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  1. Was just looking over this article; http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/11/40k-deep-thought-how-many-turns-do-we-need.html It's asking what the Turn length of the game really needs to be in 40k. The writer suggests trying a 4-Turn format. That's it. You get 4 turns to win or lose, and then it's game over! It was boggling my mind at first. FOUR TURNS!?! That's it??? It truly did sound like madness. But then I got to thinking, perhaps 4 Turns is actually better, but not necessarily for the reasons the article's writer explained. The author said that most games of 40k right now can be pretty much called on Turn 4. There are the occasional "down to the wire" games where you can come back from behind for an upset victory, or where it's neck and neck the whole way until the end, but those are admittedly more rare. Perhaps not as rare as the author seems to think (I've had a LOT of close games in 8th), but in a tournament setting you can almost for-sure see who is going to win or lose by Turn 4. I think there were only 2 games this weekend at the BPO where I heard afterwards how close it was. In one, a Salamander's player topple the Ultramarine player who was in the lead all game. The Ultramarine player was 4 points ahead, but then the Salamander player got two "score d3 points" Maelstrom cards, scored them both, and ended up 1 Victory Point ahead to close out the win. The Ultramarine player felt good for playing one of his best games ever, but was soured that the victory was stolen from him at the last moment. In the other game, Necrons battled Death Guard; two armies renowned for their resilience. The game ended 10VP to 12VP in favour of the Death Guard, as both forces just kept scoring points, again during Maelstrom. How would these games have changed if they went exactly the same, but with only 4 Turns? Well, the Ultramarines likely would have won against the Salamanders, but the Necron vs Death Guard game likely would have remained equally close. Using the BPO as a sample size, that would mean only 1 in 36 games would really be different given a Turn 4 change. But, of course, there's more to it than that. If each player in those 2 games knew the match would end after 4 turns, how would they have played differently? 4 Turns means you don't have a lot of time to get stuff done. If you have to leave your deployment zone, you have to leave it right god-damn away! A model than moves 6" would move a total of 38" during a 4 turn game, assuming they Advanced every turn an average amount. That's barely enough to get from one side of the table to the other. There's no casually spending two turns slaughtering your opponent from your side of the table before starting your journey to your opponent's deployment zone. 4 Turns means that not as much will be dead at the end of the game. Turn 1 "lol, u dead" stays the exact same, but you're more likely to have forces still functioning by the end of the game. Heck, by the end of the game, you might still have more than a 3rd of your army left, which means you're still very capable of grabbing objectives! This means that going last in 4 Turns is more important, because you're more likely to be able to have the forces necessary to turn things around at this point in the game. Going first, meanwhile, still remains extremely powerful, but doesn't actually get any better either. 4 Turns means more games reach their natural conclusion in tournaments. We all hate only getting a few turns in, and then hearing time being called in the round. Thankfully, most games at the BPO didn't go down to time (in fact, I think only 1 did). We're all pretty good at that. However, it can still be a problem, and prevents certain lists from showing up because they take too long to play. If you knew the game was going to end in 4 turns rather than 5, 6, or 7... you might just have enough time for even these forces to see a game through to their natural conclusion. So, yeah, I'd be totally willing to give this a try. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/20/get-ready-chapter-approved-new-missions-oct-19gw-homepage-post-3/ As per the Warhammer Community article today, we're finding out that the Chapter Approved book (up for pre-order this week I believe) is going to include a bunch of new missions. Critically, a number of these are for Matched Play. Only one Matched Play mission was somewhat-leaked today by them; the Roving Patrol mission. The important part is that you'll start with just a third of your force, the rest coming from reserves! An interesting questions then is when or how they come in. The stated goal in the article is that it really diminishes the power of armies that want to go first, but if units can still just all come from Reserves all at once... well this actually sounds like going first and just killing your opponent's 1/3rd size force Turn 1 is going to be pretty dang good. I'm betting this mission, and Matched Play over all, is going to have a new restriction on units arriving Turn 1. Of course, maybe not, I put this as 60-40; so not very sure at all, but definitely possible.
  3. Necrons are under powered

    The internet is the way it is because, online, it's all or nothing for a lot of people. Either something is busted and needs to be nerfed, or it's way too weak to be seriously considered for competitive play. They don't tend to say "hey, for most players, this army gives a good play experience". Necrons right now do give a good play experience. They're tough, and you do have to kill them or else they regen, which is something not many other forces can do (if really any). I think most forces in the game right now are good for that, so I'm very happy with 8th so far!
