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  2. Age of Sigmar also has this issue.
  3. This is a problem with the game way not just flip a coin to see who wins. Would save time 😃
  4. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Hard plastic - like mantic and GW models.
  5. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    What material are they? Resin, or some sort of board game plastic?
  6. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Lol.. 12 expansions over the next four years. My client got this pledge. Kingdom Death: Monster Core Game 1.5 Gambler's Chest Frogdog T-shirt All 12 Current Expansions (Dragon King, Flower Knight, Etc...) All new* expansions from this kickstarter All new* pinups from this kickstarter All new* promos from this kickstarter All Pinups & Promos from last Kingdom Death: Monster kickstarter Pinups of Death - Series 1 Pinups of Death - Series 2 There is a metric ton of weirdness to paint. It's cool with me though... I love weird.
  7. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Nice job, the shading has a real nice gradient on the fleshtones. I never really understood all the craze over Kingdom Death sculpts, and yes, some of them are very... odd? How many figures are there to paint?
  8. Honestly in 80% of the games I play I can tell you who the winner will be after the end of turn 2.
  9. In older editions, I found we rarely went past four turns. The games went on a lot longer though as well.
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/20/get-ready-chapter-approved-new-missions-oct-19gw-homepage-post-3/ As per the Warhammer Community article today, we're finding out that the Chapter Approved book (up for pre-order this week I believe) is going to include a bunch of new missions. Critically, a number of these are for Matched Play. Only one Matched Play mission was somewhat-leaked today by them; the Roving Patrol mission. The important part is that you'll start with just a third of your force, the rest coming from reserves! An interesting questions then is when or how they come in. The stated goal in the article is that it really diminishes the power of armies that want to go first, but if units can still just all come from Reserves all at once... well this actually sounds like going first and just killing your opponent's 1/3rd size force Turn 1 is going to be pretty dang good. I'm betting this mission, and Matched Play over all, is going to have a new restriction on units arriving Turn 1. Of course, maybe not, I put this as 60-40; so not very sure at all, but definitely possible.
  11. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    Thanks guys :) and you guys did a fantastic job on your armies :) - Gary -
  12. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    I've got my pictures uploading to the old imgur right now too: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BeerAndPretzelsOpen/photos/?tab=album&album_id=189108754998424 Best General: 1000 points for a win plus your in game score. 19 for a major, 13 for a minor (1 and 7 on the losing side respectively) Best Sportsman: There was a rubric (which NOBODY followed) out of 6 for each game, plus up to three votes for favourite opponent Best Presentation: There was a rubric (which I followed) out of 8, plus each player got a vote for their favourite. Each of these results was then scored as a percentage of the winner of that track. As an example, Mr Joe Average Steve Marleau scored 18/21 points for sportsman = 857 sports points to Keith's 1000. Sum of those totals and you get the following Best Overall:
  13. Was just looking over this article; http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/11/40k-deep-thought-how-many-turns-do-we-need.html It's asking what the Turn length of the game really needs to be in 40k. The writer suggests trying a 4-Turn format. That's it. You get 4 turns to win or lose, and then it's game over! It was boggling my mind at first. FOUR TURNS!?! That's it??? It truly did sound like madness. But then I got to thinking, perhaps 4 Turns is actually better, but not necessarily for the reasons the article's writer explained. The author said that most games of 40k right now can be pretty much called on Turn 4. There are the occasional "down to the wire" games where you can come back from behind for an upset victory, or where it's neck and neck the whole way until the end, but those are admittedly more rare. Perhaps not as rare as the author seems to think (I've had a LOT of close games in 8th), but in a tournament setting you can almost for-sure see who is going to win or lose by Turn 4. I think there were only 2 games this weekend at the BPO where I heard afterwards how close it was. In one, a Salamander's player topple the Ultramarine player who was in the lead all game. The Ultramarine player was 4 points ahead, but then the Salamander player got two "score d3 points" Maelstrom cards, scored them both, and ended up 1 Victory Point ahead to close out the win. The Ultramarine player felt good for playing one of his best games ever, but was soured that the victory was stolen from him at the last moment. In the other game, Necrons battled Death Guard; two armies renowned for their resilience. The game ended 10VP to 12VP in favour of the Death Guard, as both forces just kept scoring points, again during Maelstrom. How would these games have changed if they went exactly the same, but with only 4 Turns? Well, the Ultramarines likely would have won against the Salamanders, but the Necron vs Death Guard game likely would have remained equally close. Using the BPO as a sample size, that would mean only 1 in 36 games would really be different given a Turn 4 change. But, of course, there's more to it than that. If each player in those 2 games knew the match would end after 4 turns, how would they have played differently? 4 Turns means you don't have a lot of time to get stuff done. If you have to leave your deployment zone, you have to leave it right god-damn away! A model than moves 6" would move a total of 38" during a 4 turn game, assuming they Advanced every turn an average amount. That's barely enough to get from one side of the table to the other. There's no casually spending two turns slaughtering your opponent from your side of the table before starting your journey to your opponent's deployment zone. 4 Turns means that not as much will be dead at the end of the game. Turn 1 "lol, u dead" stays the exact same, but you're more likely to have forces still functioning by the end of the game. Heck, by the end of the game, you might still have more than a 3rd of your army left, which means you're still very capable of grabbing objectives! This means that going last in 4 Turns is more important, because you're more likely to be able to have the forces necessary to turn things around at this point in the game. Going first, meanwhile, still remains extremely powerful, but doesn't actually get any better either. 4 Turns means more games reach their natural conclusion in tournaments. We all hate only getting a few turns in, and then hearing time being called in the round. Thankfully, most games at the BPO didn't go down to time (in fact, I think only 1 did). We're all pretty good at that. However, it can still be a problem, and prevents certain lists from showing up because they take too long to play. If you knew the game was going to end in 4 turns rather than 5, 6, or 7... you might just have enough time for even these forces to see a game through to their natural conclusion. So, yeah, I'd be totally willing to give this a try. Anyone want to be a guinea pig?
  14. Secret Hero Warmachine Tournament, November 25

