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  1. 40K Tournament

  2. 40K Tournament

  3. 40K Tournament

    ah yes there is 3 matches 2.5 hour time limit to each game your looking at closer to 5pm finish time not count handing out prizes
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    base coats done on my models
  5. AOS tournament OCT 28th

    Singles tournament Where : Gamesnook When : Oct 28 2017 Time : 9:30 am start Points : 2000pts 2 1/2 hour time limit ( will be some leeway on this time) Cost : 12$ if pre payed by OCt 7th after that date will be 15 Will be using the new players handbook Just a few house rules : 1. All measurements will be from base to base 2. No Sudden Death Victories 3. Players are to pick there Allegiance abilities and artifacts 4. going to be some proxy rules limits : converting or alternate model will be allowed to a certian extend. if you do proxy a model or unit it must be a close proxy to actual unit example of something not allowed : this unit of blood warriors is a unit of blood reavers would not be allowed example of something allowed : this unit of Marauders is a unit of blood warriors would be allowed Scenario's Round one : Round two : Round three : If you have a disagreement please solve it without arguing and yelling (dice roll if you cannot solve it). Will give out one warning for disruptive behavior second you will be ask to leave. Any rule debates will be discussed after tournament and try to be resolved before next tourney. Please review the FAQ's for AOS as they will all be in effect for this tourney. Note : 9:00 am arrival time. 9:30 am will be start time for first game these times are firm if you show up late you will be out of luck. Prize support : there will be Medals for first Top General, Second top tactician and Third top Warlord and some raffle prizes Lunch will be provided Note : Points will be 3 pts for a win 1 pts for a draw the major/minor victorys will go towards tie breaking. I would like everybody to hand in a army list to me by oct 25. so i can review it and have to first round match up done up for July 29th you can email it to me 55hihnala@hotmail.ca . Copy of GHB at store for anybody want to make there list. Here is a good army builder page www.scrollbuilder.com Please post on here if you will be attending and which alliance you will be playing. If you have any question just post here or email. Participants Participants
  6. 40K Tournament

    added to the main post a couple of rules that we will follow for this toureny also the first match is starting at 9:30am so show up early to get you army ready and to fill out your player sheets
  7. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    nice paint job Taylor as always to bad the model itself is kind of meh
  8. Large Menoth for sale

    thanks for the advice. also would be willing to trade for AOS and some possible 40k. if anybody is interested in doing that
  9. Large Menoth for sale

    hmm maybe will think about it let you know by next week
  10. Large Menoth for sale

    still looking to move this so dropping price down to 350.
  11. 40K Tournament

    spot has been filled
  12. 40K Tournament

    we have one spot open now as one player has dropped out let me know if interested
  13. Looking for a GW Giant

    Sweet how much
  14. Looking for a GW Giant

    title says it all