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  1. Grimdark vs. Newhammer

    Hey guys, I watched a video the other day lamenting the new 40k designs saying they are moving away from grimdark and moving towards the new AOS style. Do you agree, and do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? Personally, I think that the Paint job is more indicative of the grimdark element than the model design, but there is definitely a new look to the models released.
  2. Durek's Plog of Randomness

    Well done, Man. Great to see some of this stuff. Looks fantastic!
  3. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    What time does it start at?
  4. Hey Guys- I read a great article today on BoW and wanted to link it. http://www.beastsofwar.com/painting-and-hobby/threecolours-minimum/ It's basically about the three colour minimum scheme that once determined if you could attend a GW tournament. Over the years, I've had a lot of conversations about using 3rd party miniatures in tournaments, and how a good selection of the gaming audience supports that, but what about painting? I mean, if someone brings a fully painted 3rd party models with proper representation be better than a grey (or pewter) legion? Just looking to stir up some conversation. I'd suggest reading the article first.
  5. Hey Guys - i'm looking for some spare pox walkers. I only need about six or seven of them, but if i have to take the full 20, i will. I'm willing to pay, or i'm willing to paint in return. Lemme know if you have them as soon as you can - otherwise I'll just order some as i want to start painting all this stuff in October. T.
  6. That's where I got the idea. If someone was competitively minded and didn't like our gaming community, I would recommend that they contact Corvus and become a warcor, which I would sponsor them for. I would also invite them to hold events and use our terrain for said events. Fortunately, not a lot of people have expressed any sort of dissatisfaction with the way I'm running the community over at GCC. Sorry if it came off as hostile - but i really wanted to express that I really don't have a dog in this fight.. lol.. nor do I want a dog to have in this fight, so to speak.
  7. It's fine. I get it. Honestly, I think you think that somehow I posted this as a lobby or petition or to advance some sort of agenda. I don't play nor would i play in most 40k tournaments, or any WMH tournaments, and my investment as such is really minimal. I do not have the time to learn all the competitive nuances in 40k and i dont want to be that guy who shows up and has to ask people questions about what everything does, nor do I have any interest in playing WMH again. I run Infinity tournaments, and have stated I thought the scoring for painting and sportsmanship for the BPO is pretty great - as for the rest of it, Lol, I give a rosy red fuck what they do with it. Trust me, I'm not petitioning or lobbying anyone to run their tournaments differently than they do if it is working for them, and just sharing my experience with those that care to listen. Again, I just posted this as I thought it was an interesting article that would provoke some discussion. Looks like I was right. 😐
  8. Then I'm mistaken - like I said - I haven't played WMH in years, let alone W3H. I remember it being tight and don't remember any horde armies. I don't think I saw anyone outnumbered to a 2:1 ratio, let alone a 3:1 ratio. In infinity and 40k, I know that's a very common scenario. If clocks work for you, great. I know most of our players don't have a problem keeping within the 1.5 hour time limit I impose on tournament games. I also know some players who find the time limit on turns stressful, especially if they are playing against the guy with just a few models who has loads of extra time on his clock. I'm not saying it's a bad thing... to each their own. Personally though, I know if never impose a clock or timed turns at a tournament I run.
  9. That's kinda biased.. lol. Also, not all forces are created equally. Marching a horde of orks or guard across a table or managing a 20 man Ariadna list is going to take much longer than an elite primaris marine force or a team of crack PanO operatives. WMH generally (at least in my experience... it's been a very long time since I've played) has lists that are roughly equal in size. With 40k, you can have 150 guard models to work with.
  10. Again... it's never an issue at our infinity tournaments, but it is presented in a different way than just a numbered score. It is answering a series of questions about the game that determines your final score. @kyriosepoch is a scholar and a fine gentleman for making the scoring program we have going, and no one ever seems to complain on how they are scored.
  11. Well.. timing an opponent out is a sportsmanship issue. If someone times me out, they can expect a poor sportsmanship score, as they obviously weren't prepared to play.
  12. That is a really good point, Aaron (and Dave). I mean, it takes all sorts but I think there should be a modicum of effort on all three aspects (playing, painting and sportsmanship), which I think is a good way to grade players on their end prizes. I've seen people go in with the mentality that they are going to table their opponent and make them feel bad about how bad I smoked them. To me, that's probably not the person that should be going home with a prize, as it fosters that mentality within the scene.
  13. Everlasting Wet Palette