    Alright the tournament is this weekend! I am running it as a tourney but this is absolutely a day to get some practice games in. Absolutely bring the most ball busting lists you can think of haha. Since this will be a "practice tournament" there will be no entry fee but we may all chip in for some pizza or something for lunch. The venue is 183 First St West. You will see a brick building that is the Mason Temple. To the right of it is a glass door going downstairs. That is where we will be. Text me or just hit the door bell on that glass door and we will let you in. IF you guys could bring matts, clocks and stuff that would be great. I think we have enough Terrain for the tables but I am unsure about objectives.
  15. OTC Practice Day November 25, 2017

    He took back the change. He may make it next year but he didn't realize how upset people would be with him changing things after people paid.
  16. Company of iron? Who's played?

    They NB crew has played it a few times. It is a pretty solid small scale game. I will say the cards add a really fun balancing mechanic however it is not a balanced competitive game that is for sure. Some units/solos are better than others, the balancing mechanic is the cards. If the stuff you bring is really good you might only get 2 cards in your hand and the cards are really strong. I will say make sure you have the ranged attack rules (knock down is different and you have a -2 to attack roll modifier if you attack from further than 8 away) and the casualty table rules sorted out.
  17. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    Oh snap!! Congrats!!
  18. The Great 40k Fall Challenge

    Here is the giveaway draw... And the winner is.....
  19. Durek's Yard Sale thread

    Price drop on most items
  20. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Here are the finished models.
  21. Rhonlores Legion of Everblight

    Jesus. That's a ton of everblight! lol.. i think it might be time for a new faction. Hah hah hah.
  22. Necrons are under powered

    The internet is the way it is because, online, it's all or nothing for a lot of people. Either something is busted and needs to be nerfed, or it's way too weak to be seriously considered for competitive play. They don't tend to say "hey, for most players, this army gives a good play experience". Necrons right now do give a good play experience. They're tough, and you do have to kill them or else they regen, which is something not many other forces can do (if really any). I think most forces in the game right now are good for that, so I'm very happy with 8th so far!
  23. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Wanted to give a big thank you to both organizers for all the work that goes into this (most of which people don't see); as well as all the helpers, those who donated prizes, all my opponents and others i didn't get a chance to play. You've all made it a memorable day/event for me. Thank you. :) Jeremie (Alpharius)
  24. Last week
  25. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Another year of a great event put on by Davis and Aaron. I had a blast with my Sons of the Plague Father. Sadly, we were defeated by big red and his gang of merry men piloted by Clark. The food was great this year, and it seemed everyone had a blast. Can't wait for the next event. It really seems the community is starting to come together again, so we can all enjoy the game we sink so much time and money in.
  26. The Beer and Pretzels Open 2017

    Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend! It was a fantastic day, with a ton of different and unique armies. We had everything from Baneblades to Crusader Squads, Rubric Marines to Fire Warriors, and Pylons to Harlequin Troupes. Everyone had a great time, and we hugely appreciate everyone from the community getting involved! Here's how the day ranked up; Best Overall - - OJ Best General - - Clark Best Painting - - Kevin Armitage Sportsman - - Keith 2nd Overall - - Andrew Dipsell Joe Average - - Steve Marleau Last Place - - Peter I've got a ton of pictures at the event, and it's too big to put up here, so check this link to imgur for it! It wouldn't let me type in a bunch of stuff, so the posting stops a little into it, but still lots of images! https://imgur.com/gallery/W9ivR
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