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  1. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Just got a paypal refund from Scott with the following message: Maybe next year we can expand. Come to the event anyway. Teams are always short players. I expect teams to drop 3rd and 4th rounds if you want to jump in for games!
  2. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    From what Scott has been saying, it looks like they are going more for a 'Real OTC' and 'Side for funsies' OTC. Scott said he would be looking for 16 teams for volunteer for the fun bracket version and keeping the rest following the original game plan. As for the event, it looks like they are keeping the original room but looking for additional rooms in the same hotel for the extra games. Edit: Relevant convo:
  3. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Yeah Scott posted at like 8:55 saying that registration was open, and it was full within a few minutes, so people that waited till 9 - 9:01 didn't get in. There is some discussion of potentially breaking it into two tournaments (going at the same time), because they want to have everyone there but don't want it to go two days.... So, guess we will see what happens.
  4. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Sent as Team Darkshard. Update - I sent the payment at 9am but they opened the registration early and it filled before 9. We are on the waiting list.
  5. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I dont know? People wanted a different name, and we tried to pick something a bunch of times and no one will agree on anything.
  6. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    We have 'Team Northern Ontario Blue Balls' and Mat 'Pulling out'.... All the pieces of a joke are there, just gotta put em together....
  7. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Yes you are. This is what happens when no one will pick a name... I ask NBD to pick one and we end up with Blue Balls.
  8. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    In other news, the Sudbury team name is now 'Northern Ontario Blue Balls'.
  9. Privateer Press Humble Bundle

    Oh, just noticed someone already posted this :p
  10. Thats uh... a shit ton of stuff. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/warmachine-hordes-iron-kingdom-rpg-books?redirect_log_mongo_id=59f7e5cfff379c00299b44f1&redirect_mongo_id=59f7a33b3065ec08745e58ae&sb_referer_host=&utm_campaign=Twitter&utm_medium=Web&utm_source=Springbot
  11. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    Yeah, things get pretty crazy around that time, lots of families xD Pretty sure that there is something going on with Chantal's family on the last weekend of November, which would include @Xeurian and possibly @StreetPizza as well (depending on which family event that is). I could probably do any other weekend in November, but I think as of the weekend of the 25th I will be booked till like January.
  12. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    I would be interested in attending, but I feel like there may be a Christmas related thing going on that day... @Xeurian?
  13. Themes.

    Looks that way :P
  14. Themes.

    Skorne's new theme is awesome... Guess Meow-keda is coming back after a short but earned vacation :P
  15. Themes.

    Yeah I know, I'm just saying I hope that some themes get some serious nerfs and buffs, not just like a few small changes. Also, they are just teasing us now....