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  1. Hey Crew, g to be a OTC practice day but because of numbers I have decided to turn it into a fun tournament day. We can start a bit early so I would like to get started at 9:30 AM. If you can make it let me know. If we have an odd number I will have my 5th OTC player come down to even it out. We will be all chipping in and getting a group lunch. 1. David 2. James 3. Quinn 4. Nathan P 5. Robbie 6. Tyrone 7. Dave D 8. Nate 9. 10.
  2. Secret Hero Warmachine Tournament, November 25

    Alright the tournament is this weekend! I am running it as a tourney but this is absolutely a day to get some practice games in. Absolutely bring the most ball busting lists you can think of haha. Since this will be a "practice tournament" there will be no entry fee but we may all chip in for some pizza or something for lunch. The venue is 183 First St West. You will see a brick building that is the Mason Temple. To the right of it is a glass door going downstairs. That is where we will be. Text me or just hit the door bell on that glass door and we will let you in. IF you guys could bring matts, clocks and stuff that would be great. I think we have enough Terrain for the tables but I am unsure about objectives.
  3. Hey Warmahordians! November 25th we invite you OTC players to North Bay for a day of PRACTICE! Yes that is right. It will be a minimum of 3 rounds, we can all chip in on lunch and it will be a blast. No tournament fees or anything! One of my players has access to a pretty cool spot that is top secret! but I suggest you bring a little bit of cash for some potential libations if your so inclined.
  4. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    He took back the change. He may make it next year but he didn't realize how upset people would be with him changing things after people paid.
  5. Company of iron? Who's played?

    They NB crew has played it a few times. It is a pretty solid small scale game. I will say the cards add a really fun balancing mechanic however it is not a balanced competitive game that is for sure. Some units/solos are better than others, the balancing mechanic is the cards. If the stuff you bring is really good you might only get 2 cards in your hand and the cards are really strong. I will say make sure you have the ranged attack rules (knock down is different and you have a -2 to attack roll modifier if you attack from further than 8 away) and the casualty table rules sorted out.
  6. I am looking for 2 minions farrow brigand warlords and a vanguard light jack.
  7. War machine weekend ? What happened?

    Not warmachine weekend related but the non-new release Troll CiD came out. If you love Madrak 1 and Champions, play it. Quinn brought it to a game night and it is !@#$% good. Definitely is a difficult list to play into. Even ground (+2 defence and can't be knocked down while in Madrak's control range) and the changes to champs makes them really difficult to deal with. Definitely going to see them on the table in tournaments to come.
  8. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    That is super depressing. He must not have been able to secure the extra room.
  9. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I talked to him earlier and he was going to check some side rooms out at the venue today to see. Josh is right it sounds like he would be running two tournaments at once one 16 Team tournament and the rest in the main hall.
  10. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    One name is literally an emoji dick.
  11. Secret Hero Warmachine Tournament, November 25

    Awesome so if Dave D is in I will get our 5th down. I know he is out of town and won’t be able to respond for a bit.
  12. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    It was. That is why there is some heavy thinking and discussion going on right now. To be fair, if I wasn't hovering over facebook I would have missed my chance too,
  13. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    There is active discussion about what to do if it helps, their might be some changes like expanding of the tournament. We will have to see.
  14. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    "Matt Pulling Out" could be a team name too haha
  15. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Whoever can come on the 25th come. It will still be a great day of games, and we can still talk strategy if we want. If you guys could let me know when you know if your coming or not that would be great. If we have an odd number I will still have my guy from down south come up.
  16. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Just so you guys don't blame me this is how the conversation went. Josh: Name my team. Me: I thought you wanted to do your own thing? Josh: My team can't decide anything. Me: IF you leave it up to me I am going to name you "Team Northern Ontario Blue Balls". Josh: Sure I'm Down. Me: Let me know because we will change our name to Team Northern Ontario something if you guys go with that tag. Josh: I'm making it Team Northern Ontario Blue Balls that is what happens when I am left in charge. Me: OMG Amazing. Right now our team name is going to be "Team Northern Ontario Iceholes" if it helps.
  17. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Are you for sure out now? If that is the case we will for sure have a Tournament and I will post a separate tournament post to get numbers.
  18. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I just wanted to post to make sure everyone is aware, no matter what this day will be an event. I hope to get both OTC teams out and practicing but if for some reason it is impossible for some of you to make it we will just run a tournament that day. Even if we have a practice day if anyone else wants to come down and just play some games that is okay, we have a pretty large venue this time and we are only limited by the amount of terrain and mats we have available.
  19. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I thought Dave talked to you guys about this! We got a sick venue booked.
  20. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    November 25th? Really? Well bring them all done then.
  21. Chess/Death Clocks

