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    A friend of mine sent these to me; figured Id leave them here for the community to enjoy also.
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    I was able to retrieve some of my older work from a now defunct website. about half is lost here is a sampling of what is left and my thoughts on them. All of my old 40K, WFB and other early painting is still lost. Below is sample of my Malifaux models. The Convict Gunslinger is probably my best work to date. That isn’t saying much but I like the end result and it is tied with my Clown models from Batman seen further on. Next, we have Batman miniature game which is now just starting its 2nd edition with free digital download of rule book and compendium. I really liked the way the Knife & Shield Clown sweat stains turned out. Funny enough, this isn’t really crew I use. I play Nightwing as my main then Two Face/Organised Crime as my secondary. Below we have my Flames of War minis. I’m very happy with the way all these turned out as well as learning how to weather small vehicles and different types of effect. 1st British Airborne are my main along with Canadian Armour then my German which aren’t seen here as I can’t find any pictures of them. The Soviet tanks with their winter camo was fun to do as I based them on a spring timeline where they whitewashing they received was beginning to fade from rain and wear and tear. The Typhoon and Shahak were nice exercise for my airbrush skills. Next up is some Uncharted Seas model from my Iron Dwarves and Shroud Mage fleets. Such a great game too bad Spartan abandoned them for Dystopic Wars…. Had some fun with tiny details and learning different washing techniques. Dropzone Commander is a game I wish I liked more as I have an issue with the dropship rules which are a mainstay of the game. The minis are great and was my first use and large learning curve of airbrush use. I haven’t tried Dropfleet Commander, however I hear its really good. Lastly, in this lengthy post is bling for my favourite card game FFG’s Call of Cthulhu. These are several examples domain tiles I made for myself (Hastur) and some others I made for local players including my wife. She may even re start her Plog here if we can recover her pictures.
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    Here we have the start of my new stuff; approximately half a new Malifaux table of Ruins which could also be used for 40K. These pieces are drying and almost ready for sealing.
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    Last of the old stuff I was able to recover is a small sample of the terrain I have made for Warhammer and other types games. Most of it is lost. This is the Underway table (6x4) I made I think my 3rd table of 6 or 7 ive done varying from 6x4 to 3x3? Also included is the Stonehenge I was commissioned to make a few times by various people; each with slight variances.
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    This is a post with some of the pictures of the Batman tables I have, Gotham Slums; and the WiP Ace Chemicals. Ace Chemicals is further along then shown, however those pictures are lost and I will have to get new ones. The board is custom made by myself and the elevated track is magnetised for ease of storage and variety of play. The skips, objectives and pallets are just some of the many little scatter terrain and such that I custom built over time. The buildings were bought pre-made, however I did customise them and paint them. I am proud of the removable double-sided billboard the red building has that I made with my limited paint/word skills. Many DC enthusiast will enjoy them I’m sure as most have :) . All the posters were also either made by myself or by one of the other Side Kicks from KM who shall remain for now nameless as I can’t remember his/her forum name. This table was a labour of love for me and I am quite proud of it. Ace Chemicals is about half way done and completely scratch built my me (except the shipping containers) including the not seen buildings.
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    As the title suggests. Here is what I have been working on in the past 3 weeks.