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  1. Have MDF GW Ovals Bases

    Hey guys Irvin and I are moving away from MDF bases, so we have the following for sale. All for $40 26x 60mm 21x 75mm 17x 90mm 19x 105mm 1x 120mm 5x 170mm 50x Missized bases
  2. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    I love fully painted armies, so much sometime choose not to use units that arnt painted.Now I do enjoy playing more then painting by far, and if I had to choose one it would be playing. Now I am not an elitist and think everyone should have their models painted because mine are, nor do I think it should be a requirement to enter tournaments.I do however think people should be awarded for using painted armies, and it does make for a better game. One final thing, I feel like there should be a definition for 3 color minimum, which in my mind is a reasonable effort was put into painting the miniature regrdless of what it looks like. Which means a primer and 2 dots of color does not count.
  3. It's Soo Logical

    Also it is basic and smart business practice. I call it the first hit is free rule. Get them started with a great deal, and they will come back for more.
  4. 40K Tournament

    Hey dave OJ (Dasjuice), paid yesterday.
  5. Hey guys, new forum, new thread. This will be my only thread for showcasing (for now) going forward. To start it off, here is the eldar I finished last week for the Barrie Bash (2 FW hornets, and 12 Black Guardian Windrider Jetbikes). I learnt a lot from painting these guys, masking was one of those thing which I feel worked out well for the most part. One thing I still need to work on is my line highlighting, while where there is an edge to follow I can do an ok job, when it is freehanded it is just horrendous (as shown in the pictures below with the masked off parts). Regardless here are the photos, let me know what you think!
  6. So I was checking out the old forum and my WIPs from there. I thought I would compare one of my first models painted, vs my most recent model paints. This is 2.5 years of difference. 2015: 2017: As a bonus this was the first ever marine I full painted, I had tried on one other previously but never finished it.
  7. Hey guys as the title says. I have a huge painted Grey Knight army all on GW Sector Imperials Bases. They are all painted to an above table top scheme. I am willing to trade any unit for it's equivalent NoS counter part. I have every option in the codex. I am wanting to start them over in a different scheme, so rather then stripping I figured someone might be open for this deal. I can do as small/large a trade as you want: I have: -35x Terminators - 45x Strikes Sqaud - 20x Interceptors/Strike Squad (magnetized backpacks) - 4x Dreadknights (weapons removable/magnetized at waist) - 2x Storm Ravens - 1 of Every Named Character - 2x Librarians - 1x Chaplain
  8. 40K Tournament

    Hey Dave I paid, and Clark (DreadPirate) paid (minus $2)
  9. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I got the Tanks finished. I am about 1/2 done the test terrain piece, and about 1/3 done building the wolves.
  10. THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer

    Awesome looking stuff! I wish I had a wall to use them wall units on.
  11. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    @Yarium @MisterAG Could you please explain how we are to pay, and at what point will our spot be given up to someone willing to pay, if we have yet to.
  12. Have Terrain! Want Terrain!

