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  1. New Easy to Build Models

    Agreed with Taylor; chances are there won't be any new non-Primaris Space Marine releases. You'll still be able to use those models from here until eternity, but one day there'll be a tipping point where Primaris marines will be more efficient than your basic marines. For now, they want people collecting them and adding them to their army in small amounts, which is why I think Primaris forces are so uniform. It likely won't be a sudden change, just a slow one, over years worth of time.
  2. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Well, it would happen at the same time as Feel No Pain type stuff happens; you're already failed your saving throw, so you are now taking the damage. This means that both the -1 damage and the Quantum Shields are applying at the same time. By the rules, whomever's turn it is gets to choose the order of the effects, so on your opponent's turn it'll be less useful, and on your turn it'll be more useful. By the way, it's always better for the person shooting at the 'Crons to put the -1 dmg first, because the amount of damage you'll actually deal whether it gets stopped by Quantum Shielding or not doesn't change, whereas your chance of actually getting through the damage is better if you apply it first.
  3. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Actually, they're 19pts per model. Granted, this is already much less than in the past, but then again, they used to also be immune to Morale, and multi-damage weapons didn't exist. I'm imagining they're going to drop to 17pts/model, which is a bit more than a standard CSM.
  4. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Matched Play updates today from GW Community! Not a lot here that we haven't seen already; confirmation of ObSec, plus pretty much all the ITC stuff is in effect. You can't reroll Seizing the Initiative, Flyers can't grab objectives (even if hovering), and Understrength Units go into Aux detachments. The MEATY portion of today is this right here; This is a little graphic showing the silhouettes of some of models that are getting points adjustments. Going up; Roboute Gulliman, St Celestine, and Belisaurius Cawl. All three of these are INCREDIBLY potent HQ's that are appearing in many of the top competitive lists. You might think that won't affect the Sudbury crowd too much, but seeing points increases for these units means you don't have to feel so bad bringing these guys to the table against your opponents. Chances are, they'll still be great to use, but you won't have quite as big an army alongside them. In green are some of the points decreases. From here we can see Harlequin Death Jesters (who are hiding better than a Callidus Assassin at the moment), Plague Marines (who are very, very expensive for a single wound model), and Gorka/Morkanauts. These aren't terrible units, but they just don't pull their weight in the current game, so it'll be nice to see these get changed. Seeing more actual Death Guard models in Death Guard lists I'm sure will be appreciated! Yup, 80 point Malefic Lords. You don't see these in Sudbury much, but in the competitive world they've been a terror, Smite Spamming their way to infinite (and possibly beyond). Some folks are claiming that Smite Spam is over powered, but chances are that's because of Primaris Psyker spam and Malefic Lord Spam. Well, watch out, because if Malefic Lords are flying up, chances are that Primaris Psyker is too! Having "Smite" cost a minimum amount of points, especially for the full-strength Smite, is something that needs to be better balanced in all kinds of games. What other mysteries await us? We'll see shortly!
  5. More Chapter Approved Goodies!

    Some more stuff from Faiet212 - codified as a RUMOUR; A TON of good stuff here! First off, the Warlord Trait is a good leg up for when you make a mistake and leave your warlord exposed to a deep striking unit of Plasmas. It's not terribly useful for skilled players, but very useful for helping you out of a jam. The Relic is a slam-dunk, bringing back the Necron Lord's ability to just up and teleport! The one use per game is a good way to cap its effectiveness, but this is an item many Necrons have been dreaming to have. The Stratagems here are just stupid good. First off, welcome back regenerating Wraiths. This was seen as one of the weakest parts about them that they couldn't come back to life, but giving it to a unit for 1 turn, and then dumping critical stuff into them for that turn (Res Orb, close to Ghost Ark, next stratagem) will mean you can very suddenly get back a huge points investment! The second stratagem to rerolls 1's looks to be ARMY-WIDE, which is bonkers good, and gives me the chills I felt in 7th against the Men of Metal. I have yet to have a game with or against the Orks, so I can't really tell you how effective they will be, but "more than they had before" is pretty helpful. Is +1S worth more than 6+ FnP? Unlikely, but it's an option you didn't have before. The relic of some kind of super-choppa seems really good, and will likely be the default equipment option of Warbosses of the Future. The extra shots one I already covered. The Mob Up! one is neat, and might be worth tossing a command point at. Rerolls are amazing, and rerolling all failed to hit rolls if you have not moved is quite good, but also mean you're risking your position if the enemy gets in close. This is a straight up great buff still, even if you can't dodge away afterwards. There's a second Warlord straight here that is also very good; moving AND advancing AND shooting as if still means your Commander is always going to get to a good position and continue the fight. The Relic is pretty rocking, recouping Command Points is really good. Just ask any Imperial Guard player or Ultramarine player. Sure it's not as good as others, but when your options are "not having this" and "having this for free", well I think you'll be taking it. However, it's neat that it's ALSO a one-use-reroll. Considering the stuff you can reroll with it, this is almost as good as getting a free command point, except better because you can use it AND a Command Point! Lastly, we have a Stratagem that's going to make Markerlights useful again, but we don't see a Stratagem cost here (though I'm guessing it'll be 1CP). Gaining 1+d3 markers, presumably in addition to any other they already have, means that a single unit of Pathfinders are going to be able to do all the Markerlighting you'll ever need!