  4. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend! It was a fantastic day, with a ton of different and unique armies. We had everything from Baneblades to Crusader Squads, Rubric Marines to Fire Warriors, and Pylons to Harlequin Troupes. Everyone had a great time, and we hugely appreciate everyone from the community getting involved! Here's how the day ranked up; Best Overall - - OJ Best General - - Clark Best Painting - - Kevin Armitage Sportsman - - Keith 2nd Overall - - Andrew Dipsell Joe Average - - Steve Marleau Last Place - - Peter I've got a ton of pictures at the event, and it's too big to put up here, so check this link to imgur for it! It wouldn't let me type in a bunch of stuff, so the posting stops a little into it, but still lots of images! https://imgur.com/gallery/W9ivR
  5. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Goodnight everyone! See y'all tomorrow!
  6. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Thanks Austin! Just got word that this model will no longer be necessary for our out of town friend. Much appreciated!
  7. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey folks! GW Community just posted some new FAQ's as part of their 1 year anniversary here; https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ However, as this is past midnight on Nov 13th, any changes from the previous versions are NOT in effect. Importantly, that means the Strength From Death change in the most recent version is NOT in effect!
  8. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Yes please! Much appreciated! I'll let you know if it's not needed.
  9. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey folks! We have an out-of-towner that needs some help. There's a model for his army that's stuck in the mail; Yvraine. I'm asking if anyone can bring an extra one they have with them the day of the tourney. If not, I will be allowing him to use another model as a Proxy, because he's planned on having it for a long time and losing out on fielding his army because of a mail order issue is really sucky. If the order comes in tonight or tomorrow he'll still be playing with his, but I'd like to have a plan in place for it!
  10. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Obyron will be fine to use as a generic Overlord with a Scythe!
  11. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Okay, got more stuff coming through on proxies and substitutions! @Ordo_Draigo, if it is the only Psycannon in your army, that will be fine. However, if you have other models armed with Psilencers or Psycannons, then it would not be. Don't want any confusion as to whom is equipped with what! @Kevin, unfortunately, we cannot allow the Forge World Phoenix to be used as a proxy for the Hemlock Wraithfighter: The reason is the same as why we're not allow the Dark Eldar bomber to be the Hemlock - it's a straight proxy, and we're very unlikely to allow that. However, we are allowing this that was requested of us; the Gaunt Summoner in place of the Changeling. Like the snail-riding Nurgle Daemon, there's no 40k rules for this model (yet!!!), and I think it's very, very in line with the Changeling's look and feel.
  12. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I could never do that in 3.5 hours. That's marvelous! Glad to see him all finished!
  13. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey folks! Here's some more do's and don'ts for proxies and conversions. See the following below: First up we've got this Harlequin Spiritseer converted from a few different kits. Absolutely is 100% a Spiritseer (note the face-plate), so it's in! Again, this one for me seems like a slam-dunk. YOu can tell immediately that this guy is a Warlock. Sure he's got a Farseer's body, but the head is 100% spot-on. Loving the use of the Harlequin Zephyrglaive as his Witchblade. It'd be hard NOTE to say these are jetbikes, but they will be used as Windrider Jetbikes on tournament day! They only have the one rider as per normal Windriders, and every model of them in his army is a Windrider too! Unfortunately, we had to turn this down. This beautiful model is a Farseer, and Eldrad he is not. Main difference here is the Staff of Ulthamar, which is kind of an important part of the Eldrad model and rules. This is a pure proxy, unfortunately, so we could not allow this fantastically painted model to be Eldrad.
  14. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey Ordo_Draigo! Easy answers for this one; #1 - A display board isn't required by any means. However, it's something that people seeking Best Painted often do to invite more attention to their paint jobs. A detailed display board can mean the different between you and 1st place! #2 - The BPO Stratagems are only available to armies that are only made out of INDEX sources. Since the Grey Knights have a codex, any army that includes Grey Knights will NOT be able to use the BPO Stratagems. We wrote that as a safe-guard, since we didn't know which or how many factions would have codexes by the time the tourney came around. However, I can assure all you Necron/Tau/GSC/Daemon/Ork/Sisters/Dark Eldar/Harlequin/Blood Angel/Space Wolf/Dark Angel/Imperial Knight/Custodes/Thousand Sons players out there that these BPO Strategems really DO help you out! I've heard of a few people trying them out with their index forces and loving the options it gives them. (see top of page 8)