    Systema for the stuff on the left, I can't remember for the stuff on the right.
  13. Hey guys as you have seen, we are taking a stock of terrain we have and trying to finish some tables. We have a bunch of extra stuff we would be willing to trade for terrain we need to finish our tables. Wants: - 1 Large Pegasus Gothic Ruin - GW 40k Terrain - Other terrain that would work and fill a need listed on my hobby thread - Cash if the offer is right Have: 8x MDF Modular Infinity Buildings (have a bunch of extra peices for the ones on the left) 3x3 Space Mat (mouse pad from GameMat.eu) 6x4 Kingdom of Heaven Mat (mouse pad from Gamemat.eu) New in Box Bad Lands Terrain Set (resin, prepainted GameMat.eu)
  14. Hey guys we finished taking pictures! See below! Over Grown Ruins - We are happy with this table in its current state. Imperial Sector - As you can see, this table is very lacking! This will be the one we work on after bringing all the other tables up to snuff. Organic Vegitation - This table needs some more elements, but we want to keep the table ruins free, we are thinking of adding 2 ponds and a giant water fall piece to add some LoS blocking. Gothic Ruins - We obviously need a mat for this table, and then a couple more pieces to fill it out, no idea on what yet. Bonus! - As a bonus this is some AoS terrain we have, usable on any board to give it a more fantasy feel. Bonus #2! - This is a Chaos Helfort that is in need of some repair, this will be used on the Lava Table to turn it more fntasyesque.
  15. hey guys, this is updated.
  16. Hey guys, once again I am back with another large lot of minis! Prices are in Canadian, payment via PayPal or EMT (in Canada only). I will ship anywhere in the world at the buyers expense. Please let me know if you have any questions, I do not want to split lots up (unless noted otherwise), also prices are mostly firm but feel free to offer. Pictures of Everything: https://goo.gl/photos/GgB5xz6Ze9J5j6MC8 Misc Pro Painted Lots: 1x Forge World Nathanael Garro (magnetized to display base) - $80 1x OOP Armorcast Shadowsword - $200 Misc Other Lots: 1x Space Hulk Terminators (primed) - $50 1x NoS Death Company - $25 1x NoS Terminators - $30 1x Blood Angel Dreadnought (primed) - $25 1x Lot of MTG Altered Cards - $20 1x OOP Mounted Chaos Lord - $20 1x NoS Arkanaut Frigate - $70 1x Landspeeder Storm and Scouts - $25 1x Venom Built (no crew, scatter laser) - $15 1x Citadel Skirmish Case - $30 Army Lots Warhammer 40k 13th Company Space Wolves: This army is completely converted and unique; you will never find another army quite like this! The 5 wulfen will be based the same as the rest of the army before being shipped. 7x FW Skin Wolves (converted to be used in 40k) 5x OOP Wulfen (old metal boys) 3x Converted Thunder Wolves (using juggernauts) 2x Converted Thunder Wolf Lord (amazing conversions) Retail: $350+ Asking Price: $300 Grey Knight Tank Lot: These are decently painted, all top doors are removable on the rhino and they come with 4 heavy bolter turrets. One Landraider does not have a multi melta. 6x Rhinos/Razobacks 1x Landraider Redeemer (converted from Landraider and stormraven parts) 1x Landraider Crusader Retail: $475 Asking Price: $225 Eldar Army: This army is really well painted, all skimmer bases are magnetized. I am willing to part any units out of this lot at 80% retail. I can finish basing the army for an extra $20. 9x Reaver Jet Bikes (have extra weapons on sprue) 27x Windrider Jet Bikes (built with scatter lasers, but have other weapons) 1x Wraithknight (2x wraith cannons, has sword conversion like he about to grab it) 4x Hornets (magnetized bright lances) 2x Warp Hunter (main gun is magnetized for transport) 3x Heavy Weapon Platforms (main gun is not glue) 18x Warp Spiders (3 exarchs) 18x Dire Avengers (3 exarchs) 10x Dark Reapers (3 exarchs) 1x Fleetmaster (used as dark eldar character) 2x Warlocks 3x Crimson Hunters (built to be used as either variation, weapons are magnetized but on the crimson hunter ones are included) 1x Eldrad (finecast one) 1x Baharroth 1x Autarch w/ Wings 1x Autarch on Jetbike (nice conversion) 1x Spiritseer Retail: $2050+ Asking Price: $1200 Age of Sigmar Beastclaw Raiders: This army is decently painted, a couple bits are broken off, replacement parts will be included. 2x Stonehorns 2x Thundetusks 12x Mournfang (3 sets of command) 4x Sabretusks 6x Gore Grunts (for the beast hammer formation) 3x Yhetti (unpainted) Retail: $836 Asking Price: $500 OOP Sylvaneth: These guys are really well painted and based. Minor chipping evident, all metal models. 