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  1. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Also, expect something different next. My awesome wife went ahead and bought me this!! 😁 It's the complete set of the new Mecha Colour paint range from Vallejo! I'll do a full review on them after I paint my next batch of miniatures.
  2. Thralls of the Maggot King - redux!

    I've added some terminators to the mix!
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Here are the completed terminators.
  4. New Easy to Build Models

    Let me rephrase... I don't believe you will see anymore non-primaris space marine releases from here on out.
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Here is a WIP of the Nurgle terminators I'm working on. As you can see - they're quite big.
  6. New Easy to Build Models

    I think all marines are now primaris... I'm pretty sure the tac marines are being phased out.
  7. New Easy to Build Models

    The deathguard terminators are MUCH larger than their counterparts. I'm working on some now - I'll take some photos tonight.
  8. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    It's HIPS plastic. The models are SUPER nice. I'm debating buying some of the monsters once they're available.
  9. New Easy to Build Models

    I'm pretty sure it was designed to look like that. Lol.
  10. New Easy to Build Models

    Looks like the easy to build models are confirmed, and two new primaris as well.. and sly marbo. It looks like the primaris are the new normal for space marines. Here are the easy to build kits. And lastly, Sly Marbo.
  11. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Yeah. That'd be super cool. As mentioned, that GUO is almost as old as a good portion of GWs current player base.. Hah hah.
  12. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    I was hoping to see some stuff on daemons, but I guess that is the next book or something? Something needs to be done about that GUO. Hah hah... that model is 20 years old.
  13. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Your shading is definitely getting better. 😁
  14. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Right. Lol. Fair enough. I dunno, my list is running 30 of them.