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  2. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Also, expect something different next. My awesome wife went ahead and bought me this!! 😁 It's the complete set of the new Mecha Colour paint range from Vallejo! I'll do a full review on them after I paint my next batch of miniatures.
  3. Thralls of the Maggot King - redux!

    I've added some terminators to the mix!
  4. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Here are the completed terminators.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Terrain for Sale

    Hey guys Irvin and I have a bunch of terrain we no longer want to finish, or have a use for, we figured we would post here to see if we could interest any of you. We are open for trading if you have something we desire, feel free to offer. Here is what we have: Floating Islands Terrain- There are 3 big floating island terrains, that give your board a whole other dimension. Included is 2 bridges, and 3 sets of teleport pads. Please note I did remove one pieces of terrain from the pieces but that will be fixed if it is sold. Also please not we will try and find the guns that go on the largest platform bu no guarantees. You can see their size in one of the photos where I put a Tau Fire Warrior for scale purposes. The tops and bottom are plywood, underneath the top is white foam molded, there is a couple dent in this. $75 for these pieces. Chaos Helfort - This is a GW set of Age of Sigmar terrain, that makes quite a large walled castle. It retails for $350, now this set is in need of some repairs, and it is missing the hinges to make gate open, so we would want $150 for it. Desert Spires - Next we have a couple extra desert spires, this set gets lot of compliments. It is made out of pink foam and made highly durable with spray texture and sand. $40 for the lot. Resin Desert Bunker - This is a really nice piece for any desert style table, it is made out of resin and originally had a cost of $90 on it, it is made by some special;zed terrain company. $30 and its yours. Star Map - This is a 3x3 neoprene mat from GameMat.eu, the one you are buying is underneath the gothic stuff, but you can see it pictured below. Retail is $65 USD, our price is $40 Canadian.
  7. BPO Feedback Thread

    TBMC did toss in $75, which was incredibly generous. Check them out on twitch and youtube! https://www.twitch.tv/twinner103 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZs4Bi1s8MLvJNPYe0TBBZw
  8. BPO Feedback Thread

    By the third game my last opponent and I were a little tired. 3 back to back games is alot. I'd like a smaller points level to keep the games faster.
  9. BPO Feedback Thread

    Its my first year at BPO but ive been to many tournaments for GW (years ago) and more recently for many other mini games. |I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to attending again if my schedule permits. The venue was good, but is small if you want to grow further. The food was good and from what ive heard a major improvement from previous years. Organisation was good but maybe a review of the scoring rubric in the pre-event prep speech? The schedule and timing was good, i only went to time in my third game because of the increased scoring complexity. However that was on me. Prize support was amazing and easily top 3 ive ever been to. The other 2 were sponsored by the companies Wyrd and KM themselves. You clearly did very well there. For me 3 rounds was good, however i can see the attraction to a 2 day event. Ive only ever done one 2 day tourney and it was fun. Game size was perfect, teams are fun every once in a while. The Grudge Match option was great as well as have 2 categories. A local table top convention would be great, as for a tourney like this i would say once or twice a year max not to burn yourselves out or cheapen the uniqueness of this local event. These are just my personal views and i would like to say say again; great job and I had a blast. :)
  10. BPO Feedback Thread

    Venue - lets move on to bigger and better things. Food - 100% better then last year, was able to eat until I was satisfied, cost wise I wouldn't want to pay more then $20. Organisation - Decent job gentlemen, more explaining of the packet as mentioned above, and a more detailed explanation of sport scoring could have helped. Schedule - Perfect, everything went smoothly almost all games finished. Prize Support - Great! Although you forgot to mention TBMC.... Tournament Format - 2 days, 5 - 6 games is better! Event Frequency - I would love 2 big events a year, and a convention style would be nice, but you would have to get other groups interested, which could prove to be difficult. I think approaching the MTG crowd at GCC about it would be good, Taylor for Infinity, Dave for Warmachine, Brandon for Legend of the Five Ring and Kate/Garette for X-Wing.
  11. BPO Feedback Thread

