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  1. Terrain for Sale

    Hey guys Irvin and I have a bunch of terrain we no longer want to finish, or have a use for, we figured we would post here to see if we could interest any of you. We are open for trading if you have something we desire, feel free to offer. Here is what we have: Floating Islands Terrain- There are 3 big floating island terrains, that give your board a whole other dimension. Included is 2 bridges, and 3 sets of teleport pads. Please note I did remove one pieces of terrain from the pieces but that will be fixed if it is sold. Also please not we will try and find the guns that go on the largest platform bu no guarantees. You can see their size in one of the photos where I put a Tau Fire Warrior for scale purposes. The tops and bottom are plywood, underneath the top is white foam molded, there is a couple dent in this. $75 for these pieces. Chaos Helfort - This is a GW set of Age of Sigmar terrain, that makes quite a large walled castle. It retails for $350, now this set is in need of some repairs, and it is missing the hinges to make gate open, so we would want $150 for it. Desert Spires - Next we have a couple extra desert spires, this set gets lot of compliments. It is made out of pink foam and made highly durable with spray texture and sand. $40 for the lot. Resin Desert Bunker - This is a really nice piece for any desert style table, it is made out of resin and originally had a cost of $90 on it, it is made by some special;zed terrain company. $30 and its yours. Star Map - This is a 3x3 neoprene mat from GameMat.eu, the one you are buying is underneath the gothic stuff, but you can see it pictured below. Retail is $65 USD, our price is $40 Canadian.
  2. BPO Feedback Thread

    Venue - lets move on to bigger and better things. Food - 100% better then last year, was able to eat until I was satisfied, cost wise I wouldn't want to pay more then $20. Organisation - Decent job gentlemen, more explaining of the packet as mentioned above, and a more detailed explanation of sport scoring could have helped. Schedule - Perfect, everything went smoothly almost all games finished. Prize Support - Great! Although you forgot to mention TBMC.... Tournament Format - 2 days, 5 - 6 games is better! Event Frequency - I would love 2 big events a year, and a convention style would be nice, but you would have to get other groups interested, which could prove to be difficult. I think approaching the MTG crowd at GCC about it would be good, Taylor for Infinity, Dave for Warmachine, Brandon for Legend of the Five Ring and Kate/Garette for X-Wing.
  3. Age of Sigmar also has this issue.
  4. Honestly in 80% of the games I play I can tell you who the winner will be after the end of turn 2.
  5. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    I am going to play the devils advocate here, but doesn't requiring an extension mean you will miss the deadline and fail the challenge?
  6. TBMC's Terrain!

    Table #4 - Jungle Ruins - Warhammer 40k The terrain is made by GreenLeaf Terrain and the mat is from MicroArts Studios.
  7. TBMC's Terrain!

    Table #3 - Industrial - Warhammer 40k This table has a couple different elements, all the resin stuff is from GameMat.eu, the MDF stuff minus the colored shipping containers if from Systema Gaming and painted by @Pete. The containers are from PiasaProductions and painted by GreenLeaf Terrain, and the bridge is from Pegasus hobbies and painted by @Durek, finally the mat is from GameMat.eu.
  8. TBMC's Terrain!

    Table #2 - Desert Ruins - Warhammer 40k This table is aswell two different orders from GreenLeaf Terrain, that mat is also from GameMat.eu
  9. TBMC's Terrain!

    Hey guys, I thought I would start a separate thread to keep track of all the tables we have completed. We are only going to post completed tables on this post and explain where each table came from. Table #1 - Lava Ruins - Warhammer 40k This table is a combination of two different orders from GreenLeaf Terrain, the mat is from GameMat.eu
  10. Hey guys here is a video of Irvin's Full 375+ Model Daemon Army.
  11. Saturday Nov 12 gaming

    Yeah right, we all know you are gonna drop out last minute. :P
  12. Hey guys, we got a new table of terrain! This is a Jungle Set by Green Leaf Terrain We got some new pieces for some other table that are finished off, expect update photos in the coming week.
  13. Hey guys I built a FW Custodes Contemptor that @marcuss will be painting sometime in the future. I tried to give him a really cool pose, like he is jumping in the air and gonna come down hard on a homie. Let me know what you think.