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    So with the big tournaments of the year behind us and the summer lull coming up its time to step into some more casual gaming mode. After talking with the regular Wednesday night attendees it seems there is some appetite for a summer map campaign. To get the ball rolling I've drafted up the following for a map and rules and fluff. If you're interested in participating then hit me up with a response below, PM or e-mail and I'll add you to the list and assign a starting position. I will be asking all participants for 20$ to help drive prize support. Story: The blood stone marches are a desolate wasteland full of monsters where only the intrepid dare to tread. In recent times however a cruel and savage race have traversed the marches to threaten all of Immoren. The Skorne have come! First they raided the lands of Cygnar, announcing their arrival with blood and steel. Next they savaged the southern reaches of IOS only to be rebuffed by the timely appearance of an unlikely hero redeemed to his people. Now they threaten the lands of the protectorate daring to siege even holy Imer itself and slaying their Hierarch Severius. Khador is wary that even they may not be safe from these savages and the time to act is now. For Immoren's more savage denizens the Skorne represent a different kind of threat. Everblight has long eyed the treasures contained in the Castle of the Keys. The fortress was the lair of the dragon Pyromalfic until he was killed by the Skorne. While Everblight has since recovered Pyromalfic's athanc the location still radiates with the remnants of his power and is central to the plans of the Legion. Lord Toruk of Cryx is also interested in the remnants of his offspring's power and has commanded that his Litches travel to the Castle and retrieve what they can. The Skorne are unlikely to reliquish any artifacts willingly and must be "convinced" otherwise. The blackclads of the Circle Orboros are irate at the devastation the Skorne have wrought on their ley line sites and fight to reclaim the area and preserve the balance of Orboros in the region. Finally the trolls of the Eastern Kriels have been displaced by the fighting and move to reclaim their homes and lands. All of these competing interests are unlikely to take kindly to the presence of any interlopers in the area. From such conditions the only answer is war! The Castle of the Keys is the Skorne's central staging area for attacks on Immoren and their route to the civilized lands passes directly through Greybranch Gap and Ternon Crag. Whoever controls these areas will have a significant advantage in preventing further raids and dictating where the Skorne are able to attack next. The Rules: Each player will be assigned a starting location Players controlling multiple special locations may only choose one benefit for each battle. The results of battles and zones claimed / captured must be e-mailed to the organizer each week so that the map can be updated. The new map will be posted here every Monday including a summary of which zones have changed hands during the week. The campaign will begin May 22nd and run until Sept 1st. Late entries will be permitted however you will start with only one zone and be required to make up for lost time however you can. The following locations are special and battles there will be fought with extra conditions: 4 - Eastern Kriel Holds A Battle here should be set up with multiple huts and fences. The trolls that live here are hunkered down in the huts waiting for the fighting to pass. At the start of each players turn the defending player may make one Rng 10 Rat 6 Pow 10 shot from one of the huts as the Trolls try to encourage the warriors to leave them alone. The huts are structures with 15 boxes and arm 18 which can be destroyed leaving rubble in their place. The player controlling the kriels can field 1 Champ Hero in their lists free of cost in battles 7 - Scale forth lake docks Set up the battle field with 6" of the map on one side edge being shallow water. From turn 2 on wards the defender may ambush up to 30pts of his list on the edge with the water as landing craft make landfall. The player who controls zone 7 may also consider, zones 4, 9, 5, 11, and 17 as adjacent to their territory for attacking. 11 - Bog Trog Village A powerful Bokur has left a curse on this place and warring armies should beware. Whenver a warrior model is destroyed roll a d6 and on a roll of 5 or 6 replace the model with a bog trog shambler. The shambler immediately activiates and charges the closest model (ignoring line of sight) and then is removed from play Set up with swamps and ruined huts. The player that controls zone 11 may field one Bog Trog Trawler free of cost in battles 20 - Farrow Village Same as zone 4 for set up and conditions The player that controls zone 20 may field Maximus free of cost in battles 22 - The Castle of the Keys The Defender may set up an extra 2 walls and one trench up to 20" from their table edge before the game begins. The player that controls the Castle may deploy an extra 6 pts of models in battles where they are the defender. 29 - Ternon Crag Set up the battle as taking place in the farms just outside the city. The city is equipped with mortars which the defender may target anywhere on the battlefield once during each of his turns. Range *, Rat 1, AOE 4 Pow 15 The player that controls the Crag may conquer one additional zone each week. 32 - Grey branch Gap Set up as a canyon with lots of rocks and walls. See custom scenario The player that controls the crag may deploy an extra 6 pts of models in battles where they are the attacker as this is the main reinforcement route for the area. Capturing zones: Every game played between players in the league is eligible to initiate a zone capture. The victorious player submits an e-mail notification to the organizer declaring the following: who played who won and how (scenario, assassination, tie breakers) pts level scenario desired zone to be captured if two players submit separate reports in the same week both claiming the same zone the organizer will randomly assign each of them a different zone and they will play off for the desired zone the following week. Players may capture an opposing players zone if they share a border. The capture mechanism is the same as above except that the game must have been played between the players who's zone are connected. The victorious player does not have to capture the enemy territory and may still choose an empty zone on the map that is contiguous with their territory. Players can only claim 2 territories per week. Player starting locations may not be captured (i.e. every player will always have at least one zone) SPECIAL LOCATIONS: The initial capture of the special locations happens like any other zone (win a battle and claim the empty zone). After a special location is capture it may only be taken if another player reaches the location with their territory and challenges the occupying player for that specific zone. The special scenario for that location is set up (usually giving the defender and advantage) and the game is played. If the attacking player wins then the zone is captured. If the defender is victorious they may select and empty zone on the map per normal or take a territory from the attacker that is adjacent to the special zone attacked. For the extra models required I'll be purchasing them if I don't already have them and they will be part of prize pool at the end of the tournament. I will lend my models for the special models to which ever player controls the zone associated with the bonus for use in their games. These are the two models which will be purchased for the prize pool. These two models will raffled off among the players that don't win any of the main prizes. Maximus Trawler Scoring and prizes: Each zone is worth one point and all special zones are worth 3 pts. Point totals will tallied up at the end of the league. There will be a prize for first and second: First: Non-character Heavy jack/beast kit of your choice Seocnd: Solo blister of your choice If there are enough people registered then there will also be a painting prize for the best painted battle group painted during the event to be judged collectively by all participants. A battle group must be a minimum of a warcaster/warlock and 3 warjacks/beasts (a colossal or gargantuan will count for two jacks/beasts) and fill all the warbeast/jack points of the caster leading the group. So that's it. If you think I've missed some key piece of information then let me know with questions below. Looking forward to this one. DD Participants David D. - Protectorate (paid) Josh L. - Skorne (paid) Mat D. - Retribution (paid) Robby - Cryx (paid) Tyrone - Legion (paid) - - -