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    Sweet! Suggestion, have the scoring sheet printed in your player package for day of... :P
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    Hi everybody, To address both the apparent popular demand for a Champions mission as well as respect the fact that there is only a month to go until tourney time we have come to a decision to make an adjustment. The first two missions will proceed as planned. The third mission will be changed to ITC Champions Scenario 5: Cut to the Heart. Please review the scoring requirements for this scenario at: [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ltQMdeDqYRXOhvdYT3dtUSji3AISvZRM8gDlhOXDaF8/edit ] The final mission set is: Round 1: Maelstrom of War (Cleanse and Capture) / Deployment (Hammer and Anvil) Round 2: Eternal War (Retrieval Mission) / Deployment (Search and Destroy) Round 3: Independent Tournament Champions Missions (Cut to the Heart) / Deployment (Random) -------------- Scenario 5: Cut to the Heart Deployment: Random 3 Objectives: Each player places 1 objective in their deployment zone more than 6” from a table edge and 12” from any other objective. 1 Objective is placed in the middle of the table. Cut to the Heart Bonus Point: If a player controls the center objective at the end of their player turn, he/she gains 1 point. Primary & Secondary Mission Scoring Primary Mission: End of Player Turn Scoring Each player scores points at the end of their player turn. - Do you hold one or more objectives? - 1 point - Did you destroy one or more enemy units? - 1 point Primary Mission: End of Battle Round Scoring Each Player also scores points at the end of each Battle Round. - Do you hold more objectives than your opponent? - 1 point - Did you destroy more enemy units than your opponent? - 1 point Secondary Missions: Any Time Scoring Each player may score up to 4pts for each of the following Secondary Missions, for a total of 12 between the three they’ve chosen. These points can be scored at any time unless otherwise specified in the description. Headhunter: 1pt for destroying an enemy character. Kingslayer: Choose an enemy model that is a Character. Earn 1 point for every 2 wounds of damage you deal to it, cumulatively. In the instance where a Character may regenerate wounds or resurrect during the course of the game, total wounds dealt to it over the course of the game are counted towards this mission. If the model selected has the Character and Vehicle or Monster keywords, you earn 1 point for every 3 wounds dealt to it. The Reaper: Earn a point for every enemy unit you destroy that began the game with 10+ models. If a unit begins the game with 20+ models, you earn 2 points for destroying it. Recon: Have a unit at least partially in each table quarter at the end of your player turn. A unit may only count as being in one table quarter at a time for the purposes of this rule. 1pt per turn. Big Game Hunter: 1 point for every model with 10 or more wounds you destroy. Titan Slayers: For every 8 wounds dealt to units with the Titanic keyword in total throughout the course of the game, earn 1 point. Example: You deal 4 wounds to one Titanic model turn 1, and 12 to a different Titanic unit turn 2, you’ve dealt 16 wounds total to Titanic models, and earn 2pts towards this objective. Behind Enemy Lines: 1 point for every unit at least partially within 12” of your opponent’s deployment board edge at the end of the game. Death by a Thousand Cuts: Each time you destroy 3 or more enemy units in a single Battle Round, you earn 1 pt.
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    Really that's awesome I will pm you for pick up details
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    Cool, you can have it, consider it a thanks for all those awesome home made cookies you gave me after a tournament like 2-3 years ago (at GCC)