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    I think that is your best piece to date. Well done sir!
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    Well that took longer than expected. Damn you Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Forza 7! Got the Primaris Librarian done for my Deathwatch, Codicer Thutmose of the Venerators of Osirion. Love this model, really wanted to keep the traditional blue of the Librarius, so I decided on black robes to help keep the Deathwatch theme prominent and I think it really worked. Although one of these days, I'm gonna do a proper fancy Force Sword. Now I'll be tackling the Corvus Blackstar. I'm thinking of doing a pair of thick-ish silver bands on the left wing, following the silver left arms on the infantry. Good idea or bad idea?
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    Any model wielding a two handed weapon where youare trying to glue correctly both shoulders to the body and also one of the hands to the weapon. Particularly with GW models before near the end of 8th; as not alot of guild-lines on where the arms were suppose to connect and in which pose. Newer stuff tends to be more fixed points so easier.