  6. GW Community released some more info today, this time on some Faction rules. They've done a great job at pounding out a bunch of rather solid codexes (that have only required a few post-release patches :P), but obviously can't get everyone a codex right away. The BPO did some cool stuff with Strategems, but the gulf between haves and have-nots have grown ever wider. But fear not! Chapter Approved has something for each of the following factions: Yup! Orks, Sisters, Genestealer Cults, Thousand Sons... They are all getting something to help tie them over! These will be given a Warlord Trait, Relic, and some Stratagems (GW said at least 1, that's probably Knights). The Stratagems sound like they'll be nothing to sneeze at either. Just check out this one for our favourite Psycho-Killer-Death-Clowns; 3+ Invulnerable saves. I've heard those are pretty good. Add in that a nearby Spiritseer will reduce your chances to wound the unit, and suddenly those Clowns become as tough as Solitaires! As for Relics, here's one that you can take on a Knight if it's your Warlord. Joining in on the rerolling 1's business is no small benefit, and such a weapon on a Knight will see it carving through other Super heavies like butter. Okay, here's one for our Ork friends. This might sound middling at best, but then you remember that about of all Ork shots that hit are 6's, so for a mere 1 Command Point you're getting about half the effect of the "shoot twice" Stratagems that normally run 3CP! Especially with Bikers and Deffguns, that's a whole lot more DAKKA! But they can't all be winners. Here's a Space Wolf stratagem; I don't think GW understands that almost no rounds of close combat go longer than 1 round, as it's almost always better to run away. If you do stay in Close Combat, I doubt that shooting a few Pistols are going to cause many casualties. Of course, for 1 CP, that could be worth it, but again, you'll only be stuck in against someone that wants to keep you there, so outside using True Grit (very cool and thematic by the way) to kill enough guys to unlock you from combat, you probably won't be seeing it used much.
  7. Generally speaking, I've found that larger games are over faster. The reason for it is that in larger games you have more weapons and abilities that can delete the critical parts of your opponent's army, thus resulting in an even less effective response-attack from them. The smaller the game, the greater the percentage of less effective weapons you're allowed to bring to the battle. For this reason, I've seen smaller games often having a greater number of meaningful turns than larger games. If your 2000 point games are consistently being really close, with a lot of back and forth, then I think that's great and highly enjoyable, but also probably means you're both playing with underpowered lists (which, again, is nothing bad, just not what I've tended to see or hear about). I really enjoy smaller point games, but haven't done many of them in 8th. From my experiences in the league, the most dynamic and nail biting games were the 500 point ones, but these were the games that were almost entirely played with "my mass of troops vs your mass of troops", and heck yeah I love infantry battles!
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/20/get-ready-chapter-approved-new-missions-oct-19gw-homepage-post-3/ As per the Warhammer Community article today, we're finding out that the Chapter Approved book (up for pre-order this week I believe) is going to include a bunch of new missions. Critically, a number of these are for Matched Play. Only one Matched Play mission was somewhat-leaked today by them; the Roving Patrol mission. The important part is that you'll start with just a third of your force, the rest coming from reserves! An interesting questions then is when or how they come in. The stated goal in the article is that it really diminishes the power of armies that want to go first, but if units can still just all come from Reserves all at once... well this actually sounds like going first and just killing your opponent's 1/3rd size force Turn 1 is going to be pretty dang good. I'm betting this mission, and Matched Play over all, is going to have a new restriction on units arriving Turn 1. Of course, maybe not, I put this as 60-40; so not very sure at all, but definitely possible.
