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  1. Best thing I've seen all day

    ...dear god. Has science gone too far?
  2. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    Whaaaaaaat. Where are dah Trolls.
  3. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    I'm playing Legion and Tyrone is playing Skorne. Edit: Or something like that.
  4. Warmachine - King Beyond the Wall

    *insert clever comment about me attending here*
  5. Tournament Time

    I voted for the 90 points because I don't believe that free points in themes are balanced enough at the moment to make a tournament even for everyone. Dropping free points and letting everyone do 90 points levels the playing field and lets everyone run what they actually want to play.
  6. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    Jordan said he would be interested in going again, so it looks like we are good with 2 teams again this year.
  7. OTC!! 2 Months till Registration

    I'm sure he would be good to go again, but I'll ask.
  8. WTS Cryx Army

    I would like to get $650 - $700, but if someone is looking at buying the full lot I'm open to offers. I don't have pictures at the moment, but I could take some tonight or tomorrow night.
  9. Selling my mountain bike as it hasn't been used in a few years. The tube in the front tire needs to be replaced and there is a bit of rust on the frame, but it was worth about $400 when I purchased it. Looking to get $100, OBO
  10. WTS Cryx Army

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell my Cryx army. I have more models than I do time to play, so I'm trying to reduce my collection a bit. Would prefer to sell things locally, and would be able to work out a pretty good deal if anyone is looking to buy the lot. Most of the models are assembled and unpainted, although there are a few painted models in the batch. Total retail for the lot is around $1300, just for a point of reference. Gaspy3 Goreshade3 Gaspy2 Terminus Venethrax Scaverous Mortenebra1 Skarre1 Skarre2 Denny1 Coven Denny 2 Cankerworm Deathjack Deathripper x 2 Helldiver x 2 Nightmare Scavenger Stalker x 2 Kraken Bane Riders Bane Warriors Bane Warrior UA Bile thralls (min) Blackbane's Ghost Raiders Necrosurgeon and Stitch thralls x 2 Satyxis Blood Witches Blood Hag Satyxis Raiders Raider Sea witch Withershadow Combine Skarlock Commander Bane Lord Tartarus Darragh Wrathe Necrotech and scrap thrall x 2 Pistol Wraith Pistol wraith (variant) Satyxis Raider Captian x 2 Scrap Thralls Skarlock Thrall Warwitch siren x 2
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    Not going to be able to finish my pledge this month, been super busy. Will hopefully get back on track next month.
  12. Monthly Painting Challenge - August

    I'm going to paint a unit of immortals:
  13. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    How's your painting going Mat? ;)
  14. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Finished him up this morning. Not the best quality pictures but :P
  15. Monthly Painting Challenge - July

    Doing some work on my gladiator tonight.