  15. This is going to be a really sweet army to see on the tables at the BPO!
  16. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Just so people can keep up to speed on what we've allowed so far in terms of model-swapping: #1 - Horticulous Slimux from https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Age-Of-Sigmar-Blight-War-2017-eng has been approved to be a Daemon Prince (not a Winged Daemon Prince). #2 - Imperial Guard Infantry/Conscripts https://www.games-workshop.com/en-IE/Imperial-Guard-Cadian-Shock-Troops-2017 have been approved to be interchangeable with equivalently armed Chaos Cultists.
  17. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey folks! We've had some discussions recently regarding proxies and conversions. We want to encourage people to bring cool stuff, but still not have armies of proxies. We're going to take this on a case by case basis, so please submit your models for request if you're planing to play a conversion. However, if it's pretty much substituting one model for another, we likely will not be allowing it.
  18. Gribblies are Fast!

    Yeah, I think it was 4th edition Nids that moved very fast, but at that point it was through cover (back when it was 2d6 pick the highest for moving through difficult terrain, most Nids got 3d6 pick the highest). Kraken got into Aaron's lines almost instantly with 44 Genestealers. Previously, Aaron's Bullygryns were nigh invincible, and his other Guard units performed very well at close-range firefights, so he deployed and moved a little too aggressively. Combined with a lackluster initial bombardment (Guard got the first turn), he was feeling okay, not expecting the Nids to just zoom across the table. 8"+3d6(pick highest) Advance+charge is a long distance, and against his forward-movement, allowed every single squad of Stealers to get the charge on my turn 1. Leaving combat and charging is also great, as it made sure that I was able to start getting deeper into his lines and engage as many targets as possible without worrying too much about getting stuck in against the wrong kinds of targets. This neutralized so much of his second turn shooting that he wasn't able to mount as much of a counter-offensive as he otherwise would have.
  19. Hey folks! Spoiler season for the new Nid Dex is in full swing. I've seen a bunch of rumours floating around, but it looks like they're not 100% accurate, so I'm just going to cover official previews here, but feel free to post anything you find! I missed a day, so this will be a big post for the first one. We start with the Hive Mind, the omnipresent Tyranid net of communication and possible gestalt consciousness. It's seen a lot of sway over the years. Presently, it is allowing units within 8 inches of a Synapse creature (12 inches if it's a Hive Tyrant), to ignore morale. If you're within 12 inches, you also suffer -1 to your psychic tests, unless you're a Tyranid as well. These are both very powerful abilities, making Synapse Creatures very effective. Instinctive Behaviour, rather than causing units to run away, forces units to shoot or charge the closest things if they're not in Synapse range. All put together, killing Synapse has always been, and remained, an effective way to try and hold back the swarm. Well, this has almost all changed, better for the Nids, and worse for their enemies! Nid Synapse now extends to 12 inches for all Tyranids within range. Does this mean the Hive Tyrant's going to be a base of 16 inch range? This change will allow your non-Tyrant Synapse options be more effective, as they'll be able to space out more and cover greater areas. Anyone in the past that tried to make swarm lists work with the Flyrant knows the difficulties in keeping Synapse control. Now this is huge. Shadow is the Warp is pretty amazing (making WC 7 powers go up to WC 8 means those powers work less than half the time, which is baller), but was always hindered by its relatively short range. A psyker Smiting you from 13 to 18 inches away was able to smite without worry. Now, with this threat range out to 18 inches, anyone looking to Smite your Synapse will be suffering -1 to their test! Of really special note on this range increase, it is also effectively adding +1 to your deny tests (by taking 1 away from their result), meaning that Smite Spam armies better watch out; the Tyranids are here! Another seismic in the way Tyranids work, Instinctive Behaviour just got even less punishing. Now, you only need to be within TWENTY-FOUR inches of a Synapse creature to ignore Instinctive Behaviour. A Synapse Creature in the centre of the board will pretty much cover the whole table this way. You'll need to hunt down just about EVER LAST Synapse Creature now to cause Tyranids to suffer this penalty. But even then, Tyranids just suffer a penalty when not shooting or charging the closest targets! If they're the closest, then whatever, you just suffered no penalty. So, it looks like if you're going to fight Tyranids, you better be ready to kill 'em all! We've also get SEVEN Hive Fleets to cover for their fleet-specific abilities. Note, unlike Chaos Space Marines or Space Marines, these abilities affect ALL Tyranids, and not just the Troops! Umm, can I say yes please? Hive Fleet Behemoth tore through the Ultramar sector and nearly killed the Ultramarines, and now you can see why! Rerolling charge ranges, while