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    Hey Guys, I'd like to get some feedback - both positive and negative - from this year's BPO. I think that @Yarium and I did a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvement. Please comment on some or all of the following, plus anything else that you want to add. If you don't want to submit publically then please PM the two of us. ------- Venue - How was the physical space that we used? Was there enough room to move around? Were there alligators in the washrooms? Food - How was the food this year? Was it of a decent quality? Was there enough? Would you be willing to pay more for lunch next year (this year was heavily subsitized), or would you want something simple? Organization - Were we organized enough for you? Did we look like we had no idea? Schedule - Was there enough time to complete you games? Would you like longer rounds with more time between games? Would you like to change the start or end times? Prize Support - We had some very generous prize support from The Basement Collective (bolded because I blew it on my first go round), Dark Shard, Games Nook and Reckless Assault Gaming and Entertainment, as well as Mark's Purity Seals. Did you approve of the distribution of prizes? Four Best-Of prizes, two other placing based awards, four in-game raffle prizes. Tournament Format - Do you like three games? Four or Five? Would you be interested in a two day Saturday/Sunday event? Game Size - Do you like 2000 points? Would you prefer smaller? Would you prefer a teams event? Event Frequency - Given our demographic (20-40) we all have busy lives. How often would you like to see large local events run? How often would you like to see small local events? What about a tabletop game convention where multiple game systems come together over a weekend?