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    Hey guys, just a quick look at my Yu Jing painting for my ISS sectorial. I'm not sure I like how they turned out after I corrected the orangeness of the photos. I'll work on it. These were not painted to my best standard, as they were originally supposed to be a secondary army. They are tabletop quality if anything. Wu Ming Assault Corps
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    Probably something along the lines of drawing you into devastating but avoidable wars of attrition based on assumption and conjecture?
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    Yaopu Pangguling Yaokong Remotes Yaoxie Remotes
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    Su Jian Immediate Action Unit (New) Su Jian Immediate Action Unit (Old)
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    Guijia and Pilot
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    Miyamoto Musashi Limited Edition Ninja Kanren Counterinsurgency Agent Zhangying Imperial Agent
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    Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank Hac Tao Sun Tze 2.0 Hsien Warrior
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    Imperial Agent: Crane Rank
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    Zuyong Invincibles
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    So thought i would start posting my painting projects on here first will be completed then i will post wip and maybe this will get me painting more first Completed did these shortly after AOS was Released THis is my US Ariadna
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    So here is a Few more pics of what i finished this week
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    Here is some newly finished models First here is Skullgrinder And here is my first 5 blood warriors done There are more pics of these modles in the AOS escalation league post in events
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    And here is WIP for my korne army This a converted Bloodscrator did not want 2 looking the same This one will take awhile First 5 of 30 i have to do
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    This is my main project my AOS Korne army these are my completed models so far I have 20 of these bloodletters done but with new book looks like i will need to paint atleast 10 more