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  1. Three Colour Minimum - discussion

    It really depends on what you gain from the hobby. For me personally I love having nicely painted models but not having them won't stop me from playing. I love the game first and the hobby second. I wish I had the time/patience to paint more but honestly, it doesn't even register on my radar. Now with that said, painted models definitely help make the game more enjoyable (not to mention easier to discern models from each other -- a sea of grey is always a game of asking what this is and that is). I personally don't think tournaments should enforce 3 color minimum purely based off the fact that some people just don't enjoy painting(or have the time/funds to get stuff painted) and asking them to do something they hate just to play a game seems a little crazy. I go to a tournament to play games and socialize, not to win painting prizes (if you do, that's great -- but there are plenty of painting events in the world you can go to without playing the game). While I do think it's nice for someone to enjoy every aspect of the hobby, it doesn't make or break an event for me personally. I will say that I think people should at the very least prime their models though. To the article, i'm not really sure where he's getting his numbers -- almost all tournaments have high attendance that i've been to (20+) and the larger tourneys frequently get 50+ players in Canada (much more in the US I have to assume). Maybe it's a local problem for him but he kind of sounds like a snob the way he writes his articles. Our hobby is supposed to be inclusive of all sorts, no matter what side of the fence you're on, you shouldn't be excluded because you made a choice to not paint your models -- you still built them. I mean christ, I was listening to a podcast where some wieners were complaining because someone did their army in a hello kitty bright pink and complained it took away from the hobby/atmosphere... give me a break - the hobby as a whole is an artistic expression of yourself, or at least parts of yourself and if someone doesn't have a painted army I just assume they aren't good painters.
  2. It's Soo Logical

    Logic is pretty sound from a sales point. Get everyone hooked on the armies with a cheap intro than make special characters pricey. GW gives deals and doesn't, it's almost like they have a proper marketing team now. Between these sets, start collecting, the vehicles bundles, the Xmas bundles, and the boxes coming out next week people really will find almost anything to complain about. Oh I saved 50-60% by buying this box but now I pay 15$ extra for a character, the sky is falling. As always, it's pretty simple, if you don't like it don't buy it.
  3. X-Wing Standee Table

    As the title says, cleaning out my office and found this table. Looking for 20$ obo. Trade for whatever.
  4. Do you love the Old World?

    I love the old ones Seriously though, great deal. Wish they were paperback though, i'm not a huge fan of reading on a device surprisingly
  5. Interrogator_Chaplain's Finish Dark Angels, Mechanicum & Others

    Always extremely impressed with how crisp and clean your models look Ian. Really nice.
  6. North Bay Charity Tournament

    Still on the fence as well due to some of the house rules.
  7. Huge Deathguard Leak

    Have to agree, I got a pewter Typhus and am more than happy to keep using him. Not that I don't think the new model looks great, I just don't see it as an improvement on the current model but more of a lateral move design wise(pewter not finecast) If I had finecast typhus I would go new plastic one for sure.
  8. Huge Deathguard Leak

    ahh my bad thought it was this one https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-ES/Great-Unclean-One-Greater-Daemon-of-Nurgle
  9. Huge Deathguard Leak

    it's a forgeworld model, there wouldn't be.
  10. WTB Demon Prince

    Lets do both of those options! I might be free saturday morning around 10amish?
  11. WTB Demon Prince

    as the title says, looking to pickup a demon prince (ideally with malific talons) but any will do. Don't care if its pewter or plastic (pls no finecast). Thanks!
  12. Forge World

    with 8th a lot of forgeworld seems to have been toned down quite a bit. While there are a few exceptions (spamming malific lords for instance). I think FW overall power level has come down enough to be considered in regular tourneys etc.. I think one of the biggest issues lies in relying on the TO to do his research and know what those units are. Even this past weekend at Nova there was very few lists that had any FW that I would personally considered "op".
  13. GW Next 3 Codexes!

    Yea I should of clarified, I wasnt exactly sure how the intricacies of the conscript spam list worked as I havent got to play against them enough. Guard def deserve their turn in the spotlight but when its just conscripts being the only reason to take them, I would hardly call that a spotlight haha.
  14. Monthly Painting Challenge - September

    20 poxwalkers and 1 foetid blight drone Stretch goal is; 1-2 Chaos Sorcerers 1-3 units of 5man CSM squads.
  15. GW Next 3 Codexes!

    Man if that big bug prediction is right I would be so pumped! For nids specifically, im hoping for a bit more dakka and some points reductions for the flyrants/tyrants. Right now the army is in a good place and just needs a few tweaks to make it a bit more competitive. Now i'm not entirely sure what that looks like (give more units advance/charge) or more dakka to hold the line while the guys get up there. I also wouldn't mind a 5-6 invul on the gribblies to make them a little more resistant as well. For the nids specifically, price drops to be able to take more or things to make them a bit more durable/shooty to cover their advance would be pretty nice. Overall though with the addition of CP's this edition, the sky's really the limit for what they can bring to the table that nids leave (the cultist 2cp resupply would be really nice and fluffy for swarm armies). Ynarii specifically (if they are in the craftworld codex) I expect to get a small price bump on certain things (like clowncars w/ fusion) or a slight nerf to SDF (far too powerful as it is right now when mixed with the clown cars, multiple psychic phases, etc..) For AM, I haven't seen too much trouble on that side of the table, maybe a price bump for conscripts so they aren't always a must bring unit. To be honest, I haven't played that many games against them to give quality feedback / hopes on that front.