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  1. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Hey, back on topic of the miniatures themselves - is it HIPS plastic, as in GW plastic, or more of a restic material?
  2. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    What material are they? Resin, or some sort of board game plastic?
  3. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Nice job, the shading has a real nice gradient on the fleshtones. I never really understood all the craze over Kingdom Death sculpts, and yes, some of them are very... odd? How many figures are there to paint?
  4. I love the T-47 airspeeder. I would like to pick up some of the figures for fun, maybe just the starter. I know the kids would love it. Also... Maybe your autocorrect has been playing tricks on you? Getting into husband? ;P
  5. Necromunda Hype!

    Love the hype! They have a website too now: https://necromunda.com/ Also: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/26/necromunda-news-from-spiel-release-date-gang-war-and-more-oct26gw-homepage-post-1/ Preorder is November 11
  6. sold

    Who can resist the call of the mystery box?
  7. I had forgotten that Dakkadakka started their own miniatures game/line, and it looks like they have a new release of HIPS infantry - ragtag civilian/militia types! They don't look half bad, might be fun for some conversion fodder with all the nice new GW kits as well: https://www.maelstromsedge.com/medge/store.jsp?p=31 Even some fun xenos heads in there too...
  8. For those who still yearn for the old world before the AoS blow-up, looks like humble bundle has all of the WFRP source book pdfs on offer for cheap... lots of cool background material there: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/warhammer-rpg-books Lasts for another 12 days. Looks like a good deal, though that is a lot of reading!
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wargame-model-mods/tubular-builds-by-wargame-model-mods Some nice little scifi buildings on offer here, or a giant promethium rig. Nice options for LED lights too. Might be a nice option with the reboot of Necromunda...
  10. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Pretty slow for me this month... I have been out of town every weekend so that does not help. I have some work done on the diroama... will see what I can do in the next week!
  11. Just announced at GENCON!!!

    I found the box contents, miniature-wise at least:
  12. Just announced at GENCON!!!

    That does look exciting! Always been a fan of Star Wars... I like the diversity of races in it vs 40k. Looks like the starter set is 90 usd for about 33 figures. Curious as to what material will be used for the figures.
  13. Blightwar - Nurgle in AoS

    You are going to get chaos snails first: Maybe Scibor should get their IP team to draft a letter to GW? lol
  14. That looks great for just a short time. In that light, the skin looks more greyish green than blue, but might look different in person? I personally am partial to yellowish-green-brown ork skin myself.
  15. CMON to make GoT tabletop game

    I just read through the rulebook... nice and straightforward rules. Seems it will be the tactical cards that bring the depth of gameplay. I am looking forward to it.