2x OOP Treeman 9x OOP Treekin Retail: ??? Asking Price: $100 Wood Elf/Wanderers Army This army is all PRO PAINTED, you might never see a better looking old school Wood Elf army. Every model has been painted and based to a very high standard, custom green stuff work done throughout. Lots of free hands including tattoos and flowers. The bases really stick out as a woodland theme. Don’t miss out on this army! So many old school/limited edition models, sad to see it go. Please note since many of the models are metal there is some minor chipping throughout. 1x Sisters of Twilight on a Forest Dragon 1x Orion with Hounds 3x Spellweavers 2x Waystriders (1 converted with 40k bolter as a joke) 1x Waywatcher Lord 1x Wardancer Lord 1x Long OOP Hawk Controller 1x Limited Edition BSB 2x Repeater Bolt Thrower (converted/painted to look Wood elf, no crew as I used eternal guard) 2x Eagles (from the hobbit, magnetized to base) 5x New Wild Riders 17x OOP Wilder Riders (these might be the best painted in the army) 24x Glade Riders 9x Way Watchers 10x Wardancers (2 or limited edition sculpts) 13x OOP Eternal Guard (custom sculpted roses on cloaks) 52x Glade Guard (32 of one scheme, 20 of another) Retail base off GW and eBay: $1400+ Asking Price: $1200 Brettonnia: This army is completely painted, and completely OOP. Most recent sales on eBay put the value of this army at over $2200. Each Knight is painted in a different household, no two knights are the same. The paint job is a really nice table top. Please note there is some chipping on the metal models. Any models not on circles will be on circles before shipping, add $100 to the price if you want me to finish the basing to match the ones already done. 11x Pegasus Knights (magnetized to bases) 2x Trebuchet (1 crew man missing, metal) 3x Paladins/Lords on Horses (metal riders) 36x Knight Errants/of the Realm (3 of each command) 12x Grail Knights (metal) 12x Questing Knights (metal) 10x Peasant Bowmen (5 are missing the bottom half of bows) 70x Men-At-Arms 1x BSB on Foot 1x Mounted BSB 3x Damsel/Prophetess on Foot 2x Mounted Damsel/Prophetess 1x The Fay Enchantress (metal) 1x King Louen Leoncoeur (metal) Retail based off eBay: $2200+ Price: $1150 or $1250 based Warmachine Khador Army #1: This army is decent painted to a nice khador scheme. 1 Beast-09 1 Behemoth 1 Black Ivan 1 Destroyer 2 Juggernaut 1 Drago 1 Ruin 1 Conquest 1 Great Bears 1 Greylord Ternion 1 Man-O-War Drakhun Dragoon 1 The Butcher of Khardov 1 Kommander Sorscha Retail: $650 USD Asking Price: $350 CAD Khador Army #2 This army is truly pro painted and based. All metal on the army is NMM, battle damage and the like. It is truly a pro painted army. Please note there is minor chipping on some of the metal models. 1 Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff 1 Karchev the Terrible 1 Koldun Kommander Zerkova 1 Kommandant Irusk 1 Kommander Harkevich 1 Old Witch of Khador & Scrapjack 1 Berserker 1 Decimator 1 Demolisher 1 Kodiak 1 Spriggan 1 Destroyer 1 Juggernaut 1 Battle Mechaniks Unit (min) 1 Greylord Ternion Unit 1 Iron Fang Pikemen Unit (min) 1 Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard Bearer 1 Kayazy Assassin Underboss 1 Kayazy Assassins Unit 1 Kayazy Eliminators 1 Man-O-War Bombardiers Unit 1 Man-O-War Shocktroopers Unit 1 Widowmakers Unit 1 Koldun Lord 2 Manhunter 1 Widowmaker Marksman Retail: $700 USD Asking Price: $500 CAD
  17. They are from GameMat.eu, but they are mouse pad mats yes. They probably look different due to the camera/lighting.
  18. Hey guys we are finally going through all our terrain and matching each mat with it's dedicated terrain. We want to eventually have 10 tables of fully stocked terrain usable for 40k, with the plan of running tourneys in the future. Also a couple dedicated AoS tables but those aren't a goal right now, although some of the 40k tables will be usable for AoS. Below is what we have had a chance to go through so far! Lava Board - We would like a couple more ruin pieces for this table, and maybe a bigger LoS blocking rock. Ruined Chaos Table - This table could have be arranged a bit better, this is all GF9 stuff and we wouldn't mind picking up a couple of the larger square GF9 ruins. Desert Highlands - We are pretty happy with this, we would like to add 2 - 3 more not rocky outcropping features though. Intact Industrial Table - We are happy with this table, although it could use one bigger LoS blocking piece. Mushroom Kingdom - This table is alright, we wanna do one more pegasus kit, and obviously paint/base both of them to match the table. Mars Industrial - As you can see we currently do not have any specific terrain for this mat, and would love your ideas on what would fit it. More pics to come! We are open to your suggestion and have other unused terrain we would be willing to trade if you have any that would fit the above table.
  19. North Bay Charity Tournament