    We still use chess clocks, Deathclock is now the standard timing method for tournament pay. Honeslty the cheapest digital ones you can get on amazon are usually the best option. Digital will make your life easier.
  22. Themes.

    I get it and I don't know how impactful allow those options would be on the table. I know that having an 8 point solo for free seems bonkers (I know Ret has one, even though without the theme no one in the global meta was taking him to tournaments). I am taking a small commercial break from Ret but for Blindwater at least my expensive options right now are not that great outside of totem hunter. Most of them are around 4 points, I have 6 point Thrullg options but it's a Thrullg which is gaining stuff in CiD because its not worth 6 points haha. I would trade a 6 point Thrullg for a Night Witch (I think that is the one I am thinking of). Thornfall and Will Work for Food are a little spoiled because they have access to the most solos. I still find myself making the cheaper solos for free because they have more utility even though Efaarit Scouts are amazing. Maybe they will get around to it? I know Blindwater is getting a dumb of support pieces/solos in this CiD and I can say that I realize why they made some changes right at the beginning of Mk3 seeing what is coming out (2 drakodiles in 2 swamp pits would be RIDICULOUS). Cryx is a tough matchup right now. Some factions definitely are better at handling it then others. I think that is why Khador dropped from the top spot (they hate cryx). I know for the OTC I am trying to make sure we have a few answers to Cryx. Looking forward to the SOO I think I am going to focus more on my Champions lists then on the Masters.
  23. Themes.

    Is the price having to use blight wasps? Right I see it because they are a unit you can fill your list with 100 points of units. I wonder if that was an oversight. Again you have solos worth a lot. I can get 24 free points now in minions pretty easily because I have at least 4 solos that are worth 6 points. Not that they actually do 6 points of work but the option is there.
  24. Themes.

    Cryx's win rate was ridiculous at the WTC in general though. The Circle player on the winning German team made a list specifically for ghost fleet. Are the free points your getting so low because of the solo options available or just because of the "For every X points" line being too high? If you could take like totem hunters and stuff would it make it better? Circle is nifty so I hope things get better. I thought the Stone Shaper was out already? I guess not. As for minion units, Shamblers are going to 10 points right now in CiD thats not too bad for some sac pawn targets? haha
  25. Themes.

    I have been following the Blindwater CID pretty close and there seems to be some hesitation in adjusting some of the gator models BECAUSE other factions can take them. They don't want to make posse good or adjust croak raiders or ambushers seemingly because they don't want all the factions to take them all the time. Your right almost all the support solos have friendly faction attached to them. The combat solos are really the only things you an take besides like Lanyssa, that you can get all the benefits from but the hordes factions don't need combat solos as most of the time they have in faction ones that can gain benefits from other faction models. I don't know what to tell you. I have no idea what their vision for minions is, right now it seems like they want gators to play with gators, and pigs to play with pigs and they want everyone to have the option of taking minion models but don't want to make the models good enough that anyone would take them or that the minions faction themselves would feel good about them? Haha oh well. I still love the minions stuff, the solos in faction are great it's just our units that suck. Dave I am interested to know what you feel is missing from the themes? Circle has some cool shit (outside of theme just models) isn't any benefit better than no benefit? Or is there still a theme that doesn't fit what you want to build? Or is it just because there are other themes in other factions that just do more of the lists? I mean I kind of feel it, Dawnguard is poopy but I will still play it because even just giving my Dawnguard list 2 inches of extra deployment works for me.