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  1. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    He just wanted to take a little break from Trolls. He feels like they just aren't in as fun of a place right now.
  2. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Quinn and I for sure are in. Quinn will be playing Cygnar, I am undecided. Either Minions or Ret, I am in the process of building two minion lists between now and the OTC and I could borrow from Nathan but he doesn't have two lessers I would need and I don't know if I would get them in time for the tourney. We will see.
  3. Tournament Time

    Not really but they probably have more ghost fleet players haha. My guys all vote for 75. I think mostly because there are limited tournaments that we attend between now and the OTC. I know you guys are having a tough time with themes and I only have to worry about 4 guys right now so you guys do you.
  4. Hey Crew, I know things have been quiet lately. The 4 main crew here have still been getting some games in and we have decided we are going to the OTC again this year! I briefly chatted with Dave already but I was just wondering what your thoughts where about OTC 2018?!
  5. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    It looks like we have a 5th in line. Why don't you ask Jordan? Josh's friend that we had last year.
  6. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    That is AWESOME! We also need a 5th.
  7. Armoured scorcha

    It's not here yet. It will be a big NQ release with some other new models.
  8. Looking for minions lesser warlocks

    I messaged you :)
  9. Hey Crew, Looking to get a minion list or two going, right now I am into grabbing some lesser warlocks. Brun and Lug Rorsch and Brine Dahlia and Skarryth I also would like to pick up a Totem Hunter. Of course if anyone has any other minion models collecting dust let me know and I will take a look.
  10. Lock & Load 2017 Keynote

    Cool stuff for sure. Totally should have kept my gators :P
  11. Disciples of Agony

    Man this makes me want to buy some minion beasts and Skorne pieces then mod the minions beasts to be a little Skorny haha
  12. Northkin CID cycle

    That new skorne theme list though. Dammmmmmmm.
  13. NBD's Fishermen

    Got some Guild Ball awhile back and decided to paint up the fishermen starter. I just laid down the last coats of paint (as you can see the base rim is still wet). I have a few more models to make my first 6 man team but I need to focus on assembling and painting some Warmachine for the SOO so it might be awhile.
  14. NBD's Fishermen

    Ya 2" melee and the blind is sweet.
  15. Northkin CID cycle

    A Dev talk just started about this topic. Here are the goals for the merc changes. The goal for this a few things: 1. To solidify theme forces as the primary way lists are constructed. What we mean by this is we intend for people to focus on theme forces as the building blocks of list building. When reaching for a style of play or a list to counter XYZ we want it to feel natural for players to reach for a theme force. This change helps promote this by allowing additional flexibility and the inclusion of 'Tech' pieces to be included inside of theme forces creating a more compelling and interesting list building experience. 2. We hope to remove some of the 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' aspect that some themes feel. Having huge drawbacks in some theme lists, while it could make for counter play from opponents, it pushed people away from playing some theme forces. With this inclusion, some of the lesser played theme forces receive the tools they need to answer questions that they could not have in their base forms making them a more viable option. Seems to be pretty clear what they want for list creation.
  16. Northkin CID cycle

    See and here is where my opinion differs. Most of the themes BARELY limit your choices, so what does it matter if you bring one more solo, unit and battle engine? The game is going towards Theme machine anyways. Most spells/feats are friendly faction now anyways so the only pieces that are going to be in every list are the support pieces.
  17. NBD's Fishermen

    I did have the black at first and I actually THEN painted them blue. I don't know if it's because of the picture but everyone here seems to agree they look better on the table with the coloured base (I am not an expert though). I appreciate the tips on the base, I was just going for like a grey old dry dock kinda look and I get that it is a little flat. Next time I do wood base models I will definitely heed your advice. These guys are really just my practice round before Farmers come out :P Yes I have had table time with both. I would agree that overall Tentacles is better. HOWEVER, the one thing Salt can do over Tentacles is get into scoring range of the opposing goal post for a snap shot. Tentacles can definitely do more every round though.
  18. Northkin CID cycle

    Am I missing something that makes the change so bad? I had this freak out when I started realizing that theme lists were going to be the norm for list making, this doesn't seem as bad of a change.
  19. Northkin CID cycle

    We will see. I also suspect Eilish is the NQ model that is being released with NQ Prime in September.
  20. Northkin CID cycle

    I agree with Dave, that solo seems too good. Now I think it's too good just for the boosted hex blast on a stick. The d3 damage thing is meh, coming from a faction that has void tracers its VERY situational, basically you go against something like Battle Mages or Hex Hunters and it's awesome. Eilish only as a 6 inch command so in reality I think he is just going to get shot first. One thing is that he has no real defensive tech and it seems like he would die to a stiff breeze. Even though some of my crew is complaining about the merc rules for theme lists I think it will be okay. It just gives more list creation options for a meta that is going to be all theme lists anyways.
  21. NBD's Fishermen

    Not a great pic but here are my updated fishermen, I decided to colour the base because why the !#%^ not. Corsair, Sakana and Tentacles are on my painting table next then all I have is Jac, vSiren and Avarisse/Greed before my whole guild/roster is completed.
  22. Summer Campaign: Battle for the Marches

    Josh you need to get your shit together.
  23. Battle engines ho!

    I definitely want to try out the AFG. Going to try a Defenders of Ios list with it and Ossyan.
  24. Battle engines ho!

    Like to the point where you can't see yourself making a list without it?
  25. Battle engines ho!

    Great I am glad that legion gets a better theme list.