  9. Was just looking over this article; http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/11/40k-deep-thought-how-many-turns-do-we-need.html It's asking what the Turn length of the game really needs to be in 40k. The writer suggests trying a 4-Turn format. That's it. You get 4 turns to win or lose, and then it's game over! It was boggling my mind at first. FOUR TURNS!?! That's it??? It truly did sound like madness. But then I got to thinking, perhaps 4 Turns is actually better, but not necessarily for the reasons the article's writer explained. The author said that most games of 40k right now can be pretty much called on Turn 4. There are the occasional "down to the wire" games where you can come back from behind for an upset victory, or where it's neck and neck the whole way until the end, but those are admittedly more rare. Perhaps not as rare as the author seems to think (I've had a LOT of close games in 8th), but in a tournament setting you can almost for-sure see who is going to win or lose by Turn 4. I think there were only 2 games this weekend at the BPO where I heard afterwards how close it was. In one, a Salamander's player topple the Ultramarine player who was in the lead all game. The Ultramarine player was 4 points ahead, but then the Salamander player got two "score d3 points" Maelstrom cards, scored them both, and ended up 1 Victory Point ahead to close out the win. The Ultramarine player felt good for playing one of his best games ever, but was soured that the victory was stolen from him at the last moment. In the other game, Necrons battled Death Guard; two armies renowned for their resilience. The game ended 10VP to 12VP in favour of the Death Guard, as both forces just kept scoring points, again during Maelstrom. How would these games have changed if they went exactly the same, but with only 4 Turns? Well, the Ultramarines likely would have won against the Salamanders, but the Necron vs Death Guard game likely would have remained equally close. Using the BPO as a sample size, that would mean only 1 in 36 games would really be different given a Turn 4 change. But, of course, there's more to it than that. If each player in those 2 games knew the match would end after 4 turns, how would they have played differently? 4 Turns means you don't have a lot of time to get stuff done. If you have to leave your deployment zone, you have to leave it right god-damn away! A model than moves 6" would move a total of 38" during a 4 turn game, assuming they Advanced every turn an average amount. That's barely enough to get from one side of the table to the other. There's no casually spending two turns slaughtering your opponent from your side of the table before starting your journey to your opponent's deployment zone. 4 Turns means that not as much will be dead at the end of the game. Turn 1 "lol, u dead" stays the exact same, but you're more likely to have forces still functioning by the end of the game. Heck, by the end of the game, you might still have more than a 3rd of your army left, which means you're still very capable of grabbing objectives! This means that going last in 4 Turns is more important, because you're more likely to be able to have the forces necessary to turn things around at this point in the game. Going first, meanwhile, still remains extremely powerful, but doesn't actually get any better either. 4 Turns means more games reach their natural conclusion in tournaments. We all hate only getting a few turns in, and then hearing time being called in the round. Thankfully, most games at the BPO didn't go down to time (in fact, I think only 1 did). We're all pretty good at that. However, it can still be a problem, and prevents certain lists from showing up because they take too long to play. If you knew the game was going to end in 4 turns rather than 5, 6, or 7... you might just have enough time for even these forces to see a game through to their natural conclusion. So, yeah, I'd be totally willing to give this a try. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?
  10. Necrons are under powered

    The internet is the way it is because, online, it's all or nothing for a lot of people. Either something is busted and needs to be nerfed, or it's way too weak to be seriously considered for competitive play. They don't tend to say "hey, for most players, this army gives a good play experience". Necrons right now do give a good play experience. They're tough, and you do have to kill them or else they regen, which is something not many other forces can do (if really any). I think most forces in the game right now are good for that, so I'm very happy with 8th so far!
  11. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend! It was a fantastic day, with a ton of different and unique armies. We had everything from Baneblades to Crusader Squads, Rubric Marines to Fire Warriors, and Pylons to Harlequin Troupes. Everyone had a great time, and we hugely appreciate everyone from the community getting involved! Here's how the day ranked up; Best Overall - - OJ Best General - - Clark Best Painting - - Kevin Armitage Sportsman - - Keith 2nd Overall - - Andrew Dipsell Joe Average - - Steve Marleau Last Place - - Peter I've got a ton of pictures at the event, and it's too big to put up here, so check this link to imgur for it! It wouldn't let me type in a bunch of stuff, so the posting stops a little into it, but still lots of images! https://imgur.com/gallery/W9ivR
  12. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Goodnight everyone! See y'all tomorrow!
  13. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Thanks Austin! Just got word that this model will no longer be necessary for our out of town friend. Much appreciated!
  14. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey folks! GW Community just posted some new FAQ's as part of their 1 year anniversary here; https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ However, as this is past midnight on Nov 13th, any changes from the previous versions are NOT in effect. Importantly, that means the Strength From Death change in the most recent version is NOT in effect!
  15. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Yes please! Much appreciated! I'll let you know if it's not needed.