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  1. New Easy to Build Models

    Do not think tactical marines are being phased out. Personally I find them better and are more versatile unit the primaris marines. Pretty sure gw said the were not phasing out regular marines. If the do I will sell all my 40k models
  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Thanks . Starting to. Get the hang of flesh painting
  3. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    so here are the pics i said i would post sorry for the bad pics but what can you do with a phone . notcied after i started posting that i forgot to re paint the base edges black agian will do that after.
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    So my Blood reavers are now done for shadespire on to the skeletons will post pictures tomorrow of the finished blood reavers
  5. This is a problem with the game way not just flip a coin to see who wins. Would save time 😃
  6. Thralls of the Maggot King - redux!

    looks really good Taylor
  7. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Small up date these bloods reavers are taking long then I though I have Garrek done and his war band is about 90% done then on to skeleons going to go to the wire agian. So here is Garrek sorry for bad pic just have my phone
  8. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    I am about 75 % done my blood reavers. Then onto the skeletons
  9. Keep a lookout for a Vampire Counts Army

    Will do hopefully it shows up
  10. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Hey Taylor you messed up you put me down as painting Kevin's pledge
  11. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Going to try this agian I will try my 5 blood reavers and 7 skeletons for shade spire as these are to 2 warbands I will be playing
  12. Brandon did you notice the rules for games that go to time on ffg Web page
  13. Monthly Painting Challenge - October

    Once agian I am going to fail on my pledge I have seems I have hit a painting block just can't get motivated to paint at the moment.
  14. AOS tournament NOV 4th

    Hehe np