a neat ability for the Black Templars, is going to be devastating when used by the Tyranids. More consistent charges, especially out of reserves, means fewer chances to shoot. Having just played a game where I had slingshotted a 30-strong group of Hormagaunts across a board to just engage EVERYONE, I can tell you that preventing folks from shooting for a turn or two while the big bugs close the gap is a pretty big deal. Being able to do that more consistently is a seriously big deal. Hey there Genestealers. You've been riding pretty high lately eh? Well, ride a bit higher. There's a lot of tricks you can do using all the extra moves that close combat gives you, so being able to Fall Back and still charge is going to be fantastically wonderful, allowing so many Tyranid units stay very effective in the mid to later parts of the game. I can't believe this part of the ability is referenced in the rule as almost an after-thought, as, to me, it's way more important than "3d6 pick the highest" advancing. Still, more consistent advancing is pretty great too (no one likes to look at the "1" result when they advance). I gotta admit when I'm wrong. I didn't think Tyranids would get a 6+ FNP option. Tyranids can put a lot of wounds on a table, so being able to ignore 16% of your lost wounds is pretty fantastic. Interestingly, it looks like they're being more careful about stacking these FNP rules again, pointing out that this doesn't work alongside Catalyst, but even still, this is awesome. Reroll 1's to wound on everything during the Fighter phase. You do have to reach close combat to make it work, but you're Tyranids. Again, Genestealers will love this, as will Hive Tyrants, and Carnifexes, and Warriors, and Trygons... While maybe not as strong as -1 to being hit, this is still pretty fantabulous, In a sense, it's giving Hive Tyrants a 2+ save, because you get this even without cover. Not too sure what tunnelling has to do with this ability, but it's still a welcome addition to your army. This is the shooty-Nids dream! My personal Hive Fleet, well, it might not be my go-to any longer. This is a pretty cool and fluffy power, but it's only in the Fighter Phase, and it's really only useful for Hormagaunts and maybe Genestealers (if the unit they're fighting is small enough). Given that Hormagaunts already reroll 1's, and Genestealers will almost always have the Broodlord nearby, this isn't much of a buff for them, but still, something is better than nothing! This is actually somewhat interesting for mid-tier Nid units that are looking to go toe-to-toe with big single-model units, like characters. If Lictors can go back to having 1-3 models in their units, this could prove interesting. Lastly, whom says that Cadians have all the fun? Rerolling 1's to hit in the shooting phase is very powerful, potentially massively increasing the strength of your shooting attacks. Nid shooting isn't the greatest, so this ability is perhaps less useful, but even still, I'm not looking forward to facing down Exocrines and Hive Guard with this ability! Phew, so that's a lot. Tyranids certainly seem to be gaining a LOT with this codex so far, and they were already a pretty respectable force. Hope to see more of my Tyranid brothers in the weeks to come!
  20. Dang dawg. Those be some sick previews and reviews yoh.
  21. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Send them to me! Send to me at least 2 days prior to the event if you want to be in the competitive group. Otherwise there's no requirement to submit ahead of time.
  22. Okay, here's my last post for the week, despite there likely being more previews tomorrow! There we go, Neurothrope is now more useful than before. Rerolling 1's is fantastic for psychic powers. Rolling double 1's for a Perils sucks, but now you'll just reroll those away! It also means that you're far less likely to fail a Smite test. W00t w00t! Looks like another of my predictions is coming true, even if it requires larger units to do, -1 to hit is a big deal, and protecting your bigger stuff is super important. Will gladly be using these guys still! Okay, so Genestealers are going to remain a good option for sure, but this hints that some units are going to be getting a bunch of biomorph options! Genestealers with 1 dude with a powerfist like attack maybe? That's cool. If Extended Carapace sees play, it almost certainly won't be on Genestealers, who use that Swift and Deadly rule a LOT. I don't have any Lictors (I can find) at the moment, so I didn't realize these guys had to obey Instinctive Behaviour! However, not sure this is a big deal, as the range on ignoring Instinctive Behaviour just went up 100%. I had to include this all, because it's all good! Getting 2+'s to hit with Carnifexes is going to be amazing, and BS3+ is going to be fantastic for Carnifexes of all stripes! Having the Screamer-Killer reduce people's Ld is actually handy, resulting in an extra Ld death to Infantry Squads, and putting 5-man Space Marine/Chaos Space Marine squads on notice! Want to be really sinister? Have this Screamer-Killer nearby when you roll to see if your opponents forget their Psychic Powers from Psychic Scream. Lastly, the -1 to being hit is AMAZING. Will it work alongside Venomthropes? I sure hope so! Otherwise, those Venomthropes won't have much reason to take bigger squads. See you all with my Nids shortly!
