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  1. Have MDF GW Ovals Bases

    Hey guys Irvin and I are moving away from MDF bases, so we have the following for sale. All for $40 26x 60mm 21x 75mm 17x 90mm 19x 105mm 1x 120mm 5x 170mm 50x Missized bases
  2. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    I love fully painted armies, so much sometime choose not to use units that arnt painted.Now I do enjoy playing more then painting by far, and if I had to choose one it would be playing. Now I am not an elitist and think everyone should have their models painted because mine are, nor do I think it should be a requirement to enter tournaments.I do however think people should be awarded for using painted armies, and it does make for a better game. One final thing, I feel like there should be a definition for 3 color minimum, which in my mind is a reasonable effort was put into painting the miniature regrdless of what it looks like. Which means a primer and 2 dots of color does not count.
  3. It's Soo Logical

    Also it is basic and smart business practice. I call it the first hit is free rule. Get them started with a great deal, and they will come back for more.
  4. 40K Tournament

    Hey dave OJ (Dasjuice), paid yesterday.
  5. So I was checking out the old forum and my WIPs from there. I thought I would compare one of my first models painted, vs my most recent model paints. This is 2.5 years of difference. 2015: 2017: As a bonus this was the first ever marine I full painted, I had tried on one other previously but never finished it.
  6. Hey guys as the title says. I have a huge painted Grey Knight army all on GW Sector Imperials Bases. They are all painted to an above table top scheme. I am willing to trade any unit for it's equivalent NoS counter part. I have every option in the codex. I am wanting to start them over in a different scheme, so rather then stripping I figured someone might be open for this deal. I can do as small/large a trade as you want: I have: -35x Terminators - 45x Strikes Sqaud - 20x Interceptors/Strike Squad (magnetized backpacks) - 4x Dreadknights (weapons removable/magnetized at waist) - 2x Storm Ravens - 1 of Every Named Character - 2x Librarians - 1x Chaplain
  7. 40K Tournament

    Hey Dave I paid, and Clark (DreadPirate) paid (minus $2)
  8. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    I got the Tanks finished. I am about 1/2 done the test terrain piece, and about 1/3 done building the wolves.
  9. THEO - The Hobby Equipment Organizer

    Awesome looking stuff! I wish I had a wall to use them wall units on.
  10. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    @Yarium @MisterAG Could you please explain how we are to pay, and at what point will our spot be given up to someone willing to pay, if we have yet to.
  11. Have Terrain! Want Terrain!

    Systema for the stuff on the left, I can't remember for the stuff on the right.
  12. Hey guys as you have seen, we are taking a stock of terrain we have and trying to finish some tables. We have a bunch of extra stuff we would be willing to trade for terrain we need to finish our tables. Wants: - 1 Large Pegasus Gothic Ruin - GW 40k Terrain - Other terrain that would work and fill a need listed on my hobby thread - Cash if the offer is right Have: 8x MDF Modular Infinity Buildings (have a bunch of extra peices for the ones on the left) 3x3 Space Mat (mouse pad from GameMat.eu) 6x4 Kingdom of Heaven Mat (mouse pad from Gamemat.eu) New in Box Bad Lands Terrain Set (resin, prepainted GameMat.eu)
  13. Hey guys we finished taking pictures! See below! Over Grown Ruins - We are happy with this table in its current state. Imperial Sector - As you can see, this table is very lacking! This will be the one we work on after bringing all the other tables up to snuff. Organic Vegitation - This table needs some more elements, but we want to keep the table ruins free, we are thinking of adding 2 ponds and a giant water fall piece to add some LoS blocking. Gothic Ruins - We obviously need a mat for this table, and then a couple more pieces to fill it out, no idea on what yet. Bonus! - As a bonus this is some AoS terrain we have, usable on any board to give it a more fantasy feel. Bonus #2! - This is a Chaos Helfort that is in need of some repair, this will be used on the Lava Table to turn it more fntasyesque.
  14. hey guys, this is updated.