor
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I think I'll finally get in on one of these! Since I'm not quite sure on the camo scheme I'm going with on my guard, I'll just paint up the Master of Ordinance model I'll be using. I know it's only 1 model, but I feel like September will mostly be getting as much time in on the bike as possible, the seasons coming to an end VERY quickly!
  6. Just some dudes spreading papa nurgles love

    maybe, but I'm willing to bet they're something like The Swole Legion, or Legion of Swole, or something to that effect ;)
  7. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    the BPO is in November you say? Maybe I can get my new army painted up in time for that
  8. Deathguard- September 2017

    might be cause they leaked info about those tanks a while ago, just haven't mentioned when they would be releasing them. I think the tanks were mentioned in a batrep in a White Dwarf? I guess we can expect to see them with all these other new models in September!
  9. Enter the Green (?) Horde!! - An Ork Commission

    I'm with @Dasjuice, love the rusty orange armor, not a fan of the grey, or albino orks. Orks is green! But hey, if the client likes them, then he/she likes them, not gonna tell them how to have their army painted. Nice job Taylor!
  10. Enter the Green (?) Horde!! - An Ork Commission

    blame it on the phone eh? iunno man, looks pretty green to me
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I need to get my Knight finished.....40k has been put pretty far on the back burner, I dunno when I'll get to participate in one of these :/ In the meantime though, I'm enjoying seeing everyone elses progress!
  12. Scythe Bro

    I really hope that's not the new model for Typhus....cause it doesn't look that great to be honest :/ I feel like the old model looks better
  13. Scythe Bro

    Morty is back bitcheesssss, here's hoping we'll see a new sculpt for Typhus too!
  14. Captain Bloodbeard's "Agressive Aquisition" Skyfleet

    ...wh....what? How the fuck do you mine a cloud?
  15. Captain Bloodbeard's "Agressive Aquisition" Skyfleet

    is he travelling on a flying Nimbus?