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  1. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    Everyone is entitled to enjoy the hobby how they want. I much prefer to play fully painted, as is my perrogerative. If you don't want to paint your stuff then so be it, as far as I am concerned. I do, however, feel that you are missing out on a big party of the hobby by not participating in the modeling and painting side. Plus, let's face it, From 3' away everyone's army looks good. Tabletop standard can be achieved by anyone with a bit of patience. Painting your models also acts as a game aid for your opponent. Glowing plasma guns and bright flamer tips are super easy to identify. Blue powerswords and steel chainswords are easy to determine too. A Space Marine army with Green Salamanders and Blue Ultramarines also identifies who gets what special rules. My point is, your games will also be enhanced by playing with painted models. Should players be banned from attending small events for not having painted models? No. In fact, I'm not sure that prize support should be restricted to painted armies at all. You don't need to be painted to be a good Sportsman, for example. However, I do feel that players who have put in the effort to get their models painted should be recognized and rewarded for doing so. The 'Best Overall' should definitely be awarded to a player who excels at both the gaming side and modeling side of the hobby (as well as being a decent person to share 3 hours with)
  2. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Holy smokes! @Taylor took our player primer and did something fancy to it! Download the player packet here: BPO FINAL.pdf
  3. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

  4. North Bay Charity Tournament

    If someone wants to swing by Lively I can loan out a fully painted table of terrain and a battle mat to the event.
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Attached to this post is the BPO Player Packet. It has the details for specific FAQ issues as well as scoring rubrics for painting and sportsmanship. Best of all, are the BPO Stratagems that are available to Index-only armies. I've dated the file at September 13 and will endeavor to keep the link in the main post up to date. I will also re-post if there are significant edits (outside of spelling). Feel free to reach out to myself or @Yarium if you have any questions or concerns. Teaser: Missions: Round 1: Maelstrom of War (Cleanse and Capture) / Deployment (Hammer and Anvil) Round 2: Eternal War (Retrieval Mission) / Deployment (Search and Destroy) Round 3: Independent Tournament Circuit Combined Arms (The Relic) / Deployment (Spearhead Assault) BPO Player Pack revised.doc
  6. North Bay Charity Tournament

    I really want this event to succeed. Good luck guys!
  7. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Man oh man, I wanted to be there! The prospect of a 'local' big event was tantalizing, to say the least! Unfortunately, the house rules turned me off and the 4x4 tables were the deal breaker.
  8. GW Next 3 Codexes!

    ... you guys do realize that Conscripts were 3 points last codex. They could also take orders and bullets from their cheerleader Commissar. The major change, in my mind, is the increased accessibility for Conscripts. They have been historically restricted to an Infantry Platoon. Require a Platoon Commander and a couple of Infantry Squads for each Conscript blob and the whining will stop.
  9. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hi everyone! I've been waiting patiently for the Best Coast Pairings app to publish a TO version that works on an Android device (or even a straight web browser). That hasn't happened yet. As such I will be updating the main post with names for everyone who has shown interest. We will manage registration between this post and the Facebook event (located at: www.facebook.com/BeerAndPretzelsOpen) We have room for 24 players and will wait list extras. We will hold a place for all registered players until Tuesday October 17. On October 17, all players who are on the wait list will be contacted to replace any player that has yet to pre-pay. Prepayment can be done by visiting me or Davis, or via e-transfer. Feel free to PM me on here to line something up. ---------- Why are we looking to collect money a month before the event? We've got bills! We need to pay the hall and have a good idea about our prize budget.
  10. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Gotta do something to make troops important. I thought that the command points from a Batallion was enough, but ObSec is a classic addition.
  11. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Have a peek at the ITC clarification on ObSec. That's why these guys are the pros. They make the rules playable for organized events. https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2017/08/15/itc-obsec-factoin-keyword-list/ On August 9, 2017, the Warhammer Community site introduced the Objective Secured rule. Since Chapter Approved is still forthcoming, Games Workshop clarified for us which Factions gain Objective Secured for the ITC community. If your army is Battle-forged, all Troops units in <Faction> Detachments gain the Objective Secured rule, so long as every unit in a detachment has the same faction keyword from the following list: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Deathwatch, Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Ministorum, Asuryani, Drukhari, Harlequins, Chaos Daemons, Renegades & Heretics, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Necrons, T’au Empire, Orks, <Hive Fleet>, and Genestealer Cults. Troops units with Objective Secured that are within range of an objective marker (as specified in each mission’s rules) control it even if there are more enemy models within range of it. If an enemy unit within range of an objective marker has a similar ability, then it is controlled by the player who has the most models within range as normal. Note: Codex: Grey Knights, Codex: Chaos Space Marines, and Codex: Space Marines are explicitly not covered by Objective Secured because their Codexes provide a similar rule (i.e. Defenders of Humanity).
  12. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    ...after listening to Signals from the Frontline this evening it appears that my original thought was indeed correct! Imperial Soup (or the off brands of Eldar and Chaos) will not benefit from ObSec. Expect a list of Faction keywords from which a 'pure' Detachment must be built. Necrons will count, but Chaos will not. Ultramarines will count while Imperial will not
  13. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    I agree. I think I was confused above. Everyone but myself in this thread is right.
  14. 40k Chapter Approved - Matched Play

    Just to sort out how Objective Secured works: If I had a Batallion of <Ultramarines> then the Troops would be ObSec. If I had a Batallion of Imperials with <Ultramarines> and <Cadians> then the Troops would NOT be ObSec If I had a Batallion of <Cadians> and a Patrol of <Ultramarines> then the Troops from each detachment would be ObSec. Talk about encouraging chunky soup instead of a rag tag mix of every index!
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/09/new-matched-play-rules-in-chapter-approved-aug-9gw-homepage-post-1/ What do you guys think of these three adjustments to matched play? The game sure is changing at a fast and furious pace! On one hand I want to use these rules right away. On the other, however, we don't have the full Chapter Approved book yet. These adjustments are great, but we don't have the full picture. Maybe there are other just as interesting changes that are yet unleaked. Then again, the end of the article mentions a couple of big tournaments running between now and November that will be using these rules.