    Yeah. Im pretty much there. Im not a wet palette guy... but it might be a good time to try it.
  14. Everlasting Wet Palette

    Hi guys, I've been hearing the buzz surrounding this over the past few weeks. Apparently it is amazing. I think I might bite the bullet and get one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1061749597/everlasting-the-best-wet-palette-for-miniature-pai?ref=336153&token=f4731b20
  15. Good point OJ. I moved this to general discussion, as obviously its moved out of just the 40k/AoS zone.
  16. Again.. acknowledged in an earlier post.
  17. @dreadpirate I'm talking about infinity, as prefaced in my earlier post. I put it in the GW section, as it was a GW based article. I'd be happy to move it if you want to be pedantic. I don't run any GW tournaments. You know this as well as anyone else. If you want me to move this because it encompasses all games and not just GW, move it to the general convo section.
  18. We don't seem to have a problem getting people out to play or attend tournaments and events is what I'm saying. No one seems to have a problem with it and 99% of the people there are showing up with painted/based models.
  19. I don't get to play in tournaments much - as unusually the organizer. Way back in the day, painting miniatures was just as much of the hobby as playing games with them. Now, I'm going way back - like the late 90s. I don't think I met anyone who just collected and played with bare models - though I could be wrong. I still consider it -part- of the hobby. I'm not talking about a few unpainted units or guys - I'm talking about completely untouched models. I think the part I'm against is that the painting aspect is often overshadowed by the playing the game aspect of tournaments. Back in the day (sorry for sounding old), a tournament wasn't just a out winning games. It was a social gathering, because people didn't typically have clubs and get togethers at stores the way we do now. People largely played at home and didn't really get out to play a variety of other people. There wasn't the widespread communication we now enjoy with the advent of gaming forums such as this one. So, going to the events, one of the main elements to those that really enjoyed the hobby aspect was to showcase their army. Ultimately, I don't care if people don't paint their stuff I prefer to play painted stuff and against painted stuff on a board that people put some effort into making. That's just me. With the tournaments I run, the final (best over all) prize goes to the player who literally was the best over all (objectives, painting, sportsmanship). Then i do separate but lesser prizes for best general, best painted, and sportsmanship. When gauging painting, it is like the BPO... it's not based on talent but if it is painted, if the base is done, etc. I haven't heard a lot of complaints. I don't know if its the best way to do it or not, but it has seemed to work well within the infinity community, though I feel that rewarding all aspects of the hobby is something we should strive to do.
  20. I can concur with this completely. I find it really does take me out of the game. Is it forgivable? Sure - but like @MisterAG said, it's not a ton of effort. I've even offered to spray people's army a base coat to help them out. In a game like 40k, I get it. There are a LOT of models. I'm a lot less forgiving with games like infinity.. where there are only 10-14 models. We all know someone who paints. Offer to buy them some models in exchange or something. I used to do it all the time for friends. I don't think there is one painter in this community that wouldn't paint for a good friend to help them out.
  21. I think it was this line that caught my attention.
  22. It's Soo Logical

    I don't think @Justicebeaver is complaining. He owns a helluva lot of GW product. He's just pointing it out. As for me.. I don't care what GW prices their stuff at. I get it second hand or from other sources (including 3rd party models). Once there is paint on it, it all blends in particularly well.
  23. WTS Ghouls & Skeletons

    Geoff is @hazard30 - he was interested in vampire counts I remember.