    I really wish I could! It's just with school I only work Saturdays and can only afford to book one off, like I said I am still happy to donate to the cause.
  20. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Irvin and I are additionally not going to be in attendance. I had to choose between this and the Nook tourney. The Nook tourney won because of the better format (IMO). But I am fine to throw a couple bucks towards to cause, is there a way we can do this without being in attendance?
  21. Round one e-mails were sent. We have 22 people playing so far!
  22. Escalation League #2 – The Game Nook – Fall 2017 Hey guys, with the success of our previous escalation league last winter the second one has arrived! Important Dates Start Date: September 11th 2017 Round 1: September 11th until September 24th – 500pts Round 2: September 24th until October 8th – 1000 pts Round 3: October 8th until October 22nd – 1250 pts Round 4: October 22nd until November 5th – 1650 pts Round 5: November 5th until November 19th – 2000 pts Final Apocalypse Party: December 2nd or 9th (this date is not concrete yet) Cost: $10 (about $18 of prize support per $10 entry) To enter you must prepay at the Games Nook (or you can e-mail money transfer the e-mail below and I will forward your entry fee to the Nook) and then send me your e-mail address, cell phone number, and Facebook profile link in order for your opponent each round to contact you. I can be reached via a direct message here, or via e-mail at Armitage_kevin@hotmail.com How does this work? This league will be broken up into 5 different rounds, where players will be required to play at least 1 game during said round (1 game every 2 weeks). Each round you will be assigned a new opponent with whom you will schedule a game at the current point level. Each round will have a unique challenge that if completed will allow you to earn extra raffle points towards prizes. How are prizes going to work? All the entrance fees will go directly towards prize support in the form of gifts certificates from the Nook. In addition to the gifts certificates there will be plaques for Best Overall (most raffle points earned), Best General (most rounds won) and Best Painted Army (based on your 2000 pt lists). All gift certificates will be given out via a raffle during the Final Apocalypse (attendance not mandatory to win). You can earn raffle points by completing the following: - Playing your assigned game on any miniature night at the Nook (Monday/Thursday night, anytime Saturday). 2 Points - Playing your assigned game outside of the Nook or not during the above times. 1 Point - Winning your assigned game. 1 Point - Playing a pickup game at the current point level or higher at the Nook (with a different opponent each time). 1 Point (maximum 3 times a round) - Attending (30 minutes or longer) any miniature night (Monday/Thursday night, anytime Saturday) outside of your scheduled match. 1 Point (once a round) - Completing the challenge for the round. 1 Point - Buying (from the Nook and on or after August 28th), painting, and then using any unit in a scheduled game. 1 Point Per Unit (no maximum) - Attending and Playing in the Apocalypse Party. 3 Points At the end of each round each person will be responsible for contacting me and letting me know what points they earned that round. Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Also remember once you pay please e-mail me with your contact information so I can add you to the list. One final thing, if you are reading this and the league has already started it is not too late to join, join now and I will add you to the current round! Confirmed Entrants: OJ Andrews Peter Longarini Colin Kirkland Brandon Smith Brian Drolet Connor Makarucha Maxime Bolduc Tyler Saulnier Geoffry Daniel Irvin Armiage Davis Centis Andrew Dipsel Brandon Cook Tyler Boorman Terran Dickieson Blake Hinschberger Keith Hansen Aaron Green Brandon Carpeter Kevin Armitage Paul Nadeau Brett Goodwin
  23. 4x6 game mat

    We also have this one to sell.
  24. Yep, already done, I was informed of this just after I posted. First round pairings will go out Saturday evening!