  23. Keep a lookout for a Vampire Counts Army

    Will keep an eye out also!
  24. More Tyranid creepiness and scariness today! Some delicious stratagems. Some of these are pretty snazy, but the one that tickles my particular itch is the very first; Feeder Tendrils. So far, each army has had ways of gaining more Command Points during battle, often by rolling a die and getting back Command Points on a certain roll. Certainly Astra Militarum and Ultramarines got the best versions so far, as they get back their points 1/3rd of the time, and Astra Militarum can even get points off of your points with the right relic. Others haven't received quite the effectiveness, with Death Guard getting theirs back 1/6th of the time, but can claim them back using an Elite choice rather than HQ (and no relic or warlord trait, leaving those open), and Eldar having two 6+ means of getting some back (Autrarch when you spend them, and Ulthwe at the start of each turn). Well, the Tyranids are showing us that GW doesn't mind going somewhere different. Against certain armies that field a lot of characters, Feeder Tendrils are going to be terrifying. At the very least, you get back the 1CP you spent on it, but the other 2/3rds of the time you'll get back more! With the right list, this means you should get back, on average over the course of the game, 1 command point per turn. But any time you suddenly go from 2CP up to 4CP (spent 1 to use it, gained 3), you'll feel the Tyranids get another boost in strength. Pathogenic Slime is NOT a stratagem to forget about! Sending an Exocrine from 2 to 3 damage for each of its shots is insanity, easily able to crumple just about any vehicle it shoots at. However, in certain lists this will be even more insane, especially lists like Kronos where you're rerolling failed hit rolls of 1. Lastly, the Deepest Shadow Kronos stratagem is death to any psyker that's trying to get a power off within 24", and lord help them if they're within 18". Psykers beware, you're in for a scare! Otherwise, the list of things here are cute, ranging from mildly effective (Hyper-Toxicity), to really strong at just the right time but really it'll never happen (Psychic Barrage). The really curious one is going to be Caustic Blood. It only triggers on rolls of 6, but it causes MORTAL WOUNDS. For just 1CP, you could take a sizeable chunk of wounds off a Wraithknight because it decided to Stomp your Hormagaunts.
  25. Wow, so many goodies today, I'm making a third post! Have you ever had trouble against Daemons? No? Not in 8th? Hmm. Well, how about Harlequins? GW may have pointed out the warp denizens as being in trouble against this next Artefact, but I really think it's our pointed-ear friends that are going to be more worried than they already were before: See that last line? No Inv's against this. Armour saves yes, invuls no. Daemons are really going to hate this for sure, especially with that nasty S7, 36" range (very high for Nid range!), and D6 shots that hit even better against squads of 10 or more... like almost all Daemons squads are. And note, this is on Kronos, so reroll those failed to-hit rolls of 1 if you didn't move! Okay, 6 shots, S7, AP-1... that's pretty respectable. Carrying around an Autocannon, that's not a bad thing. Rerolling failed wound rolls? That's a much better thing. Unfortunately not a Kronos model for the rerolls to-hit. And now a classic! The Miasma Cannon. New and VERY MUCH IMPROVED! First, 36" range is, again, quite rare for Nids, so seeing that is quite nice. The fact that it AUTO HITS when within Flamer Range is amazing, meaning this is useful against charges, regardless of how far away they're charging from, but extra sweet up close. Lastly, S9, AP-2, and 3 damage makes this thing UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. Like serious, why take any other Artefact (yet, from what we've seen). This is going to be an auto-take! Well, let's see what tomorrow brings! That's it for today!