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    Everyone is entitled to enjoy the hobby how they want. I much prefer to play fully painted, as is my perrogerative. If you don't want to paint your stuff then so be it, as far as I am concerned. I do, however, feel that you are missing out on a big party of the hobby by not participating in the modeling and painting side. Plus, let's face it, From 3' away everyone's army looks good. Tabletop standard can be achieved by anyone with a bit of patience. Painting your models also acts as a game aid for your opponent. Glowing plasma guns and bright flamer tips are super easy to identify. Blue powerswords and steel chainswords are easy to determine too. A Space Marine army with Green Salamanders and Blue Ultramarines also identifies who gets what special rules. My point is, your games will also be enhanced by playing with painted models. Should players be banned from attending small events for not having painted models? No. In fact, I'm not sure that prize support should be restricted to painted armies at all. You don't need to be painted to be a good Sportsman, for example. However, I do feel that players who have put in the effort to get their models painted should be recognized and rewarded for doing so. The 'Best Overall' should definitely be awarded to a player who excels at both the gaming side and modeling side of the hobby (as well as being a decent person to share 3 hours with)
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    It really depends on what you gain from the hobby. For me personally I love having nicely painted models but not having them won't stop me from playing. I love the game first and the hobby second. I wish I had the time/patience to paint more but honestly, it doesn't even register on my radar. Now with that said, painted models definitely help make the game more enjoyable (not to mention easier to discern models from each other -- a sea of grey is always a game of asking what this is and that is). I personally don't think tournaments should enforce 3 color minimum purely based off the fact that some people just don't enjoy painting(or have the time/funds to get stuff painted) and asking them to do something they hate just to play a game seems a little crazy. I go to a tournament to play games and socialize, not to win painting prizes (if you do, that's great -- but there are plenty of painting events in the world you can go to without playing the game). While I do think it's nice for someone to enjoy every aspect of the hobby, it doesn't make or break an event for me personally. I will say that I think people should at the very least prime their models though. To the article, i'm not really sure where he's getting his numbers -- almost all tournaments have high attendance that i've been to (20+) and the larger tourneys frequently get 50+ players in Canada (much more in the US I have to assume). Maybe it's a local problem for him but he kind of sounds like a snob the way he writes his articles. Our hobby is supposed to be inclusive of all sorts, no matter what side of the fence you're on, you shouldn't be excluded because you made a choice to not paint your models -- you still built them. I mean christ, I was listening to a podcast where some wieners were complaining because someone did their army in a hello kitty bright pink and complained it took away from the hobby/atmosphere... give me a break - the hobby as a whole is an artistic expression of yourself, or at least parts of yourself and if someone doesn't have a painted army I just assume they aren't good painters.
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    I can concur with this completely. I find it really does take me out of the game. Is it forgivable? Sure - but like @MisterAG said, it's not a ton of effort. I've even offered to spray people's army a base coat to help them out. In a game like 40k, I get it. There are a LOT of models. I'm a lot less forgiving with games like infinity.. where there are only 10-14 models. We all know someone who paints. Offer to buy them some models in exchange or something. I used to do it all the time for friends. I don't think there is one painter in this community that wouldn't paint for a good friend to help them out.
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    I love fully painted armies, so much sometime choose not to use units that arnt painted.Now I do enjoy playing more then painting by far, and if I had to choose one it would be playing. Now I am not an elitist and think everyone should have their models painted because mine are, nor do I think it should be a requirement to enter tournaments.I do however think people should be awarded for using painted armies, and it does make for a better game. One final thing, I feel like there should be a definition for 3 color minimum, which in my mind is a reasonable effort was put into painting the miniature regrdless of what it looks like. Which means a primer and 2 dots of color does not count.
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    I play my stuff painted because it brings me much more enjoyment to field an army that is fully painted to a good standard. It also brings me much more pleasure when I play against an opponent because now I can start picturing the engagement in my mind's eye and it becomes a little bit more than just a game at that point. Playing someone who hasn't painted their army kind of sucks me out of it, not that I'll completely refuse to play against an unpainted army, but I'd rather play someone who's got an army that really helps set the mood. I'm also a disappointed when tournaments don't do a "Best Painted" award for the purposes of inclusion for those who haven't painted their army. I get it, you want numbers and opponents to show up, I'm all for that, but it's disappointing for those of us who have put in the time and effort to get our stuff looking good for the table not to be recognized because some people can't be bothered to even prime their models. Tournaments don't have to make painted armies mandatory to include a Best Painted award. A 3 colour minimum would be nice, but it doesn't take into account peoples circumstances, so it shouldn't be enforced but there should be recognition in the tournament scene, regardless of whether painted mini's are mandatory or not, for people who did take the time to paint their models.