    Venue - Too small for what the event has grown to be. Food - Excellent, especially the PIE! Organization - Very well done. Only suggestion would be more of a walk through at the beginning and on the score cards on how to score the sportsmanship. Schedule - Perfect! Prize Support - Perfect! Tournament Format - 4 - 5 rounds over 2 days would be nice. Game Size - Perfect point size for an event like this. Event Frequency - I like the convention idea. Sort of like a Northern Adepticon.
  12. BPO Feedback Thread

    Hey Guys, I'd like to get some feedback - both positive and negative - from this year's BPO. I think that @Yarium and I did a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvement. Please comment on some or all of the following, plus anything else that you want to add. If you don't want to submit publically then please PM the two of us. ------- Venue - How was the physical space that we used? Was there enough room to move around? Were there alligators in the washrooms? Food - How was the food this year? Was it of a decent quality? Was there enough? Would you be willing to pay more for lunch next year (this year was heavily subsitized), or would you want something simple? Organization - Were we organized enough for you? Did we look like we had no idea? Schedule - Was there enough time to complete you games? Would you like longer rounds with more time between games? Would you like to change the start or end times? Prize Support - We had some very generous prize support from The Basement Collective (bolded because I blew it on my first go round), Dark Shard, Games Nook and Reckless Assault Gaming and Entertainment, as well as Mark's Purity Seals. Did you approve of the distribution of prizes? Four Best-Of prizes, two other placing based awards, four in-game raffle prizes. Tournament Format - Do you like three games? Four or Five? Would you be interested in a two day Saturday/Sunday event? Game Size - Do you like 2000 points? Would you prefer smaller? Would you prefer a teams event? Event Frequency - Given our demographic (20-40) we all have busy lives. How often would you like to see large local events run? How often would you like to see small local events? What about a tabletop game convention where multiple game systems come together over a weekend?
  13. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Right on, I guess with raising 12 mil they should be able to do it in HIPS.
  14. New Easy to Build Models

    Agreed with Taylor; chances are there won't be any new non-Primaris Space Marine releases. You'll still be able to use those models from here until eternity, but one day there'll be a tipping point where Primaris marines will be more efficient than your basic marines. For now, they want people collecting them and adding them to their army in small amounts, which is why I think Primaris forces are so uniform. It likely won't be a sudden change, just a slow one, over years worth of time.
  15. New Easy to Build Models

    Let me rephrase... I don't believe you will see anymore non-primaris space marine releases from here on out.
  16. New Easy to Build Models

    Do not think tactical marines are being phased out. Personally I find them better and are more versatile unit the primaris marines. Pretty sure gw said the were not phasing out regular marines. If the do I will sell all my 40k models
  17. Monthly Painting Challenge - November!

    Here is a WIP of the Nurgle terminators I'm working on. As you can see - they're quite big.
  18. New Easy to Build Models

    I think all marines are now primaris... I'm pretty sure the tac marines are being phased out.
  19. New Easy to Build Models

    Blood Angels get a Primaris Marine?! PRAISE SANGUINIUS
  20. Last week
  21. New Easy to Build Models

    The deathguard terminators are MUCH larger than their counterparts. I'm working on some now - I'll take some photos tonight.
  22. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    It's HIPS plastic. The models are SUPER nice. I'm debating buying some of the monsters once they're available.
  23. New Easy to Build Models

    Nice, glad Chaos is getting even slight access to Primaris ;)
  24. Adventures in Death... Kingdom Death!

    Hey, back on topic of the miniatures themselves - is it HIPS plastic, as in GW plastic, or more of a restic material?
  25. New Easy to Build Models

    I'm pretty sure it was designed to look like that. Lol.
  26. New Easy to Build Models

    Am I the only one who thinks the plant on the base is audrie 2 from little shop of horrors? Of sly marbo.
  27. New Easy to Build Models

    Looks like the easy to build models are confirmed, and two new primaris as well.. and sly marbo. It looks like the primaris are the new normal for space marines. Here are the easy to build kits. And lastly, Sly Marbo.
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