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  1. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    There's armies that don't have Codex's??????? Heresy!!!!!!! Ok here's another one for you warp entity, if one has a Paladin model that is technically equipped with a Psycannon (Heavy weapon) but one only has the points to equip it with a Psilencer (also Heavy weapon) would this be an appropriate approximation?
  2. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Hey gang I paid Davis last night for one of those last minute spots, I am interested in showcasing my army (they don't get out much) I don't have a display board or anything though??? Also rules question I noticed one of the BPO stratagems (below), as I am Draigo and already get +1 to my rolls would this give me +2 for the phase????? "Untapped Psychic Potential Cost: 2 Command Points Choose a model with the <Psyker> keyword. Until the end of the Psychic Phase, that model adds 1 to its rolls to manifest and/or deny psychic powers. Additionally, if it is your psychic phase, it may attempt to manifest any power it knows one additional time (even if it already cast the same power earlier this turn). "
  3. BPO 2017 - 40k Tournament


    Who doth I needeth contact to materialize at this gathering???????