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  1. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Ahahaha we are all fucked. Time to shoot for second.
  2. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    I don't have to tell you a faction Dave. :p Guess I have to dust off the ol' Fyanna2 Lyl3...
  3. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Yeah I'll be there.
  4. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    He won more games than I did last year, would be a good pickup.
  5. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    I don't think I'll be participating this year. Good luck to those that do!
  6. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I got halfway through and then burnt out. I will return to finish this challenge in September.
  7. Broken Themes

    Yeah looks better. Not hugging the edge anymore. *thumbsup*
  8. Broken Themes

    The titles are still a little jank, but otherwise it's looking great. To me the Home section is too close to the edge, same for the links under browse. But again, this is minor stuff.
  9. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    12x Swordsmen 11x Hex Hunters
  10. Broken Themes

    things are too far left, the blue for new posts doesnt show up right... various other things are weird.
  11. Rhonlores Legion of Everblight

    July painting challenge (damn you Taylor for encouraging people! [jk jk ;)])
  12. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Complete! I was honestly procrastinating so hard on this, but Im happy its done.
  13. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    I... just... have... to... do... a... bit... more....
  14. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Working on the basecoat. Have to do the browns, then work on the weaponry.